Best Glute Ham Developers

Glute Ham Developer: What Is It?

The word “glute” comes from the Latin word “glor,” which means butt. So it’s a term used to refer to the muscles of your buttocks. These are called glutes because they surround the rectum (the opening through which feces pass). They’re also known as hamstrings since they attach to your hamstring muscle group.

There are two types of glutes: external and internal. External glutes are those located outside the body, while internal ones reside inside the body. There are many different kinds of exercises that target these muscles. For example, squats and deadlifts involve both external and internal glutes; however, some exercises only work one type or another.

What Are Their Benefits?

External glutes have been shown to improve balance, coordination, strength, power and endurance. Some studies show that they may even increase athletic performance. Internal glutes are responsible for pulling your legs up into a straight position when standing or walking. They also play a role in hip extension during running and jumping. Many experts believe that strengthening them will help prevent injuries such as plantar fasciitis and tendinosis.

How Do You Train Them?

A glute ham developer — also known as a GHD — is the best piece of equipment to strengthen your external and internal glutes. Similar to a regular horizontal leg press machine, this apparatus has an extended section for your legs. The difference is that it also has a padded support for your lower back and hips, allowing your knees to bend in a bent position. This stretches your hamstrings, which are located on the back of your upper legs.

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