Best Harps

Best Harps: What are they?

String Harp (Harp) – A musical instrument with strings attached to it. String harps have been used since ancient times and are still played today in many parts of the world. They can be made from any material, but most commonly they use wood or bamboo. The sound produced by a stringed instrument depends on its length, thickness and other factors such as tuning and construction techniques.

Piano Harp (Harp) – A type of stringed instrument where the strings are not attached directly to the body of the instrument, but rather to a piano key. The keys are connected to a keyboard which plays notes when struck by a player’s fingers.

These instruments were popularized during the 19th century and continue to be used today in some countries around the world.

Harpsichord (Harp) – A musical instrument consisting of two wooden bodies joined together at one end. The upper body contains the strings while the lower body contains the bellows and air valves which allow air to be drawn into and out of each part of the instrument.

There are several types of harpsichords including those using woodwinds, brass, percussion, etc.

Celtic Harp (Harp) – A stringed instrument that’s popular in many parts of the world, especially in Celtic communities. It consists of a body, a neck and a rectangular sounding board made from wood under which are suspended a number of strings usually ranging from twenty to sixty.

The strings are plucked with the fingers, either one at a time or two or three simultaneously. In many modern instruments, the player also has the option of strumming the strings with a plectrum.

Antique Harp (Harp) – A musical instrument consisting of a trapezoidal box with strings attached to it. These strings have tuning pegs to change their pitch.

For millennia, this has been one of the most popular instruments used by musicians around the world and especially in countries such as Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

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