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There are many types of backpack. There are backpacks made from different materials like nylon, canvas, leather, etc.

They come in various sizes and shapes. Some have handles or zippers while others do not. But all of them are designed to carry your belongings comfortably and safely when you’re out and about. You need to pack accordingly so that everything fits into the bag properly without any gaps or wrinkles. A good backpack will keep your stuff safe and secure in case of an emergency.

A backpack is one of the most useful items you’ll ever own because it’s going to make your life easier when traveling around the world. When you’re packing up for a trip, you want to bring along the best equipment with which you can accomplish whatever task at hand.

That’s why carrying a quality pack is such a great idea!

The first thing you need to consider when choosing a backpack is its weight. While there are some lightweight packs available, they aren’t necessarily the best ones.

If you’re looking for something light enough to take with you on vacation, then a few of the lighter models might work well for you. However, if you plan on using your pack regularly and don’t mind spending more money than what these lighter options would cost, then heavier duty bags are definitely worth considering.

When choosing a backpack, it’s important that you try it on first! Yes, it may seem silly or childish to put on a bag and walk around the store, but this is an important step in making sure that it feels comfortable.

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If the pack is too heavy or if a part of it is digging into your back uncomfortably, then you probably won’t want to take it with you when you go out. Make sure to keep this in mind!

In case of an emergency, you’re going to want to have the right equipment with you. You should bring along a first aid kid in case someone gets injured.

Other items to consider include a flashlight, some rope, and some other things of that nature. By preparing properly, you can ensure that you’re ready for anything!

How to Choose the Best Hardshell Backpack for Backpacking

The first thing to consider when choosing a backpack is its capacity. The capacity of the backpack will determine how much stuff you can put inside it.

If you go with a small capacity backpack, it won’t be able to fit all your things. However if you pick one that’s too large, it will be heavier and harder to carry around. You’ll have to find the perfect balance between size and capacity.

Another important aspect to keep in mind is the material it’s made from. The material of your backpack can play a significant role in making your trip more comfortable.

For instance, nylon backpacks are lighter than most other types of fabric. Meanwhile, canvas backpacks are very durable and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. So choose a backpack that will compliment your own personal needs.

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Some backpacks have extra compartments where you can store smaller items. These smaller pockets can be very useful for storing your stuff.

For example, if you’re going on a canoe trip, you can use the pocket to keep your paddle in so you don’t have to put it inside the canoe. Having extra compartments can make your backpack easier to use, so look for one with this feature.

Maintaining your backpack is also very important. If you don’t maintain it, the straps could become worn and the bag might rip.

So you’ll need to make sure you know how to take care of your backpack. If you go online or to a hiking store, you should be able to find a guide that can tell you how to clean and maintain your backpack.

Make sure you consider the extras that come with your backpack as well. Some backpacks come with more bells and whistles than others.

For instance, some backpacks include a built-in rainfly which can be very convenient if you happen to be caught in a rainstorm. The same goes for extra features like a cell phone pocket. These might not seem all that necessary, but they can certainly come in handy!

You should also think about the environment you’ll be using the backpack in. If you’re going hiking in the mountains, you’re going to need a very different backpack than if you are going on a simple canoe trip down a slow flowing river.

For hiking, you’ll want to get a lighter backpack with lots of extra pockets so you can keep your essentials close at hand. If you’re just going canoeing, you can afford to go with a heavier model that can hold more stuff.

The final thing to remember is to try out the backpack before you buy it. Most outdoor stores allow you to do this, and it’s important that you actually wear the backpack for a while to see if it’s comfortable or not.

You might find that one brand of backpack is very comfy but doesn’t have enough space for your needs. Or you might find that another model has lots of extra pockets but makes your back sweat. By trying out the backpack, you can avoid making a bad purchase.

So those are some of the main things to look for in a backpack and ways to find one that best suits your needs. With this new information, you should be ready to buy a new backpack and start preparing for your next trip!

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Remember to Be Prepared!

Have fun hiking!

Fun Facts:

An average backpack can weigh eight to twelve pounds when fully packed with food and gear.

The maximum load a soldier can carry in the army is 48 kilograms. This is about 104 pounds!

The first backpacks were used by the Chinese. They were made out of paper and used to store items.

Table of Contents

An Introduction to Hiking

The Big Benefits of Hiking

Getting Your Bearings: How to Find True North

What to Take With You

What to Wear When Hiking

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Important Safety Tip!

Meeting Friends on the Trail

What to Do When You Get Lost

What to do When You Have an Accident


Hypothermia, Frostbite, and Altitude Sickness

Finding Food on the Trail

Finding Water on the Trail

Best Hardshell Backpacks - PURCH MARKETPLACE

Keeping a Distance from Wildlife

What to do When Encountering Bulls


General Hiking Tips

What to Pack in Your First Aid Kit

Blister Treatment

Sunburn Treatment

Poison Ivy Treatment

Preventing Tick Bites:

Black Fly Prevention

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Babesiosis Prevention

Mosquito Bite Prevention

Preventing Spider Bites:

Preventing Animal Bites:

Black Bear Encounter:

Rattlesnake Encounter:

Other Snake Encounter:

Cougar Encounter:

Moose Encounter:

Bears in General:

Mountain Lion (Cougar) Encounter:

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Tips for Pitching a Tent:

Sleeping in a Hammock:

What to Wear Hiking:

What to Wear Backpacking:

Making Your Own Gear:

What to Pack for an Overnight Hike:

What to Pack for a Weekend Backpacking Trip:

What to Pack for a Multi-day Backpacking Trip:

What to Pack for a Grand Canyon Trail Trek:

Hiking with Dogs:

How to Pick Up Dog Poop:


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People often like hiking because it allows them to exercise and enjoy the great outdoors at the same time. Hiking is an activity that anyone can do no matter how old or young you are.

It is a great way to stay in shape and gain a lot of fresh air all at the same time!

Hiking is also a fun family activity. Many people like to take their kids on hikes so they can experience nature and enjoy being outside.

Kids also have a great time meeting other people that are out hiking on the trail.

Hiking is also a much cheaper hobby than most. You don’t need to pay a gym membership or need any special equipment.

All you really need for hiking is a good pair of hiking boots and some water. After that, everything else you may need like food, extra clothing, a sleeping bag, and other items are extra. These can be rented or borrowed from friends if you do not have your own, so there is no need to go out and buy expensive gear right away.

Hiking is also a very fun and exciting activity. You can never know what you will see on the trail.

You might see beautiful views, wildlife, or meet new people. There are all sorts of things to see and do while hiking.

There are many different types of trails to hike as well. Some trails are very easy, almost like walks in the park.

These trails have nice, smooth paths that meander through forests or fields. Other hikes can be more difficult. These trails can have steep, rough sections that may require you to climb over or slide down rocks. These trails can also take you to very high places with amazing views.

You should pick a trail that is right for your skill level. If you are new to hiking, you probably should start with an easy trail and work your way up.

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On the other hand, if you are more experienced, you may want to try something more difficult. Be aware however, that some trails have dangers. Even if you are experienced hiker, certain trails may have dangers you aren’t used to. Its always a good idea to check on the trail conditions before you head out.

When you go out hiking, it is a good idea to tell someone where you are going and when you expect to return. This is very important, because many people enjoy hiking and sometimes forget how long they’ve been gone, or even that they should’ve come back from their hike by now.

Many times, people are lost in the mountains because they did not tell anyone they were going hiking and no one knew to look for them.

You don’t need fancy equipment or clothes to go hiking. All you really need is sturdy shoes and lots of water, especially if you’re going on a long hike.

You also may want to pack a small lunch, such as some crackers and peanut butter to eat along the way.

Always tell someone where you’re going and when you should be back. Always bring water on a hike, especially if it’s a long one.

Avoid hiking in dangerous conditions like extreme heat or cold, don’t go off the trail and always return before it gets dark. Pick an easy trail to start and work your way up to more difficult ones.

So grab a buddy or your entire family and go on a hike! There are so many different trails out there for you to enjoy.

All it takes is a little effort to find them and a little more to try them out. Be sure to have fun and enjoy the nature around you on your next hike!

You’ve been on many hikes with Dad, but today you’re going to try something different. Today you and Dad are going to plant trees!

Yes, you read that correctly. You and Dad are going to help the environment by planting trees in a local nursery.

This is a very important activity for several reasons.

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One, some people don’t know how important it is to keep our forests healthy. Not only do forests provide oxygen for animals and people, but they also keep the air clean by absorbing carbon dioxide, and releasing oxygen.

Two, cutting down trees should always be avoided whenever possible. Even when trees need to be cut down or removed, every effort should always be made to plant more trees in their place. Three, trees are important to our ecosystem. Different types of trees provide homes for animals and protect them from predators. They also help fruit and other plants grow. Without plants, most of the animals that depend on them would die out as well.

Finally, there is one more reason we’re planting trees today, and that’s because we can. It’s simple: the more plants, the better.

You’re still a little young to be fully aware of all of this, but Dad hopes that by getting you involved in things like this, you’ll develop a greater appreciation for nature and learn to respect and care for it.

As you and Dad pull into the nursery, you’re a little surprised by all of the different types of plants here. You see trees of course, but there are also plants that you’ve never seen before.

So Jacob, are you ready to get started?”

asks Dad.

“Yep!” you say with enthusiasm.

Do you know what kind of tree we’re going to be planting today?

You shake your head from side to side.

“You’re going to love this then, we’re going to be planting oak trees,” says Dad enthusiastically. “They provide a lot of benefit to the environment and are especially resistant to disease.

Let’s go pick out some saplings.”

You follow Dad over to a row of small trees wrapped in plastic containers. He picks one up and shows it to you.

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“This here is an Oak sapling,” he explains. “

See how short and scrawny it is?

It doesn’t get much more weak and helpless looking than this.”

You stare at it for a moment. It does look pretty small and weak.

You have a hard time believing that it can survive, let alone grow into a large tree. Dad picks up a water bucket and walks over to a spigot. He fills the bucket up with water and takes it over to the saplings, carefully pouring the water around the containers.

What are you doing?”

you ask.

“These saplings are very thirsty,” replies Dad. “I’m going to make sure they stay healthy by giving them plenty of water.”

You watch as he slowly works his way through the saplings, making sure each one gets plenty of water. He then picks up a rake and gently spreads the saplings out.

“Okay, we’re all done here,” says Dad. “Now it’s time to plant them.”

Dad grabs a shovel and the two of you leave the nursery. You climb into the truck and drive off to a nearby wooded area.

After a short drive, you pull up next to a small but deep hole in the ground. You and Dad grab the trees and start planting them.

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After about an hour of grueling labor, the job is finished. You stand up and back away to admire your work.

“There we go. A whole forest of trees,” says Dad with a smile.

You smile back and take a moment to enjoy your accomplishment. You desperately want to say something profound to express how you’re feeling, but you end up having a more straightforward reaction.

“I’m bored,” you complain.

“It’s almost time for lunch, let’s head back home,” says Dad.

As you get into the truck, you feel tired and worn out from the hard work. You have a slight backache from planting the trees and your hands are scraped up.

Still, you feel strangely accomplished for some reason.

When you get home, you find your mom sitting at the kitchen table.

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How was work, honey?”

asks Mom.

“Good,” you answer. “We did a lot of work outside.”

“You’re all dirty,” she says. “Why don’t you go take a shower and we’ll go out to eat.

I heard the new restaurant in town is finally open.”

“Cool,” you say.

After a hot shower, you get dressed in your best outfit and go sit down at the kitchen table.

What’s that stain on your shirt?”

asks Mom disapprovingly and stands up from the table to get a closer look.

“It’s just dirt,” you reply.

“You know, if you went and got a proper job like your father, you wouldn’t have to wear dirty clothes all the time,” says Mom.

“I wanted to help Dad because…”

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Before you can stop yourself, you feel tears start to form in your eyes.

“I’m sorry,” you say and quickly get up from the table and leave.

You run into your room and slam the door behind you.

Why does Mom always criticize you and say such mean things to you?

You punch your pillow in frustration and fall down on your bed and let out a loud scream.

Mom doesn’t understand. She doesn’t understand how difficult it is to be a kid.

The amount of pressure you’re under all the time. The rules, the responsibilities they throw at you, nobody tells them what to do except maybe help Dad around the house sometimes.

And what do they do?

They bitc…

You stop yourself mid-thought.

Why are you thinking such horrible things about your mother?

These thoughts don’t belong in your head. You know that they’re true, but that’s not the point. The point is, they don’t belong in your thoughts. You take a few deep breaths and concentrate on emptying your mind.

When you’ve calmed down, you grab a notebook and a pen and start writing in it.

You write for quite a while, until you’ve finally emptied your mind. You open up your notebook again and read through what you’ve written.

You smile as you read over your thoughts.

It’s not your fault she doesn’t understand. It’s hers.

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She just doesn’t understand the pain and pressure you’re under every day of your life. She just goes about her normal, everyday existence that everyone expects her to live while you’re out here fighting for both of you.

She just doesn’t understand how much you do for her.

She just doesn’t understand.

Doesn’t she realize how hard you’re working to make her happy? Doesn’t she appreciate all that you do for her?

Of course she does. You’ve made her understand through your notes.

Now she knows that you’re a hero and she’s glad to have you for a son. You’re glad too, because now maybe, just maybe you can keep on fighting the good fight.

This is what you’re meant to do. This is your purpose.

This is…


you hear Mom call from down the hall.


you say and run to the door.

Best Hardshell Backpacks - Picture

“We’re going out for dinner in a few minutes.

Are you ready?”

You look down at your blood-stained clothing and your notebook filled with memories of pain and torment.


—- Note: I’m writing all of my darkest thoughts and deepest secrets in this notebook. If I ever lose it, my parents will find out everything and I’ll be in big trouble.

Though I doubt if I’ll lose it, because I’m going to hide it in the one place no one will ever think to look… inside their pillow! ^-^

This is the first thing I wrote in my darkXmind notebook.

You’re probably wondering what I mean by “their” pillow, right?

Well, right after I wrote that first line in the notebook, I sneaked into Mom and Dad’s room and hid it inside of Mom’s pillow case. It felt good to get it out of my sight because I knew if I saw it, I might lose courage.

It took me a few days after that to gather up the courage to actually go through with my plan. By then I had filled up about a third of the notebook and it was time to either put up or shut up.

I went down into the basement and grabbed a hammer, a screwdriver, an old metal tray we had, and a roll of duct tape. I took everything to the room outside of which I had locked myself years earlier.

I knew it was time for me to leave.

Best Hardshell Backpacks - Best Purch Marketplace

I sat down on the floor and started to tape the notebook onto the tray. Once that was done, I laid it upside-down so that the pencil would create the friction I would need in order to hammer the tacks in.

Once I was ready, I started to get worried that someone would catch me doing this.

What if Mom or Dad came in here suddenly?

Even Toby could catch me and that certainly wouldn’t help my already tenuous relationship with him.

I slowly lifted the hammer over my head and started to gently bring it down onto the nail…

But I couldn’t do it.

I tried many more times over the course of several days, but I just couldn’t do it. Each time I failed, I grew more and more frustrated with myself.

Why wasn’t I stronger? Why couldn’t I do this simple thing?

What was wrong with me?

I didn’t have an answer. I think deep down I had wanted someone to stop me.

I wanted someone to come in and say, “What the hell are you doing?”

and then take the hammer away. Of course that didn’t happen though. Nobody ever came in to bother me and eventually I calmed down and stopped feeling so much rage.

When the rage subsided, the depression came back. Maybe I just wasn’t meant to leave.

Maybe I was meant to be here forever.


maybe I should just give up now.

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1 Month Later

1 Year Later

I’m gone. I left this place.

With the help of this book, I finally managed to break free of my chains and run far away from this wretched house.

I’m not writing this as a warning or to tell anyone else how to escape their cage like I did. This is my story and I’m going to end it the way I want to.

A happy ending.

I was found on the side of the road by a nice middle-aged couple. (Well, the man was middle-aged.

The woman seemed younger than Dad.) They saw me walking along the road with a small duffel bag packed with a few clothes, my laptop, and my notebooks.

When I told them that I had ran away from home they were shocked. They asked me why and I told them everything.

I told them about how Dad locked me in my room, about the cameras, the dead mice, everything. When I was finished, they looked at each other with concern.

Best Hardshell Backpacks - Purch Marketplace

“We have to call the police!” the woman said to her husband.

“No, we can’t! They’ll take him away from Mom and Dad and things will be worse for him!

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