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Greenworks 60 Volt Dual Cordless Electric Hedge Trimmer Reviewed:

The best electric hedge trimmer is the one which comes with the most features and functionality. It is important to buy the best machine that suits you in all aspects. Greenworks 60v hedge trimmer is one of the best hedge trimmers available in the market. It comes with many features and specifications which are very useful in trimming.

The machine is cordless and hence can be used anywhere. It is one of the most powerful hedge trimmers in the market. The performance, features, and efficiency of this product are superior than most of its competitors. The best part is that the machine comes with 2 rechargeable batteries. The prongs can be changed based on the user’s convenience.

Greenworks 60v hedge trimmer is one of the most powerful hedge trimmers in the market. The feature which makes it stand out from its competitors is its dual power source. It gives you the ability to choose from power corded source as well as a battery pack. It is very efficient and handy.

You can take it anywhere you want and use it without any hassle. The hedge trimmer gives you the convenience to work at your own pace as it has an ergonomic design. The machine comes with a fast and easy blade replacement system. Just unlock the device by turning the knob, lift the lock, release the blade and replace it with a new one. This product offers a 1 year warranty on parts. The battery life is great and very efficient. You can also use the battery to charge your phone or any other electronic device while you are working outdoors.

You will be provided with a user manual which will give you information regarding the proper usage of the product, precautions that you should take while using it as well as any potential hazards that may occur while using it. The hedge trimmer comes with a 24-inch long blade which can easily cut through medium sized branches with ease. It is very easy to use and handle. It is a very safe hedge trimmer as it comes with a blade shield which will prevent any accidents while cutting.

You can also use it for the upkeep of your lawn as well as garden. This product is very durable, efficient and reliable. This machine can be used by both professionals as well as amateurs. The product is cost-efficient and hence value for money.

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The long lasting battery charge makes it worth the price. You can also adjust the length of the blades as per your individual preference. Just by turning a small knob you can adjust it from 1.25 inches to 2.25 inches. It is very safe to use and easy to carry around while traveling. The best thing about the machine is that it comes with dual power source. You can either use the power cord as a source of power or you can use the battery, which will give you more freedom and mobility.

Pros Very powerful hedge trimmer

Durable and long lasting battery life

Ergonomic design making it easy to carry around

Comes with dual power source

Value for money Cons Can be a little heavy for some people Specifications Manufacturer: Greenworks

Available Colors: Black

Weight: 7.5 pounds

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Battery Used: 2Ah

Battery Voltage: 60V

3. WORX WG251 18-Inch 13.5-Amp Dual Blade Electric Hedge Trimmer

WORX WG251 is a powerful hedge trimmer which gives you the convenience and portability of cordless as well as power of corded. The machine comes with a 13.5 AMP motor which gives it more cutting power and allows you to work smoothly while trimming the hedges and bushes in your yard. The blades are very sharp and made out of quality steel material which gives the machine a longer life.

The machine is durable and guarantees a long life span. It comes with dual blades which make it easier for you to achieve a neat and tidy trimming result. The blades can also be adjusted according to your preference. You can adjust it from 1.25 inches to 2.5 inches.

This advantage gives you more control over the type of cut that you want on your hedges or bushes.

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