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Best Professional Hair Clipper For Fades?

The most common question among the readers is whether or not it’s better to use a good professional hair clipper for fading or a cheap one. The answer depends on your needs and preferences. You may want to choose a high quality product if you are looking for the smoothest results possible. On the other hand, you might prefer cheaper products which will give you less results but at least they won’t leave any streaks on your face!

If you are just starting out with your hairstyle, then you probably don’t have enough money to spend on expensive hair clippers. However, if you already have some experience and are ready to invest in a new set of tools, then a professional grade hair clipper would definitely be worth considering.

What Is A Good Hair Clip?

A good clip is one that provides maximum control over the length and direction of your hair growth. There are many different types of clips available on the market today. Some are made from metal while others come in plastic or even leather. They all work differently and provide their own advantages and disadvantages.

Metal Clips: Metal clippings tend to hold onto the hair longer than other types of clips, so they allow for a smoother look when styling your hair. However, they do require more maintenance since you need to keep them clean every now and then. Also, you have to make sure that they don’t get rusty since they can damage the hair if you are not careful.

Plastic Clips: Special plastic clips are usually used for fine hair types or thinning hair. These are great for people who have trouble finding a good grip with other types of clips. They do not provide as much control on the hair as metal clippers do, but they still do a decent job.

Leather Clips: These are small leather bands that you place at the root of your hair before cutting. They are not very popular since they do not provide any real advantage in clipping the hair. They may be useful for people who get dizzy easily with a lot of hair falling on their face.

How To Cut Hair With A Hair Clipper?

This is a question that can only be properly answered by someone who has a lot of experience in hair cutting. It takes a lot of time, patience and practice to become a real master at this task so we will not cover those aspects in this article. Instead, we will focus on some of the more technical side of hair cutting so that you will be able to get the desired look that you want.

A lot of guys make the mistake of using their hair clippers without any guards. This means that they will just place them on the head and start cutting. While this might seem like a good idea, it actually can damage the motor of your clippers over time.

It also does not provide that even of a cut, so you will have to do it several times to get a decent look.

It is best to attach the correct sized guard to your clippers before you start cutting. This will prevent direct contact between the clippers and your skin, which will extend the life of your tool. It also helps to get a more even cut since you can see what you are doing better with the guard on there.

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Make sure you move in the same direction as the hair grows and always hold the clippers tightly against your skin. This will prevent you from taking off more than you wanted to and will provide a nice even cut. If you wish to go shorter, you can go over the same section more than once.

However, this will heat up the clipper which will cause it to slow down and eventually stop if you are using it for too long.


Hair clippers are not very useful if you only plan to use them for cutting your hair. Most people never really learn how to use these tools, which is a shame since they can do so much more than just cut hair. If you are looking for more options, here are some attachments that you can use with your hair clippers that will provide a different look.

Taper Attachment: These are one of the more common attachments that you can use with your hair clipper. It looks like a large comb with teeth on it that will thin out the hair as you pass it through. It is great for taper fades and other types of fades, depending on how long you leave the attachment in while cutting.

Wahl is one brand that makes a tapering attachment for their hair clippers.

Clipper Brush: This brush attachment is very useful for cutting out designs in your hair or for attaching designs. You may have seen these in the past on mohawks or other popular haircut types. They can be found as stationary attachments or as an attachment that you can move around while cutting to create more intricate designs.

Good For Fine And Normal Hair: This attachment is designed to be used with hair clippers on people that have fine or normal hair. It can be used on its own or in combination with other attachments to help reduce the amount of hair that is cut and maintain the desired length. These are especially handy for people who like their hair to stay very short but still look fine and full.

Beard Trimmer: These are great for saving time since you can trim your facial hair and head hair at the same time. They usually will have multiple settings so you can choose how long you want the hair to be. This is also beneficial for people who like to wear facial hair but keep their head hair short, since you won’t need to trim your head hair as often.

Wahl makes a very good beard and moustache trimmer that also doubles as a hair clipper.

Nose Hair Trimmer: These attachments are specifically designed to get rid of nose and ear hair. While it might seem strange to have an attachment for trimming nose hairs, they actually can help you out in this department. These are usually smaller than the other hair clipper attachments that are available so it can fit in your nose easier and allow you to trim those hard to reach hairs.

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Keep in mind, however, these are not designed to completely get rid of all nose or ear hair. If you have a lot, you may still need to pluck out the rest.

Skin Guard: This attachment is shortening or guards the guard. This attachment has very tiny teeth and will effectively shorten your hair by clogging up the guard. This will prevent you from cutting your hair too short by accident if the guard is no longer usable.

This attachment can also be used without a guard to give a little bit of length to the hair that you are cutting.

Clipper Combs: These are exactly what they sound like, combs that you can attach to your hair clippers. These combs come in different lengths and are designed for specific lengths of hair.

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