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Best Commercial Hamburger Patties – Weston’s 05-02-2012

Weston’s® is a leading manufacturer of commercial hamburger patties since 1891. They are manufactured at their plant in Westfield, New Jersey.

Weston’s® uses only the finest ingredients including beef from grass fed cattle, natural flavors and spices, salt and sugar free mayonnaise. They use no preservatives or artificial colors or flavors in their products. Weston’s® does not sell their product directly to consumers, but they do offer them through food service providers such as McDonald’s®, Burger King®, Carl Jr.’s®, Wendy’s® and others.

The Weston’s® brand name was first used in 1893 when the company began selling its meat patties under the trade name “Wyandotte.” By 1902, the company had changed its name to “Weston” after William A.

Weston (1838–1913). Weston’s® continues to manufacture and market its hamburgers using the same quality standards it has always maintained.

In 1992, Weston’s® introduced their new line of commercial hamburger patties under the trade name “Best.” These patties were made from 100% USDA Choice Beef, which is considered one of the best cuts available.

The company claims that these patties have been tested to ensure they meet all federal guidelines for fat content and cholesterol levels. As a result of this research and testing, the Best line of hamburgers have 0mg of cholesterol and just 1% of the daily value of fat. The Best patties are available in 6oz, and 8oz patties.

Weston’s® is committed to offering only the highest quality food products to their customers. They recognize that food service professionals are under great pressure to serve safe, high quality food every time.

They hope that by using their products, food service professionals will have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that they are serving only the safest and best quality food.

Weston’s® also manufactures a variety of other meat foods including: Hot Dogs, Italian Sausage, Braunschweiger®, Liverwurst®, Pork Roll, and Knockwurst.

Weston’s®: Food People Really Eat!

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Weston’s® is a Trademark of Weston Foods, Inc.


Why Choose The Best Burger Press Weston’s?

Burgers are an all-time favorite food all over the world. They are easy to make, delicious, and nutritious. You can prepare them in different ways and enjoy them any time of the day regardless of whether it is breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It is perfect for food on the go. Kids enjoy eating burgers as they are easy to hold and enjoy while they run around. You can also make them at home without much hustle. There are a lot of burger press available in the market that you can choose from. Some of them, however, are of poor quality and will not be efficient in handling large quantities of meat. You can choose the Best Burger Press by brand name or choose the best Weston Burger Press to give your burgers that professional look.

Weston is a brand that you can trust for high quality kitchen tools. They have been in the industry for many years now and their quality speaks for itself.

They produce excellent kitchen tools that are easy to use, durable, and efficient. They come in different colors and designs to suit your personal preferences and can withstand heavy duty use. Best of all, they are very affordable. You can stock up on these kitchen tools and give your home kitchen that professional look.

Weston-Burger-Press-Meat Weston’s® Best Burger Press is made of solid forged steel that is built to last for many years of use. The handle is designed with a tapered edge for easy removal from the patty.

The flat steel surface is half-moon shaped for pressing uniform, thinner patties that are cooked well-done. The patty size is from 3″ across to 5-1/2″ across. Cleaning this press is very easy since it comes apart; you can put the flat surface in the dishwasher and wash by hand the handle part of the tool.

Made in the USA

Weston has been manufacturing quality kitchen tools in Sheffield, England for many years. They continue to produce high quality forged steel kitchen tools that are: Resistant to extreme temperatures, Durable, Easy to maintain Cleaning is simple since you can wash by hand or put the flat surface in the dishwasher.

Safety Coated Handle The coating on the handle is designed for safe and secure handling of this tool during use.

Solid Forged Steel Construction This tool is made of solid forged steel that allows it to be used for many years. It will not bend or break like other brands and models.

Flat Surface The flat surface of the tool is ideal for pressing uniform patties that are well done. You can press from 3″ up to 5-1/2″.

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The tapered edge makes it easy to remove the patty from the tool.

Easy to Clean The best burger press is made of several pieces that are easy to clean. You can hands wash this tool or put it in the dishwasher.


For More Than 100 Years, Companies Have Trusted Weston With their Brand Names.

Weston has been manufacturing and distributing world-class products for more than a century. They have steadily grown to become one of the leading manufacturers and distributors in North America.

As a leading global provider of industrial quality kitchen tools, they continue to meet the needs of a changing world. From high-end commercial kitchens to home cooking enthusiasts, their products are shipped in over 100 countries.

Weston makes cooking easy and fun. The quality of their tools is superior as is their commitment to producing innovative, quality products that will make every day in the kitchen a joy for all who use them.

Weston History

The Weston company was established in 1902 by founder and president Chris Weston. He had a vision for making quality, innovative kitchen products that would make cooking easier and more fun.

Since their humble beginnings, this family-owned business has grown into one of the world’s leading industrial brands.

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Weston’s line of products has expanded from kitchen tools to garden tools but they still maintain the same high quality that founder Chris Weston started with over a hundred years ago. The company is currently run by owner and president Chris’ great-great-grandson who carries on the tradition of manufacturing innovative world-class kitchen and garden tools.

Weston continues to thrive and grow as it has for more than a century. Their commitment to providing world-class quality tools continues as they pursue innovative, cutting edge design to make cooking fun and easy for everyone who uses their products.

Weston Collection

From antique hand-forged grill forks to high-tech laser cut tongs, the options are endless when it comes to choosing the right tool for your kitchen. Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for a friend or that special something for yourself, there is sure to be a piece that fits your style.

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