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Best Herschel Backpack Review: Herschel Heritage Pack

Herschel Heritage pack is one of the most popular herschel backpack brands. They are known for their high quality products and they have been selling them since 2010.

Their mission statement reads “We believe that every person deserves to feel like a real explorer when exploring the world.” Herschel Heritage was founded by two friends, Mike and Chris. They decided to start making their own brand because they were tired of buying second hand gear from other companies.

The company’s founder, Mike, is a former US Army Ranger and Special Forces soldier. He served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

His first experience with outdoor activities came while serving in the United States Navy. During his service, he participated in several operations such as Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF), and Operation New Dawn.

His second experience with outdoors came during his time at West Point where he earned a degree in Military Science. After graduating from West Point, Mike went on to serve as a military police officer before joining the U.S.

Army Special Forces, also known as Green Berets.

Mike’s interest in nature, hiking, camping and other outdoor activities inspired him to start a brand that would make high-end gear available to the general public at an affordable price. In the same way that Oakley and North Face made quality products for outdoor activities popular among society, he wanted to do the same.

The brand is based in Vancouver but manufactures most of their products in China. A lot of the manufacturing process is done by hand.

Each bag is inspected twice to make sure it meets company standards. If a bag doesn’t, then it is destroyed and the process starts all over again.

The brand’s co-founder, Chris, has a background in fashion design. His interest in design comes from his grandfather who was in the Air Force and taught him how to sew on his mom’s old sewing machine when he was a child.

Chris got his degree in Environmental Design from Carleton University. His passion for the outdoors came later on during a summer job at an outdoor store in Ottawa when he was a teenager.

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By combining their interests in design and the outdoors, Mike and Chris were able to create a brand that is now widely popular among outdoor enthusiasts all over the world.

Why Do People Like Herschel Heritage?

The company’s main focus is providing high-end bags at an affordable price. All of their products are made with high-quality material. They make backpacks, travel duffles, messengers, and bags. Most of their products are inspired by vintage bags and have a timeless design. They are very popular among teenagers and young adults as school and travel bags.

Herschel Heritage bags are favored among outdoorsmen and are often used for traveling, hiking, biking, going to the gym, and other outdoor activities. Their bags are water-resistant and have several compartments for keeping personal items organized.

Most of their bags are made from a combination of polyester and cotton, which is sturdier than cotton but lighter than polyester. The company’s products are so popular that they often sell out as soon as they come in stock.

Herschel Heritage History

Herschel Supply Co. was created by cousins Mike and Chris Herschel in 2010.

They are based in Vancouver, Canada and have a factory there as well. The name of the brand comes from Mike’s grandfather whose name was Henry but went by the nickname “Herschel.”

Their first product was the ‘No School backpack’, which was introduced in four colors: black, khaki, red, and royal blue. The bag was made with thick water-resistant canvas and had one large compartment and one smaller front-facing compartment.

It also had a padded laptop sleeve for keeping a laptop safe from harm. The No School backpack was an instant hit and is still popular among people who are looking for a durable backpack that can be used for school or work.

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In 2011, the brand started to gain popularity among Americans when pop-singer Katy Perry was seen carrying her son’s toys in a ‘No back pack’. This spurred a wave of interest in the brand among young Americans looking for quality bags.

In 2015, Herschel Supply Co. came out with their most popular bag, the ‘Bantam Bag’.

The bag was modeled after the popular duffel bags used by the U.S. military during World War II. The Bantam Bag is made from a durable water-resistant cotton canvas and has one large compartment and one smaller front-facing compartment. It also has leather straps and a removable leather shoulder strap. The bag is very durable and has a simple yet classy look which explains why it is so popular among men, women, boys, and girls.

In addition to their popular bags, the brand also sells backpacks, duffel bags, wallets, and other accessories like blankets.

Herschel Supply Co. vs.


Both of these brands make bags, backpacks, and accessories out of high-quality materials that are meant to last for years. Herschel is more popular in the U.S.

while Outlander is more popular in Europe and Australia. Outlander is based in the U.K. and started in 2004. The company makes backpacks, messenger bags, travel bags, duffel bags, and more. Their products are all made from high-quality leather, which can withstand a lot of wear and tear.

Both brands have similar designs but their styles tend to be aimed at different demographics. Herschel’s backpacks are more geared towards preppy teenagers and young adults while Outlander’s backpacks are more for people who love the outdoors.

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