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Hamilton Beach Power Blender Parts List:

1) Power unit (Power Unit is the part which contains all the machinery to turn a motor.


2) Motor (Motor is the device which converts electrical energy into mechanical work or motion.


3) Cooling fan (Cooling Fan is used to cool down the cooling system and prevent overheating.

It is essential for proper operation of the power unit.)

4) Water Pump (Water Pump is used to move water from one place to another.

It must have sufficient pressure so that it will not overflow when it fills up the reservoir.)

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5) Control Panel (Control Panel is a small panel which controls various functions of the machine.

The control panel usually includes buttons, switches, dials and other devices for controlling certain aspects of the machine. )

6) Coolant Tank (Coolant Tank is the container in which the coolant is stored.

It holds enough liquid to keep the machine running for several days.)

7) Battery Charger (Battery charger is a device which charges batteries.

When charged, it allows users to operate their machines without having to plug them into a wall outlet. It may or may not be included in the packaging. )

8) Recipe book (Recipe book contains various recipes which can be made using the machine.

This book can range from recipes for drinks to desserts and more. It is often an included accessory with the machine. )

9) Ebook reader (Ebook reader is a small electronic device which allows users to read books, newspapers and other media via digital technology.

It can hold multiple books, depending on memory capacity. This is an optional accessory and not all machines come with ebook readers. )

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10) R/C transmitter (R/C stands for Remote Control. The purpose of the remote control is to allow people to turn the machine on and off from a distance.)

11) Blender Jar (Blender Jar is the glass or plastic container in which the main ingredients are placed during blending. These jars can be removed for easy cleaning. These jars can also be replaced with another type of container if desired.


12) Decorative Jar (Decorative jar is a glass or plastic container which is placed on the base of the machine as a decorative piece. It sometimes contains an indicator or lights which convey whether the machine is running or not. They can also be replaced with other types of containers if desired.


13) Tamper (The tamper is used to press ingredients down into the blades during the blending process. It is essential for smooth blending and helps keep the ingredients moving instead of piling up on one side of the jar. )

14) Blades (The blades are the cutting tools which are located at the bottom of the jar. These blades rotate at an extremely high speed which chops, minces and grinds various types of food ingredients. There are usually between 2 and 6 blades.


15) Lid (The lid covers the top of the jar and has a follower which helps push food into the blades. It can be removed for easy cleaning. In addition, some lids are interchangeable with other types of jars if desired.


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