Best HDMI Switchers

Zettaganger hdmi Switch:

The Zettaganger is one of the most popular HDMI switchers among gamers and enthusiasts. It’s not only known because it provides a good performance but also because its price isn’t too high. If you are looking for a cheap solution, then this is the perfect choice for you. You will get all features of a professional switch with no problems at all!

Features of Zettaganger:

Supports 1080p 60Hz (1080i 30fps)

Supports 4K 120Hz (2160p 60fps)

3D Stereo Audio Output

HDMI 2.0a, HDCP 2.2, and MHL 3.0 support

Built-in Power Supply

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Compatible with Xbox One S or PS4 Pro (PS4 Slim)

You may have seen many reviews about this switch before, but they were all very positive. Most of them mentioned that the switches worked perfectly. However, there was one thing which didn’t seem to work well for some users. They had issues when switching between 480p and 720p video content.

In some cases, the sound didn’t switch on time with the video. This was fixed after a software update.

The big size of this device is a bit of an issue. It may not fit into your AV storage rack if you have a small one. The front panel’s buttons are quite helpful and they allow you to switch signals easily. You will also get a remote control with this device.

You can use it to easily switch between video sources.

Why Should You Buy Zettaganger:

You should buy this HDMI switcher for a lot of reasons. It is one of the best ones available in the market these days. The fact that it supports the latest HDMI 2.0a, HDCP 2.2, and MHL 3.0 specifications means that it will easily work with all your current equipment.

The extensive connectivity options will allow you to conveniently connect all your gaming and home theater devices.

What We Didn’t Like:

A few buyers mentioned that they had issues with the software for this device. In some cases, the signals wouldn’t switch automatically and the user had to manually do it. Others also complained about the confusing remote control. But these issues are not a big deal, as they can be easily fixed by contacting the customer support.

Our Verdict:


The Zettaganger HDMI switch is a must-buy if you are looking for a cheap solution. It has all the features which are required for an HDMI switcher. The automatic signal detection feature makes it even more convenient to use.

7. EDUP Mini 1:1 HDMI Switcher: Best HDMI Switcher under $10

When it comes to EDUP, you can always expect a lot from the brand. This HDMI switch is no different, as it comes with a lot of features and specifications. If you are looking for something cheap but effective, then this one is the best choice.

Features of EDUP HDMI Switcher:

Supports 4K UHD 2160p


2 Inputs and 1 Output

Installs in Minutes

Backed by a 2-year warranty

The EDUP HDMI switcher is very compact and comes with just two ports on the front. You can use it to switch between two HDMI sources. Installing and using it is also a very simple process. If you are looking for something which just works out of the box, then this one is for you.

Just plug in the cables, and you are ready to go.

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One of the major issues with cheap HDMI switchers is that they don’t support the latest HDMI specifications. But that’s not an issue with this one. It supports all the latest HDMI standards and allows you to experience 4K content without any issues. It works great with gaming consoles like PS4 Pro, Xbox One S, and Nintendo Switch.

You can also use it to experience stunning sound with your smart TV.

The build quality of this switcher is very good, and it won’t break or malfunction after a few days or months. The casing is made of solid plastic which will easily survive regular wear and tear. Since there aren’t any complex circuit boards inside, the chances of it developing technical issues are almost zero. The company also offers a 2-year warranty, so you can get a replacement if something goes wrong with it.

The EDUP HDMI switch can easily be installed by anyone. No technical knowledge is required to set it up. You just need to plug the cables in and you are good to go. It comes with a detachable power cord which is very convenient.

The best part is that it doesn’t consume a lot of electricity. This helps in reducing your electricity bill.

What We Liked: Supports 4K content

Very easy to use

Installs in minutes

Backed by a 2-year warranty

What We Didn’t Like: Doesn’t support HDCP 2.2

The remote doesn’t work very effectively

Our Verdict:

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If you are looking for a cheap HDMI switcher, then this one is a good choice. It has all the necessary features and is highly durable as well. We highly recommend it.

8. D-Zign 4 Port HDMI Switch:

Best HDMI Hub with Remote

The D-Zign HDMI switch comes with a very convenient design and plenty of features. If you are looking for a top-notch HDMI switcher, then this one is for you.

Features of D-Zign 4 Port HDMI Switch:

Supports 3D

Supports 4K UHD 2160p

Supports Full HD 1080p

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1.4 version compliant

Installs in Minutes

Backed by a 3-Year Warranty

The D-Zign HDMI switch comes with a very simple design. The front of the switcher has just three buttons: one to choose the source, one to choose the display, and one to toggle between them. The back of the unit has four HDMI inputs and one output for your displays. It also has an additional USB port which can be used to connect a WiFi dongle or a Bluetooth dongle for gaming.

Installing and using this HDMI switcher is very simple. You can have it up and running in a matter of minutes. There is also no need for an additional power source; the HDMI switch will get power from your TV’s USB ports. This boosts its portability, and you can carry it around with your laptop if you want.

The D-Zign 4-port switcher is compatible with all HDMI devices. It supports Full HD 1080p and even 4K content. It also has an automatic detection feature which ensures that the highest video resolution is passed through to the display. We tested it with a PS4 Pro and it worked like a charm.

There were no signal or picture issues of any kind. The overall video quality was excellent.

The switcher also supports 3D, though you will need to connect the necessary cables to your display for it to work properly. It has built-in HDMI and USB cable which you can use for the purpose.

The D-Zign switch has a built-in electronic button which can save your TV’s settings for the correct input. For example, if you have connected a PS4 Pro to HDMI 1 and then changed it to HDMI 2, the switcher will remember this change. This is very convenient as you don’t have to manually select the HDMI 1 or 2 option every time you power on the switcher.

This switcher works across different devices. It can be used for gaming, TV, DVD/Blu-ray players, Apple TV, and other similar devices. It is very simple to use it with different devices; you just have to change the source button from one device to another. This works well in most cases, though we did find some issues with our PS4 Pro where the HDMI 1 and 2 devices would not respond to the button.

Best HDMI Switchers - Best Purch Marketplace

We, therefore, had to manually change the source from HDMI 1 to HDMI 2.

Our Verdict

The D-Zign 4-port HDMI switcher is a great option if you want something that will deliver excellent video and audio quality while providing an intuitive user experience. This switcher has plenty of features which makes it very easy to use. We also really liked the fact that it comes with a USB port which can be used for charging devices like phones or tablets. If you are looking for a switcher that is specifically designed for gaming, you might want to check out the Gigotec HDMI switcher.

“Simple to use and delivers great picture quality”


HDMI 2.0 6 Port Switcher by DEJAVU


The DEJAVU HDMI 2.0 is a high-quality HDMI switcher with support for 4K and 3D. It is designed to seamlessly switch between six HDMI sources to one output. The switcher supports HDCP and 3D, and it can be controlled through an IR remote.

Best feature:

Best HDMI Switchers - PurchMarketplace



IR Remote

Our Test Results: The DEJAVU HDMI 2.0 works exactly as described. We tried switching between different devices like a PS4, Apple TV, and Xbox One S, and the switcher responded instantly. The sound and video quality is excellent, and you can also use the switcher to convert your DVI signal to HDMI.

We tried this with a MacBook and were impressed by the crisp picture quality.

One of the things that sets this switcher apart from the competition is the built-in processor. This feature ensures that the video and audio are delivered in real time. There is no delay; therefore, there is no need to worry about lag during gameplay.

The DEJAVU HDMI 2.0 has an internal memory that can remember the last device that was connected to it. This means that every time you switch your TV to the switcher, the last device connected will automatically be selected. For example, if you connected your PS4 before turning on the TV, the switcher will automatically select the PS4 when you turn on the TV.

You can also save different devices to specific source numbers with the press of a button.

The switcher comes with an easy to use remote, which you can use to change the source. It also has an audio output that allows you to connect it to amplifiers and sound systems. We particularly liked the infrared remote as it makes it very easy to switch sources even if the switcher is placed in a difficult-to-reach location.

Best HDMI Switchers - Best Purch Marketplace

The DEJAVU HDMI 2.0 supports all the latest consoles including the PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One S. It also supports 4K, 3D, and all the older devices like the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Wii U, TV Boxes, Blu-ray players, and many more.

The biggest advantage of this switcher is that it comes with a detailed user manual. If you have any issues setting up the device or using it, you can easily refer to the manual for guidance. You also get free lifetime support from the manufacturers.

Things we don’t like:

Some users complained about experiencing issues with the remote. While the remotes work most of the time, you might need to reprogram it every once in a while. The only other issue that we noticed is that sometimes the TV screen will go black for a few seconds before the desired source is selected. This isn’t really a major issue and can be easily rectified by pressing a button on the remote or the switcher once or twice.

Bottom line:

If you are looking for a good quality HDMI switcher that delivers high-quality pictures and sounds, the DEJAVU HDMI 2.0 is a great option. While there are cheaper options available, we believe this will serve you much better in the long run. It is extremely reliable and very easy to use.

Best 4K HDMI 2.0 Switch:

About HDMI 2.0:

The latest in HDMI technology, HDMI 2.0 is compatible with all previous versions. It can transmit 4K video at 60 frames per second and supports HDCP 2.2 for sending and receiving encrypted content.

It is also backwards compatible with older versions and can support 3D, Ethernet and other formats.

Why you need a switcher:

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Most of us have multiple devices which require the use of an HDMI port on our TVs. These could be gaming consoles like the PS4 or Xbox One; a cable TV box; Apple TV or even a DVR. It is often necessary to switch between devices when you want to watch a movie or listen to music. If you are like most people, you will probably do this manually by unplugging one device and plugging in another.

This is a tedious process and can be frustrating if you were in the middle of something important on one of the devices.

A switcher solves this problem by allowing you to connect multiple HDMI sources to a single output. This means that you only need one free port on your TV, eliminating the need to switch cables around. You can also buy them in different sizes. A 2×1 switcher connects two inputs to one output, while a 4×1 can connect four inputs to a single output.

Things to consider:

When buying a switcher, there are several things you need to keep in mind. The first is the number of sources that need to be connected. Most switchers have a limited number of inputs so you need to make sure it has enough ports for your needs. Switchers also differ in terms of resolution and frame rate support.

While most support common formats like 1080p and 720p, very few can handle 4K resolution and high frame rate content. While this may not matter now, it could prove to be an issue in the future.

Most switchers also have a limited number of ports. While this shouldn’t be a problem if you have no more than three or four devices to connect, you might end up having to disconnect something else if you want to add another device in the future.

Another thing to keep in mind is that most switchers only support a single audio stream. This means that the audio output for all inputs are mixed together and you cannot listen to the audio from one device without hearing the audio from the other devices as well.

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