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The Best Garment Rack is one of the most useful items in your home. You will never have to worry about whether you need to store something or not anymore. If you are looking for a durable and sturdy furniture, then you can use any kind of furniture for your house. There are many types of furniture available like sofa, bed, dresser etc. But there is no reason why you cannot choose a stylish and elegant piece of furniture if it suits your taste.

You may ask yourself how you can get a good quality and stylish furniture?

Well, the answer is simple: You must spend some money to buy it. And you will certainly pay more than what you would expect.

So, here comes the question: What’s the best way to buy a cheap but high-quality furniture?

There are various ways of buying a cheap but high-quality furniture. One of them is through Craigslist. Another method is to visit a garage sale or thrift shop. A third option is to go online and search for cheap furniture on eBay or Amazon.

In this article, we are going to tell you about the cheapest but high-quality furniture which you can purchase from different sources. These methods of purchasing inexpensive but high-quality furniture are very popular among the people because they save time and money while shopping for their homes. The first one we are going to discuss is garage sales.

Garage sales are usually held by private people or organizations in their own areas or private houses for any reason like moving to another house or downsizing. You can find various furniture items at a very low price in these sales. But if you want to buy something from a garage sale then you have to be quick because these items are sold very quickly at a low price. Sometimes you may find something which is very valuable but that doesn’t happen often.

A second method is to buy furniture from online websites like Amazon or Ebay.

You can buy furniture from these websites at a very low price but you have to wait for the delivery of your item. Usually, it takes 2 or 3 months to get your desired furniture at your doorstep which can be frustrating at times. But if you want to save money and time, this is the best method to go with. As a third method, you can go to garage sales and thrift shops.

These types of shops are usually owned by Churches or some non-profit organization. They sell used items like furniture which can be of great quality but again you need to search thoroughly for your desired item and you have to pay cash. If you are lucky enough then you may find something very valuable at a cheap price. But if you want an expensive furniture item then this option may not be the best one for you.

So these are three options which we can suggest to you if you want to buy a cheap but high-quality furniture item for your home.

If you want to buy something at a cheap price from an online website then you have to wait for some time until your item gets delivered at your doorstep. If you need something quick and you have some cash with you then visiting a garage sale or thrift shops can be a good option. But all these options have one thing in common that is “patience”. You need to wait until the desired item comes in front of you and then you can take it.

But if you are a person who doesn’t like to wait for anything then there is another option for you which is going to be discussed in detail in the next section.

I am talking about the option of buying furniture from a furniture warehouse sale. At these sales, you can get any type of furniture at a very low price. These furniture warehouse are owned by various large companies which need to dispose their old and damaged furniture items. If you are lucky enough then you may find an item which is not damaged or broken.

These warehouses hold sales twice or thrice a year and all you have to do to buy something is to have cash in hand.

You may be required to have a membership for entering into these warehouses. The cost of the membership is usually around $40 which can be worth if you are planning to buy furniture sets or anything for your home on regular basis.

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So if you have plans to build your own house or redecorate your current house then this option can save you time and money both in the long run.

If you are not interested in building furniture yourself or buying used furniture items then building a house and buying new furniture for that house is the best option for you. You can choose whatever you like and also you don’t have to wait for the shipping of the item that you ordered, instead you can directly go to the store and buy the one which you want.

But if you have the time and desire to build your furniture then do not hesitate to go for furniture assembly classes. This can be lots of fun and also very useful skill for you in the long run. You will be able to build any type of furniture without following the manual which comes along with that item.

But once again, whether you buy pre-assembled furniture or build it yourself, these both options are only good when it comes to wooden furniture. But there is a downside of these two options.

The furniture which you buy from the market is often damaged during shipping and therefore it is sold at a discounted price. The wooden materials which are used in the manufacturing process of this type of furniture are often times not very quality and may break or cause an accident to you or your beloved ones.

Also, if you decide to build a wooden furniture item then you will be required to use specific tools in order to assemble that item correctly. If you managed to build the desired furniture then it can prove be very strong and durable. It all really depends on what your goals and expectations are from that particular furniture.

However, if you are looking for something stronger and more durable then metal or iron furniture maybe the right choice for you. This type of furniture is very strong and can withhold a lot of weight. Also, it never really goes out of style and can be used in any type of house decoration.

It is true that these furniture pieces can be a bit expensive but the quality is really good. It can last a lifetime with minimum maintenance. It really depends on what you are looking for and what characteristics you desire in a furniture piece.

The choice is yours now that you have all the information needed to make an informed decision on what course of action to take.

Now you can continue reading the blog or go ahead and choose your own adventure!

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You’ve had a long week at work and all you want to do is come home, drink a beer and forget about the world for a little while. You pull up to your driveway and notice that your roommate’s car is gone, which means that you have the house all to yourself. Life is good.

You head inside and toss your keys on the kitchen table. As you are walking into the living room you start to think about what snack you should eat while you watch TV. You pause for a second and try to remember if you have any snacks in the house, but your actual hunger disappears once you see what’s on TV.

A news report is on with a live helicopter camera showing some sort of chase going on. The camera switches to the news reporter who says that this has been happening all day, random people going crazy and attacking others. The reporter says that the police and the military are trying to contain the situation and get things back under control, but so far nothing has worked.

You think to yourself that this is some sort of bizarre reality show that network has decided to air until you see the helicopter camera zoom in on a sign that says South Main Street. You are on South Main Street!

You immediately grab your keys and run out of the house. You get in your car and drive away as fast as you can. Once you are far away from your house, you begin to relax and try to rationalize what you saw on TV. It’s got to be some sort of weird reality show that the network decided to air.

Yeah, that’s it! Probably something similar to that Fear Factor show.

You reach your girlfriend’s house and notice that there are military vehicles everywhere and the street is blocked off. You think it would be best if you don’t try to get through, so you go back home and park your car a couple blocks away and continue on foot. At least the military didn’t block of the streets. You walk for about ten minutes before you finally get home and notice that there are military personnel walking around your house.

They see you and immediately begin to approach you with their guns drawn. You slowly raise your hands up and back away. They shout at you to get down on the ground. You do so and one walks up and begins to handcuff you.

What is going on?”

you ask.

“Shut up!” he replies.

Another one comes up to you and begins to search you before they start leading you toward one of the military vehicles. They put you in the back of it and drive away. You are too confused to even think about trying to escape right now.

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You spend the rest of the day in a holding cell where they feed you twice and then you are finally taken to meet with someone at midnight. You walk into the interview room and see a man dressed in a military uniform sitting at the table. He stands up and introduces himself as Lieutenant Daniels.

He walks around the table and shakes your hand, then pulls up a seat and sits across from you. “So, Jacob, tell me what happened yesterday.”

You explain to him that you honestly don’t know what happened and tell him everything that you experienced from the time you went out to the time you were arrested. He asks you several questions about what you saw and where you went. After about ten minutes he stops and thinks awhile. He finally looks up at you and speaks, “well, it would seem that you weren’t really a part of all the chaos we have been having lately.”

What do you mean?”

“Most of the people we have caught out there, and there have been hundreds, have had some sort of weapon on them. I am not talking about the improvised stuff either. We are talking knives, daggers, chains, metal poles, the works. You didn’t have any of that.”

“Well, I didn’t think I would need any of that stuff when I went out there.”

He goes back to thinking for a few minutes. He finally speaks, “I think I know what might have happened. There has been reports of people going missing in the area you went to. The sewers especially.

From what we can tell, there is a whole community of people living down there.”


That’s crazy!

How can there be a whole community living in the sewers?”

“Well from what we have seen, they have made it pretty habitable. There are shops, bars, dinning halls, even classrooms down there. It is like a big community.”

“Wait, you said classrooms.

Are there kids down there?”

“Yes, and that is why I think your situation is a little different. It seems that these people went out and snatched you up to be a teacher. Since you are a gifted singer, they want you to teach the children there. You were in a good mood when they brought you in, so I thought I would try to warn you about what was going on.”

So, I am a prisoner?”

“Well, you aren’t a normal person so you aren’t going to be treated as one. You will have your own private room and bathroom. You won’t be harassed by guards. You will just have to remain here. You won’t be able to leave.”

This all seems a little weird to you, but at least you aren’t in a cage so you agree. Lieutenant Daniels tells you he is going to send some people up to move your things and starts writing down some orders. About ten minutes later, two soldiers arrive and ask you to follow them. You pick up your bags and do so.

You are led to a small elevator behind a door marked “authorized personnel only. You all get in and the soldier presses down. The elevator slowly begins moving down.

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After about a minute, the elevator stops and the doors open. You are astonished at what you see. It is huge and very well decorated. You begin to think that Daniels was wrong about where you would be staying.

You follow the soldiers through several hallways until you reach an elegant bedroom.

“This will be your new room,” one of the soldiers says as he walks in.

It will?”

“Yes, we will go grab your stuff from storage and bring it here.”

As the soldiers leave, you look around. It really is a gorgeous room. When the soldiers return with all your stuff, you begin to unpack. You arrange everything nicely in the giant cabinet.

After you are done, you head out into the hallway and find the bathroom. It is almost as big as your old apartment. You walk out and head back to your room. Just as you do, a little girl comes out of another room. She looks about the same age as Lisa.

“Hey, where is Mr.

Ian going?”

she asks one of the soldiers.

“He is going to his new room.”

The girl walks over to you and tugs at your arm.

“Come on Mr. Ian, I’ll show you were it is.”

You follow the girl down the hallway. She stops in front of a door and begins to open it.

“No, don’t go in there, it is just the bathroom,” you say quickly.

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The girl just gives you a blank stare.

What’s a bathroom?”

she asks.


Never mind, where is your room?”

The girl begins walking and you follow her down the hallway a bit until you reach a door. She opens it and walks in. You see that this is a rather fancy room for a child. There is a large bookshelf with plenty of books, a large bed and other assorted toys and furniture. The girl jumps onto the bed and grabs a stuffed animal. She begins talking to it and then throws it onto the floor.

“Now, you stay here and don’t move,” she says to the stuffed animal.

You begin to wonder if you should be here when the girl’s mother walks in. You haven’t met her yet but apparently she is a skilled doctor who is here to help out.

The woman looks at you and smiles. She is quite pretty and about the same age as you. You blush a little bit and look down.

“So, you are the famous Ian. I have heard so much about you. It’s nice to finally meet you,” she says warmly.

“Well, I hope it is all good.” You laugh.

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The woman laughs a bit and says, “Of course.”

“I am afraid Ian that your room is not quite ready for you yet. I had some things I needed to unpack and put away first. Why don’t you come back in an hour and you can meet the rest of the family.”

“Will do,” you say as you quickly exit the room.

One hour later…

You head back to the woman’s room and find it empty. You give it a few minutes and then you start to get impatient. You are here after all. You head out into the hallway and just as you are about to knock on another door, the woman opens it.

“Sorry about that. Come in,” she says.

You walk into the room and see four children sitting on their beds. Three are teenage girls and one is a boy a few years younger than you. They all have the same tan skin as the woman and they are all very pretty.

The boy has his face planted in a book, like usual. The girls are all talking to each other and ignore you.

“Everyone, this is Ian. Ian these are your new brothers and sisters. That rude boy over there behind the book is Braylon, the girl talking to the one in the pink dress is Kelsey, the girl in blue is Laurel and the girl in green is Olive.”

Best Garment Racks - Image

The children all wave at you except for Braylon who just turns a page in his book.

“Okay everyone, Ian is going to be living with us from now on, so you will be nice to him,” the woman says.

Everyone happily agrees and you feel more at ease. Your mother chose well for you.

Over the next hour the woman goes over rules and such. You learn that her name is Helena and she has been married to your father for ten years. She had these children between the ages of sixteen and twenty. It seems kind of odd, but you don’t really question it.

Soon your father arrives home and Helena goes to greet him in the foyer. You stand up and move closer to the doorway. You really want to meet him and see what he is like, but you are also a little nervous.

It shouldn’t be though, he is your father after all. You take a deep breath and walk out into the open. Your new family turns to look at you and smiles. Your father drops Helena’s arm and stares at you in shock.

What the hell is this?”

“Oh, um this is Ian, you know, your son.”

He glares at Helena and says, “I thought we agreed not to get anymore of these orphans! I said NO!”

Helena looks at the floor and says, “But, he needed a home and I couldn’t just leave him…

He SLAMS his fist onto the railing and says, “Then you should have left!”

What’s wrong with you?”

Your new siblings quickly run up the stairs and hide. You stand there in shock not knowing what to do. Your father looks at you and then grabs Helena’s arm. He starts pulling her towards the door as she tries to resist.

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What are you doing?”

“Obviously I am throwing you out and taking the children back!”

You stand there in shock as he continues to pull Helena towards the door.

“What!? Why!?”

“Because I don’t support your stupid decisions!

Why the hell would I want another mouth to feed?

We should be cutting down on the number of people living here, not adding to it!”

“Izzie was just here! You didn’t say anything then!”

“Yeah, well I’m saying something now! Get your stuff and get out!”

“Ian can’t go out there, it’s not safe! He’ll die!”

“I don’t give a crap, he’s not my problem now! Both of you need to get out of this house!”

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You stand in the background watching as Helena begins to cry and try to reason with him. It’s no use though, he is clearly insane.

“Fine, I’ll leave with him, but you know this is only going to end badly. Just wait, you’ll see.”

He drags her outside and you see her crying on the porch. Eventually she gets up and starts walking away. She walks down the street a little ways and then stops in front of someone’s house. A man comes out and talks to her for a minute and then they both get in a car and drive away.

You are so scared. You don’t know what to do. You wish your mom was here…Wait, you can go to your mom!

She would know what to do! You run to the front door and find it locked. You try to open it, but it is stuck or locked. You look around, but everyone is gone. You are all alone now and you have no idea what to do…

You decide to wait a little while and see if anyone comes back. You sit on the porch for about an hour, but no one does. Eventually you can’t sit still anymore and have to explore. You look inside the front door and see that there is a large pile of mail on a table just inside.

Unfortunately the door is locked and you don’t have your keys, so you can’t go in.

You walk around the outside of the house and look in all the windows. Most of them are too high to see into, but the dining room window is at kid height. You look through it and see that the table is set with place settings for five. You also see a picture of your family on the wall.

It was from last year and you remember how happy you were standing next to your mom. Now she is gone and you have no idea where she is.

In your frustration you punch the window and cut open your hand. The pain feels good compared to the hurt you are feeling inside. You feel like sitting on the sidewalk and crying, but you know that your father is right: You need to get out of this dangerous place.

What if someone even worse comes along?

You get up and see a bus stop not too far away. Maybe you can catch a bus out of this place and go find your mom. She would surely come back and get you, if only to keep you from your dad.

You sit at the bus stop for a long time, but no bus comes. Eventually a car pulls up and the driver offers you a ride.

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Hey kid, where do you need to go?”

You look around before answering and see that there is no one else around. It’s just you and this large man in a car. You are scared, but you guess you have no choice.

“I need to go to…” You are about to give the first address that comes to mind, but you stop yourself. Your dad said Helena was called by CPS and they took her kids away.

If this man is involved with CPS, or even if he just finds out your family has broken up, he could do the same thing to you. You decide it would be better not to tell him where you live.

“I need to go somewhere far away.”

The man grins and nods his head.

“I see. A lot of kids feel that way these days. Well, the closest place that is ‘far away’ is about twenty miles from here and its only a big Wal-Mart.

You like Wal-Mart?”

You have no idea where this place is, but it sounds safe enough and it’s a place to start. You nod to the man.

“Alright, come on in. We can at least get you out of this city.”

You get in the car and the man turns up the radio. You look out the window as you leave your old home behind.

You spend the next two days in the man’s car. When you get to the Wal-Mart he gives you some money and tells you to find something to do while he runs his errands. You wander the aisles and look at the magazines, but take nothing else. You don’t want to take anything from this man if you don’t have to.

He spends two days in that store and two nights in a hotel, before driving to another town. This time he puts you up in a Motel 6 and gives you money to buy food.

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You are alone one morning, when you see a small article in the local newspaper about a girl’s disappearance. She is about your age and went missing from the same theater that you were taken from.

You think about trying to call the police, but what are you going to tell them? That some man who bought you some food kidnapped you?

They won’t be able to do anything and you might put the man in danger. You tear the article out of the paper and hide it in your Bible for later.

You make it to Arizona and rent a small house there. The man doesn’t talk much about his reasons, but he tells you not to go outside unless you are with him. Your days become mundane very quickly. You go to the market when he tells you to, you do your homework, and watch TV.

It’s a relief when he gets a laptop and you can surf the web a bit.

You learn that your disappearance made the national news for a day or two, but then you became one of those mysteries that people talk about on forums for a while and then it fades away. Nobody seems to be looking for you.

Your dad is looking for you.

He comes to the house one day while the man is at the store. You are watching TV in the den, but when you hear the doorbell ring, you quickly step into the closet. You can see part of the entryway from where you are and you see a man in a police uniform standing there.

“I’m looking for a boy about this height,” he says holding his hand at head level.

“I haven’t seen a boy here,” the man replies.

The policeman thanks him and leaves. You wait a few minutes before stepping out of the closet. The man comes in shortly after. He does not look happy.

“I told you not to go outside.”

You walk past him and go into the kitchen. You don’t feel like eating, but you take some food anyway. You have to keep your strength up, after all. He follows you into the kitchen.

Do you know how close you just came to getting caught?”

You shrug and begin eating. He raises his hand as if to smack you, but stops himself.

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“We are going to have to do something about you. You can’t keep eating like a Holstein and not doing anything else. It’s too risky.”

He thinks for a few minutes.

“You need a job. You’re going to help me with yard work around the house.”

Two years pass and you begin to settle into your new life. You have chores to do every day, but they aren’t hard. You just have to help with yard work and cleaning. The man has never touched you again, but he sometimes stares at you in a way that makes you uncomfortable.

Your life is very boring. The only highlight is the occasional trip to town.

It’s a sunny Saturday morning when the man tells you that your chores will be done by you today.

“I need to go into town and take care of a few things. I won’t be back until late, so don’t wait up.”

You have never been allowed to go into town, so this is very exciting. You get all your chores done quickly and easily and are ready to leave within minutes of him finishing his sentences.

He sighs and shakes his head.

“Okay, but don’t complain later about me not letting you go.”

You follow him to the car and get in the passenger seat. He’s driving a old, beat-up truck and the inside smells like it too. He doesn’t speak on the drive and you aren’t going to push your luck by trying to make conversation.

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It starts to rain as you turn down a gravel road and into the woods. There are a few other cars parked on the side of the road in the shade of the trees. You pull in behind an old minivan and turn off the truck.

“Stay here. I’ll be back in a bit.”

He gets out and goes to the minivan. You watch as he pulls a woman out of the front seat and beats her to death with his fists. He throws her back into the vehicle and gets into the drivers seat.

He notices you’re still there and his brow furrows.

Didn’t I tell you to stay in the truck?”

You nod and he pulls out of the parking space. He stops after going around the bend and gets out again. You watch him go over to a tree and relieve himself.

He opens the door and looks at you.


Get out here.”

You follow him into the woods.

“It’s not safe to go out here by yourself,” he says. “A pretty girl like you would be mistaken for a wild animal and shot.”

He walks over to a tree and puts a bag over its trunk. He takes out a chainsaw and starts it up.

“This is a shortcut. We’ll be there in no time.”

You hold onto his hand and follow him through the trees. The buzzing of the chainsaw makes you nervous but you try not to show it.

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It starts to rain and you pull your hood up. Your hand begins to lose grip, slip slowly from his but you squeeze tighter and continue on.

He stops suddenly and points at a tree.

“Look,” he whispers. “

Do you see it?”

You follow his finger and spot a raccoon rummaging through an old can.

Do you have a gun?”

He nods his head and takes out a handgun from the back of his pants.

“I want you stay right here no matter what you hear. If I’m not back in ten minutes, you must head to town on your own.”

You nod and he kisses you on the forehead before stepping quietly through the trees and out of view.

You sit and wait, counting to one hundred after you lose sight of him before getting up and walking over to the tree. You look around but can’t see him anywhere so you begin to head back the way he came at a run.

You’ve gone several feet when you hear a gunshot several yards to your right. You pick up the pace and run in the direction of the sound. You trip over something on the ground and look down to see torn pieces of fabric and flesh.

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You feel your stomach turn and put your hands over your mouth. You stand up and make your way around the trees when you see him again. He’s further ahead and looks like he’s struggling with something. You walk towards him but stop suddenly when you notice the blood pouring out of his mouth and down his chest.

“I-It’s machines,” he says, stumbling on every other word. “They… they can’t be turned off.”

You run over to him and grab his hand but he pushes you away.

“Don’t touch me!”

His eyes are wide and his pupils have shrunk so that the iris takes up less than half of it’s normal space. A look of pure terror is plastered on his face and he looks like he’s seen a monster, not something commonly found in horror flicks.

He screams as if he sees one before you and falls to the ground. He begins to foam at the mouth and his body convulses. He arches his back before lying completely still.

“No!” you scream.

You fall to your knees and put your hands on his chest but there’s no movement. You begin to pound at his chest but after several tries you realize it’s useless.

You’re too distraught to move and can only think about what has happened. He was all alone out here and no one could help him. You continue to sob until you hear a twig break behind you.

Where is he?”

a voice whispers.

You stand and quickly turn around but see nothing. The voice wasn’t angry, just curious, but still, you weren’t willing to stick around to ask any questions. You take off running in the direction of town and don’t stop until you’re a mile away.

You walk around the town in a daze for several hours, barely noticing your surroundings. You walk by a group of high school students and have to do a double take when you recognize one of them as the girl that was in the truck with her friends the other night.

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After being reminded of what’s awaiting you back at home, you decide to head to the grocery store and get something to eat. You wander around the store and aimlessly look at the different foods but nothing seems appealing so you just decide to get something simple. You go to the front counter and pay for your food before walking down the aisles to find a seat.

Suddenly someone taps on your shoulder and you shriek in terror. You turn around with your fist raised when you see it’s just a grey-haired old lady with a mustache. She looks terrified of you and backs away in a hurry.

“I’m so sorry,” you say, blushing. “You startled me.”

The old lady shakes her head and says, “I’m the one who should be sorry. I should know better than to sneak up on people, especially kids.”

“I should be more aware of my surroundings,” you say.

The old lady asks, “Where are your parents?”

“I… I don’t know,” you stutter.

What’s that you have there?”

she asks, pointing to your bag of food.

“I just got groceries,” you say, looking down at the bag. “I have to go.”

Before she can say anything else, you walk away and find an empty seat in the far corner of the room. You open your bag of food and pull out a package of crackers. You haven’t eaten since this morning and these taste like cardboard so it takes some effort to swallow them.

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As you’re sitting there eating you begin to feel like someone is watching you. You look around the room and see the old lady looking back at you from across the room. She smiles and gives you a little wave so you turn away.

The nerve!

Shouldn’t she be worrying about her own family instead of bothering people in the supermarket?

You look around for somewhere else to sit but all the seats are full. You decide to just stand up instead. You feel like the walls are closing in on you. You need to get out of here.

You turn toward the doors and that’s when you realize the old lady is standing right there, blocking your way.

She smiles and says, “Can you tell me how to get to Beaverton Mall?”

You step around her and say, “I don’t know.” Then you walk as quickly as you can toward the doors.

You push on the doors but they don’t budge. You try again but it’s no use, they won’t open. You look around and realize the old lady is blocking your way out. She looks at you and wrinkles her nose.

“You need a bath,” she says.

“Let me out of here!” you demand.

The old lady looks around and then says, “Okay, but you can’t tell anyone that I was here.”

She places her hands on the door in front of you and whispers something. The door glows bright red and then dark crimson. You watch in amazement as long needle-like thorns sprout from the door. Before your eyes they grow longer and thicker until it becomes clear that they’re no longer thorns at all but rather sharp black teeth.

The old lady grabs your hand and pulls you through the door just as the teeth begin to snap shut.

“Come on, this way!” she says, pulling you along with her. “You need to get home before sunset or you’ll never make it in time.”

You follow her through the twists and turns of the hallways. Everything looks the same and you have no idea how you’d ever find your way back if you did escape.

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“Stay close,” she says as she tugs you along.

You almost tell her that she’s hurting you but then you realize that your hand is starting to go numb so you don’t say anything.

Finally, she stops in front of a door and pulls you through it. “This is it,” she says. “Go on home now.

And don’t forget, not a word of me, alright?”

“Alright,” you say as she disappears back into the hallway.

You walk through the door and find yourself back in the supermarket. The cashiers stare at you but say nothing. You look around and don’t see the old lady anywhere so you figure she must’ve gone back the other way.

You walk up to the cashier and hand him your cart. He looks at you and doesn’t say anything for a moment. Then he says, “Seven dollars.”

You reach into your pocket and pull out the crumpled bills. You hand them to him and then walk outside.

It’s starting to get dark as you make your way back to the apartment. You try not to waste any time because you know that it’ll be completely dark by the time you get home.

You pick up your pace and hurry toward the apartment building, trying to ignore the pain in your side.

“You’re back late,” Mrs. Reynolds says as you enter the lobby. “Your mom called and said you weren’t to return before dark.”

You try to think of an excuse but you’re too out of breath to say anything.

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What’s that on your neck?”

Mrs. Reynolds asks, leaning closer to you.

You reach up to feel a small twig stabbed into the side of your neck. You yank it out and look at it.

“Just a stick,” you say, hoping she doesn’t ask any more questions.

“Alright then, nice seeing you,” she says without further questioning.

You walk down the hallway toward your apartment. You’re halfway down the hall when you hear a voice from around the corner. It’s Laura.

“You shouldn’t make Mom so mad,” she says.

“Yeah, I know,” you say, continuing toward your apartment.

You open the door and step inside, finally safe. You’ve made it.

“I saw you holding hands with that old lady,” your sister says as she steps out from the hallway. “

What were you doing with her?”

“Nothing,” you say, not wanting to discuss it.

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You didn’t go with her?”


“Good. I don’t want you playing with her. She’s a ghost, she’s not nice. She tries to trick people.”

“I know,” you say. “I’ve heard the stories.”

“You did the right thing, staying away from her.

You’re not gonna go talk to her ever again, are you?”

“No, of course not.”

Your sister smiles and hugs you. “I love you,” she says.

“I love you too, Laura.”

It’s getting late so you tell your sister to go to bed. After she does you head into the bathroom and scrub the mud and grass stains off your pants then head to bed.

Your mom gets home a few hours later. She yells at you for being out so late but after looking in the backyard and seeing no old lady she calms down.

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“Just don’t let it happen again,” she says before going to bed.

You fall asleep quickly, eager to put this day behind you.

Over the next few days you start to relax a bit. The newspapers say that the police have no suspects and are looking for anyone who might have seen anything. They don’t have any good leads yet.

Your mom lets you play outside again though she keeps a close eye on you when she’s home. A few days later she gets a call in the middle of the night and has to leave in the middle of the night. She says it’s work so you and Laura don’t question it, but she’s gone for more than a day this time.

You have fun with Laura the whole time, going out to play and just hanging out at home. You haven’t had this much fun with her in years. Sure, she can be a bit annoying at times, but she’s still your sister.

On the third day your mom comes home with a big box of pizza and a six-pack of soda.

“Tonight’s a night of celebration,” she says as you and Laura sit down at the kitchen table. “We’re going to eat like kings and queens.”

Do we get to have soda every night now?”

Laura asks.

Your mom pauses, her hand hovering over the box of pizza.

“No… I mean we’re probably going to have to start being more frugal but let’s not worry about that tonight. You two enjoy yourself.”

Over the next few weeks you do in fact start to worry about money. Your mom is working more, but she’s not bringing in as much money. You start to ration the food so it will last as long as possible and you split one meal for lunch and one for dinner.

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You also stop playing outside. There’s a park nearby, but it requires payment to go there and your mom can’t really afford it. Instead you and Laura play inside. You’ve got an old board game you found in one of the boxes in the basement, it’s a bit broken but it still works.

As you get into spring the trees start to bloom and you can smell the flowers everywhere. It reminds you of being back in Tennessee. You wish your family was there right now.

Can we go to the park today?”

Laura asks as you sit down to eat some pancakes for breakfast. “We haven’t been in such a long time.”

“We can’t afford it,” you say, morosely looking at your food.


You sigh. “We can go tomorrow. If mom comes home with another box of pizza I’ll take you then.”

The next day your mom comes home with a large box from Pizza Hut.

“Score,” you say, smiling.

“But we’re having this tonight,” your mom says. “I’ll be taking the rest of the pizza for work tomorrow.”

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You frown. “But, it’s Saturday.”

Your mom stares at you. “I know how the week goes, Jacob. You don’t need to tell me,” she says in a slightly raised voice.

“Sorry,” you say, cowed.

“Well, I’ve got more than enough for us to have a nice meal tonight. Hope you like Pepperoni.”

“Yes!” you and Laura say in unison, smiling.

You and Laura sit down and dive in. It’s not the best meal you’ve ever had, but it’s definitely the best thing you’ve eaten in weeks. You don’t even save the leftovers.

Are you sure we’re going to be able to afford more food?”

Your mom sighs. “I’ll figure out something by next week. I can probably pick up a few more hours at work so that’ll help.”

The rest of the week is tense. You know your mom is doing her best, but you don’t really have a fallback. If you get kicked out of this house you have nowhere to go. You don’t really have any friends you could stay with and a hotel is far too expensive for your mom to be able to afford for very long.

You’re stuck and you know it. You don’t know what you’re going to do if this ends up happening.

Your mom comes home with a box from Wendy’s again. “Alright, I’m going to have to figure out something, because we’re not lasting on these leftovers any longer than this weekend. I’ll be able to pick up some odd jobs over the summer so hopefully that’ll be enough.”

You nod. Hopefully that will be enough.

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The next day you’re playing on your DS when there’s a knock at the door. “I’ll get it!” you shout, dropping your game and rushing to the door as fast as you can. When you get to the door, you find a short, skinny man with dark hair and an anchor tattooed on his arm.

He smiles gently at you. “Hello there, little man.

Is your parents home?”

“Yes,” you say, nodding eagerly. “Come in, I’ll get them!” With that, you rush off. You find your mom first, and explain who is at the door and where you’re going. She nods and says she’ll be there soon. Then you find your mom, who smiles at you. “I see you got our guest.

What’s his name again?”

“Mr. Freitas,” you reply.

“Mr. Freitas, I’m home!” she calls. He walks in from the other room.

“Sorry it took so long, I had to park the car and everything.

How have you been?”

“I’m fine, dearie.


“I’ve been doing well, thank you.”

You stand awkwardly by the door while the two adults talk. After a few minutes, you hear a familiar sound. “Ding-dong!” the doorbell chimes.

Your mom looks at Mr. Freitas. “

Would you mind getting that?

That’s probably the pizza I ordered.” He nods and walks off. You hear him get the door, followed by a surprised sounding “Oh, hello.” Then, you hear a voice that sends a wave of terror through your spine.

“Hello, Jacob.”

You turn, and see in the doorway the man who took you. He’s not wearing his hoodie, instead wearing a tight black t-shirt. You stare at the black pentagram on his shirt as he holds you tightly. “Come on, we have some things to do,” he says.

“I’m sorry, we’re very busy. Maybe another time,” your mom says from the dining room.

He looks down at you and smiles. It’s not a kind smile. “Come on, kid. We’re going for a ride,” the man says.

He picks you up and goes to the front door. You see your mom walking towards you, a confused look on her face. “I’m sure we can reschedule,” she says. That’s when the man pulls something out of his pocket. It’s small, black, and has a long barrel. He points it at your mom and pulls the trigger.

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You hear a muffled crack! sound, followed by a pained expression on her face. She puts a hand to her chest and then falls. You watch as a growing red stain appears on her chest, then slowly grows larger.

The man kicks the front door open and runs outside with you in his arms. You hear your mom shout “Go!” but don’t understand what she means. Then, the two of you are outside. He sets you down, and you see that the car you arrived in is still here. He opens the door to the backseat and throws you inside it. You hit the seat and feel a stinging pain in your arm. You look and see a small cut, with blood slowly running out of it. You wipe it off with your shirt and lay down in the seat.

The man gets in the front seat and starts the car. “We can’t get away,” he says. “But we can still get some things in place. We just need to be prepared.” He grabs your arm again, and the ride is silent.

Ten minutes later, you arrive at a house. It’s not the house from before. This one is smaller, doesn’t have as many trees around it, and is much closer to other houses. Not houses like the one you just left, either. These look like normal houses. He leads you inside the house and shuts the door behind him. He locks it, then turns to you. He reaches for your arm again, but you pull it back. He grabs it anyway and lifts it up. You feel a sharp pain as he slices open your arm. He presses it against the wall of the hallway, an opens a little bottle of black liquid. He pours some on your arm, creating a large black mark. With his other hand, he takes out a lighter and sets your arm alight. You scream as the flames quickly race up your arm and onto your shoulder. The man grabs you and forces you into the living room, then throws you to the floor. He takes out his phone and makes a call.

“Hello, Jake,” he says. “I have something that belongs to you. An eye for an eye, as they say.” He pauses, then continues.

“The kid’s name is (your name). He’s ten years old and should be in the fifth grade at primary school. If you want him back, you know what to do.” He hangs up. You scream as your burning skin tugs off from the muscle underneath.

“You’ll heal,” the man says. “

But the question is, will your mom?”

With that cryptic message, you pass out from the pain.

You wake up in the middle of the night, your body healed from the fire. You have no idea where you are, but it’s too dark to see anything. Then, you hear a door open somewhere. Footsteps approach you, and you feel a hand on your head…

End of preview.

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