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Heat guns are one of the most useful tools in any home or office. They can be used to warm up water, remove wax from windows, or even make coffee at your desk. However, they do have their drawbacks. One drawback is that they’re loud when running and they require constant attention because it’s very easy to overheat them if not careful. Another drawback is that they don’t work well with certain materials like glass or metal.

The following list of best heat guns will hopefully clear up some confusion about which ones are the best for what purpose. You’ll also learn how to choose the right one for your needs.

Best DeWALT D2690D Heat Gun

DeWALT makes a wide range of products, including heaters, fans, and other gadgets. Their heat gun line includes several models ranging from $100 to $300.

These are all good quality units that should last for years without needing to be replaced. They come with a lifetime warranty and come with everything you need except batteries (which cost extra).

One of their best models is the D26901. It has a maximum temperature of 1110 degrees Fahrenheit and a variable control that lets you set precisely the temperature you want.

It uses 1500 watts while running, which is fairly average but this model gets the job done quick. It’s able to get up to temperature in 4 minutes and can cut through asphalt with no trouble at all. It’s great for people who need a powerful heat gun quickly. You can choose from two different accessories: a scraper/cutter or flame nozzle. Each are great for different jobs.

Best California P71 Heater

The California P71 is the top of the line heat gun made by California Air Tools. It’s very expensive but it’s the best in every way you can measure heat guns.

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It uses 1500 watts while running, which is fairly average, but it gets up to temperature in 1 minute and 15 seconds. That’s faster than any other model on the market. This heat gun is great for people who need a quick heat gun that will always be ready to work. It also has the largest temperature range, going from ambient to 1370 degrees Fahrenheit. It has great adjustability and is very precise. While it is very durable, it comes with no warranty at all. It’s great for people who want to pay for quality and don’t mind spending the money for it.

How to Choose a Heat Gun

There are several important factors to consider when choosing a heat gun. The size and power of the unit will determine how quickly it can operate.

You also need to think about the various attachments and extra features. Here is a list of pros and cons of different types of heat guns:

You should choose a large heat gun for quick jobs and a small one for detail work.

Variable temperature controls are very important for precision work.

Corded heat guns are better for continuous use than cordless ones.

Determine what you’ll be using your heat gun for. There is no point in buying an expensive one if you’re just going to use it a few times a year.

It’s better to buy a cheap one just for those rare occasions when you need it. If you need something for your job or your hobbies, it might be worth it to buy a better one that will last longer.

Give some thought to the attachments and extra features available with different heat guns. Some are sold with extra nozzles or scraper attachments.

These can be useful for a variety of jobs but not essential.

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Pricing and Warranty

The DEWALT D26901 is the most expensive model at $200 but it’s very powerful, reaching temperature quickly and working continuously for hours. The California P71 is the most expensive brand new model, at $300.

All of the other models are under $100. Choose a heat gun based on your budget and how much you’ll need to use it.

Most heat guns come with a warranty. Cheaper ones have a 30-day warranty while more expensive ones have warranties of 1-5 years.

Some are even lifetime warranties. Look at what you’ll be using the heat gun for and choose a model with a warranty that matches the length of time you think it will last.

How to Use a Heat Gun

These tools can be dangerous if you don’t use them properly. Always be careful when using one and follow all of the safety instructions for your specific model.

Use the heat setting on the lowest level that allows you to do the job. Using an object that is hot enough to burn wood, plastic, or paint can cause painful burns if it touches your skin.

Wear safety glasses, gloves, long sleeves, and pants when operating a heat gun.

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Always have a fire extinguisher on hand when using a heat gun.

Don’t aim the heat gun directly at any person, animal, or flammable object.

Never leave a heating device unattended. Turn it off and allow it to cool down if you’re leaving the area.

Unplug the device or shut off the gas supply before performing maintenance on the unit.

Pros and Cons

Heat guns have a variety of uses at home, in the garden, or on the job. If you’re looking for one for occasional use around the house, any of the models we’ve discussed are a good choice.

Heating devices are cheap and available at most hardware stores.

However, if you need something more powerful or with more features, choose one of our other recommended models.

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Our recommendations are based on price, performance, and reliability. We choose the four cheapest models that have consistently good reviews from people who have used them.

The California P71 is our most expensive model but comes with the most attachments and best quality.

If you’re looking for something powerful and professional grade, we recommend the DEWALT D26901. It’s more expensive than our other models but with good reason.

This is a very popular tool among builders, contractors, and other professionals.

Whatever your need, we hope that you find the best heat gun to meet it. Be sure to look over our recommendations and reviews before making a final decision.

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