Best Hamilton Beach Hand Mixers

Hamilton Beach Hand Mixer Reviews

The Hamilton Beach brand is one of the most popular brands among home cooks. The company was founded in 1892 and has been making quality products ever since. They are known for their innovative designs and durable construction.

Their products have won numerous awards from food magazines, including “Best Kitchen Appliance” in 2007 by Food & Wine Magazine.

Hamilton Beach Hand Mixers Review: Pros and Cons

Pros: The Hamilton Beach hand mixers are very well made and offer excellent performance. They come with a lifetime warranty. These models are designed for professional use only; they’re not meant for home cooking.

The price is reasonable compared to other brands. There’s no need to spend a fortune when it comes to buying your own high-quality kitchen appliances. You get what you pay for!

Cons: The Hamilton Beach hand mixers are not suitable for home use due to their small size and lack of features. They’re too expensive for the amount of work you’ll get out of them. If you want a professional grade machine, then look elsewhere.

Hamilton Beach Hand Mixer Features

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These hand mixers feature a large mixing bowl, which allows you to make thick batters such as cookies or cakes easily. They’re also known for their fast speeds. You can whip together egg whites in seconds with little to no effort at all.

In terms of quality, you’re paying for what you get. These appliances are built to last and perform excellently every time.

Best Hand Mixer Models (2019)

1. Hamilton Beach Eclectrics Hand Mixer

The first model on our list is the Eclectrics hand mixer from the Hamilton Beach brand. This appliance is designed for home use and comes with many useful features. The stainless steel beaters on this model are great when it comes to whipping together heavier ingredients such as cookie dough and cake batter.

It has six speed setting that range from slow to high, which allows you to achieve a wide range of mixing tasks. Another feature that we find quite useful is the red button on the handle. This button locks the speed setting in place, which prevents the dial from changing while you’re using it. This appliance comes with an overload protection feature, which automatically shuts off the beaters if it senses that there is too much resistance. This prevents the machine from getting damaged in case you’re trying to mix something tough with it.


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