Best Halogen Floor Lamps

What are Torchiere Floor Lamp?

Torchiere floor lamp is a type of lighting fixture that uses mercury vapor as its source of heat. These lamps have been around since the late 1800s. They were originally used in mines where miners would use them to keep their hands warm while working underground. However, they became popular in homes after World War II when people wanted to save money on electricity costs and needed something inexpensive to replace old incandescent bulbs.

The problem with these lamps is that mercury vapors are highly toxic and can cause damage to the nervous system if inhaled or ingested. Mercury vapor contains small amounts of both carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrogen cyanide (HCN). Both HCN and CO are extremely poisonous gases which will kill you within minutes if not treated properly. There have even been cases where people have died from breathing in such fumes.

Even tiny amounts of mercury can be fatal.

How do Torchiere Floor Lamps Work?

These lamps consist of two parts: a base unit and a cover. The base unit consists of a metal box containing mercury vapor, which is heated by either an electric current running through it or by direct flame. When the mercury vapor heats up enough, it turns into liquid form and then enters the bottom of the lamp. This heats up the metal cover, which in turn emits light.

The two types of Torchiere floor lamps both have their own pros and cons. The electric type is cheaper in the beginning but can be very dangerous since people may be exposed to high levels of carbon monoxide. The flame type costs more to run but is much safer to use.

How are Torchiere Floor Lamps Used?

Torchiere floor lamps are used in a pretty basic way. You just switch them on and direct the light where you want it to shine. Unlike most other types of floor lamps, these are generally not adjustable and only shine light directly upwards.

Are Torchiere Floor Lamps Safe?

One thing that makes these lamps potentially dangerous is the fact that they give off a lot of heat as well as light.

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