Best Gun Wall Racks

Gun Wall Rack System

Gun wall rack system is one of the most popular ways to store firearms. There are various types of gun wall racks available in the market today. These include: 1) Vertical gun racks; 2) Horizontal gun racks; 3) Gun wall bundles with or without shelves; 4) Gun wall panel systems with or without shelving units.

Vertical Gun Racks

These are the most common type of gun wall racks. They consist of two sections separated by a gap which allows guns to be stored vertically. The height of these racks varies from 6 feet (2 m) up to 12 feet (3 m).

Some have built-in storage space underneath them. Others use a separate shelf unit.

Horizontal Gun Racks

These are similar to vertical gun racks but they have no horizontal separation between the two sections. Guns can only be stored horizontally. Most of these gun wall racks come in different sizes.

A typical size for a horizontal gun rack is 8 feet long and 4 feet wide (20 cm x 15 cm x 10 cm). Other dimensions may vary depending on the manufacturer’s specifications.

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Other Gun Storage Systems

Besides vertical and horizontal gun racks, there are various other gun storage systems available in the market. The two most common ones are: 1) Gun wall bundles with or without shelves; 2) Gun wall panel systems with or without shelving units.

Gun Wall Bundle With or Without Shelves

These are gun storage systems which consist of a bundle of panels that can be used to create customized storage units. They do not come with shelving units. While the panels are usually made of wood, they could also be made up of metal, plastic, or particle board.

3-Gun bundles consist of three separate panels that can be assembled in a variety of ways to create the desired storage space. They are more expensive than single-gun bundles but they take up less space, which is an advantage in smaller rooms.

Gun Wall Panel System With or Without Shelving Units

These are pre-assembled storage units that consist of a base and one or more wall-mounted vertical panels. The vertical panels may have built-in shelves or they could be solid panels with no shelves. In any case, they can only store guns vertically.

These gun wall racks are usually made out of wood, metal, or plastic.

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Gun Wall Panels with and Without Batteries

There are also various gun wall rack system that store guns on a vertical wall. The main difference between these systems and traditional gun wall racks is the way in which they secure the guns to the wall. With traditional racks, the guns are secured by a mounting system that is attached directly to the gun.

With a vertical wall rack system, the guns are secured by batteries.

These battery packs generally consist of two strips that are clipped onto the butt of each gun (for rifles) or the handle of each shotgun. Each pack contains 4 AA batteries which keep the gun suspended in mid-air. When turned on, the gun is held in place by powerful magnets that are in each battery pack.

These magnets can be removed at any time allowing you to access your firearm.

Like traditional gun wall racks, these systems also come in various sizes to accommodate any size of gun. They are also available with or without shelves and some models contain lighting. The primary advantage of these racks is that you save a lot of space since the guns are suspended in mid-air.

These racks are not very popular mainly because the additional battery packs add to the overall cost and they look strange with all those guns floating in mid-air.

Although modern gun wall racks are designed to be practical, they are also a great way of displaying your gun collection. Like everything, there is a right way and a wrong way of doing things. It is important that you display your guns in a manner that is both secure and aesthetically pleasing to you.

You can choose from a wide range of gun wall racks available in the market. These are:

Wall Gun Racks

They are available in different designs and materials. Some people prefer wooden racks while others go for the more expensive steel racks. You could also use a combination of both materials to display your guns.

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Whether you choose to display one gun or an entire collection, it will always be a talking point among visitors. You can also opt for double-sided racks that allow you to add more guns to your collection in the future.

The primary concern with vertical storage is safety since gravity can work against you making quick access to your gun quite difficult.

The main advantage is the increased access time (probably about the same as gun safe or trigger lock). It can be installed anywhere since no shelf space is required.

It also saves quite a bit of space and allows you to store other items such as hunting supplies, ammo, etc.


May not be safe if a child gets access to it.

Requires additional time to access your gun if a threat is present.

Requires additional time to re-secure the gun when you are finished.

The way that you store you guns can have a dramatic effect on how quickly you can get to them when you need them. The trade off is looking nice and neat or being able to access your guns quickly. It is important to decide what is more important to you.

When planning your storage system, it is important to make sure that every gun is easily accessible but out of sight of people at the front door. You can do this by building or buying cabinets that allow you to store your guns out of the way.

Most people use gun cabinets to increase security and prevent children from gaining access to their firearms. They can either be free standing or built-in. They should be made out of a solid material such as wood or steel.

Although it is not 100% foolproof, it definitely makes it more difficult for a child to gain access to your guns.


Gun Cabinets

As the name suggests, gun cabinets are built specifically to store your guns and offer additional protection against burglary. They also make it more difficult for children to gain access to your firearms. They provide increased protection and security compared to storing the guns in a gun safe since they usually have solid metal doors.

Some of the more expensive gun cabinets are designed so that they can be bolted into the ground, have bulletproof glass and a lightweight metal exterior. These cabinets can be used in free standing or built-in styles and are definitely a good investment if you want to secure your firearms against theft.

They are usually made of steel or wood and offer an increased level of security compared to traditional gun safes.

If you want to store your guns in a safe but still have quick access to them, you can choose a model that has a keypad or combination lock rather than the traditional spin dial.

You can get cabinets with adjustable shelves so that you can customize the interior to suit your needs. This is very useful if you need to store other valuables such as jewelry.

You can get quick access gun cabinets with electronic locks. The lock is opened by using a code that you create. This allows you to open the gun cabinet quickly when you need to get your gun.

Disadvantages: They are usually more expensive than other storage options and require more floor space.

Increases your intrusion risk since most models have a keypad or combination lock on the outside of the door making them susceptible to forced entry.

If you are planning to store other valuables in the safe, you might need to compromise on the quality of the gun storage. The reason is that most of these safes come in a standard size and you will need to make sacrifices in order to get enough space to store your other belongings.

Most models don’t have enough room for more than 3 rifles or shotguns so if you are looking to store a larger collection you might want to consider another option.

Gun Cabinets vs. Gun Safes

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Gun safes are specifically designed to store firearms and other valuables. They are more thief resistant and secure than gun cabinets. The thicker steel is made using heavy gauge all-metal construction with a pry-resistant front door.

There are three types of locking systems available: spin dial, electronic and key lock. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages.

Spin dials are the classic lock type found on most gun safes. These offer reasonable security against amateur thieves. They are easy to open and close but a professional thief can break in within a few minutes.

For the average gun owner, they provide considerable security against a child getting access to your guns.

If you want extra security, look for models with two or three locking bolts. These are more expensive than single-bolt models but can stop a thief from cutting the bolt and removing the door.

Rotating digital locks are also common and slightly more secure than spin dials. They offer a coded number system that offers more flexibility than the classic spin dial. The numbers can be changed by the owner to anything they want.

This means that you can change them anytime you want.

Eletronic locks are among the most secure and are highly recommended by most security experts. These digital locks use a keypad just like an ATM and the code is usually four to six digits long. The owner can set the code to whatever he wants making it virtually impossible to break into.

These are normally more expensive but makes a worthy investment if security is your main concern.

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The third type of locking mechanism is the key lock. This is the oldest locking system in use but still a trusted source of security. These locks are easier to open than the other two types but can only be opened by using the key.

These are harder to open for an amateur but can still be broken into by a professional locksmith using tools. They are still a popular choice due to their reliability and low price.

These boxes make a worthy investment if you have firearms that you don’t use on a regular basis. It makes more sense to keep your guns in a safe than in a gun cabinet because of the increased security they offer. These safes are usually fireproof and are an effective deterrent against theft.

Gun safes can be either digital or key lock types. The major advantage of key lock types is their lower cost but this is negated by the fact that you may lose your keys or forget the combination. Also, thieves can still break into these safes with a drill although it will take a longer time.

Digital gun safes offer better protection from drilling as well as lost keys and forgotten combinations. Most safes of this type have an emergency key hidden inside the vault in case the batteries die or in the rare event that the digital system gets stuck.

The best gun safes are those that have an independent power supply so it doesn’t matter if the digital lock fails or the batteries die. They are priced higher but these models are more convenient in the long run.

As with all safe and lock types, make sure to get a model with a bolt reinforcement. The bolts hold the safe to the ground or in the wall. Bolt reinforcement ensures that thieves cannot just unscrew the bolts from the sides of the safe and carry it away.

It is also recommended that you bolt the safe to the floor or a concrete foundation if at all possible. Bolt reinforcement safes can also be bolted to a concrete foundation or a wooden floor.

The fourth type of safe is the fireproof safe. These safes are designed to keep their contents intact even if they are submitted to extremely high temperatures. These safes are usually rated with a number that signifies how hot they can get before their contents are damaged.


00, 0, and 1 are the most popular ratings for safes. Safe manufacturers create these safes by mixing different alloys and compounds in their steel construction. The type of material used will determine the safe’s ability to resist fire damage.

The last and most secure type of safe is the cement or dirt safe. These safes are also called “vault” style. They are often extremely large and kept in a basement, underground, or a secluded outdoor location.

These safes are built-in and usually have a door that is at least an inch thick. They are also often lined with fire-resistant material like carbon or special alloys. These safes are also often made of poured concrete with a steel inner shell. These safes are so heavy that it usually takes several people to move them. They can also be very large and are sometimes cheaper per square foot than a regular above-ground safe.

Concrete vaults are naturally fireproof because of their material and construction. In addition, some of these safes have a constant nitrogen feed to prevent combustion in case of a fire. Using steel with a high carbon content is the main way to prevent your safe from burning up.

Using a mixture of metal alloys and non-flammable materials is another way to keep the contents from getting too hot. A thick layer of insulation around the safe’s contents will also help prevent it from heating up.

Its common for burglars to open these large safes by drilling holes through the door and filling the safe with gunpowder. After lighting the gunpowder they blow it up and peer inside to see if their loot is still intact.

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