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Best Commercial Steam Cleaner For Tile And Grout:

Commercial steam cleaners are used to clean floors, walls, ceilings, doors and other surfaces. They come in various sizes and models with different features such as size of water tank or capacity of electricity needed. Some commercial steam cleaners have built-in fans which provide cooling effect during use. Others feature heating elements for effective heat removal from the surface they’re being cleaned on.

The most common types of commercial steam cleaners are:

1) Manual – These are powered by a motor and require constant attention.

They need to be turned on and off manually every time they’re required to clean. Most manual steam cleaners don’t have a fan, but instead rely on air pressure generated when the machine is running.

2) Electric – These machines run without any human intervention; however, they do need regular maintenance to keep them working properly.

Electric steam cleaners usually include a fan, heater or both.

3) Hybrid – These are similar to electric models except they incorporate some sort of energy source into their design.

Examples include hybrid lawnmowers and solar panels.

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4) Waterless – These are models that don’t require any liquid to operate, but rather rely on gravity to push dirt out of the way.

These are not very common and they’re relatively expensive.

Whether you need to clean a large area or multiple smaller ones, there is a steam cleaner that’s right for you. You can find these cleaners in most big box home improvement stores, but we recommend you buy your cleaner online since these products have a tendency to get poor quality warranties or no warranty at all when bought from big box stores. We recommend the following two brands of steam cleaners:

1) Dupray – This is a company that sells high quality steam cleaners.

They feature a wide array of products, each with their own specialty. The models they offer are electric, electric/manual and waterless. Their electric models come with the accessories you would expect such as various nozzles and brushes. Some of their units are even convertible so that they can be used as either an electric or manual model. The steam from their products can be used to sanitize as well as clean, which is perfect for health clubs or day care facilities.

2) BISSELL – This company sells both upright and portable models of steam cleaners.

Their models run off of electricity and are either electric/manual or electric/waterless. They offer similar features to the Dupray line and also have a convertible option available. They’re also moderately priced so they’re a good choice if you’re on a budget.

Benefits Of A Commercial Steam Cleaner:

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If you find yourself needing to clean your tile and grout on a regular basis, you may want to consider investing in a commercial steam cleaner. These heavy duty machines can give your floors a deeper clean than any other option. They can remove dirt, stains, oils as well as kill bacteria and other microorganisms in the process. In addition, they can sanitize your space which is great if you have a daycare, hospital or other medical facility. Since these machines are so versatile they can be used on many different types of flooring such as vinyl, linoleum and hardwood.

The ability to clean and sanitize your flooring will give it a brand new look. The models that are designed to deep clean can even get rid of stubborn stains such as grease or bodily fluids. This can keep your facilities insurance premiums low since your floors will look better.

If you have equipment that processes medical waste, a steam cleaner can be a great investment. A good steam cleaner can sterilize equipment that comes into contact with bodily fluids or blood without the use of harmful chemicals. In addition, it can also sanitize your floors and other surfaces to prevent the spread of diseases. This is especially important if you run a daycare facility or hospital.

Whether you have a health club, day care, or run a medical waste facility, a commercial steam cleaner can give your flooring a brand new look. They can remove stains and even sanitize your floors as they clean them. These machines are versatile enough to be used in many different facilities. Each model is designed for a specific purpose so it’s important to do your research before buying one.


Care cleaning machines come from a variety of manufactures and have different features. The three most common manufactures are: Dupray, BISSELL, and Spotless. There are a few other manufactures that make similar types of equipment but these three are the most popular. In addition, all companies offer both new and reconditioned machines so if you’re on a budget you have options.

Dupray – This company sells both electric and steam cleaning models. Their steam cleaners can be used on many different types of flooring such as tile, vinyl, hardwood and more. They offer units that can either hook up to your water supply or are portable with a water tank. In addition, their units can be used to both clean and sanitize your space.

BISSELL – This company sells both electric and steam cleaning models. Their electric units are popular because the tank can be detached from the machine and the solution tank is located on the handle for better control. Their steam models can either hook up to your water supply or use a water tank. Their units can be used to clean but not sanitize your space.

Spotless – This company only sells steam cleaning models. The good thing about these machines is they also come with a dust mop so you can easily clean your floor on both sides. Their units can be used to sanitize your floors and some models can even deep clean carpets.

Commercial steam cleaners are a great way to improve the appearance of your flooring. These machines can be found at most hardware stores, home improvement centers as well as online. If you’re looking to purchase one of these machines check out their features to see which ones would work best in your facility.

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