Best Garlic Presses

The following are some of the most common questions asked by our readers:


What is the difference between a garlic press and a garlic grinder?

A garlic press is used to crush cloves into fine pieces which are then pressed or ground into flour. A garlic grinder is used to grind up whole cloves, not just crushed ones. They both work very well but they have different uses.


How do I choose the right one?

There are many types of garlic presses available today. Some are made with metal while others use plastic. All of them will produce a similar result so it’s all about what you’re looking for in your next kitchen appliance purchase. Here at BestGarlicPressES we recommend using a garlic press that is made from stainless steel, because it lasts longer and produces better results than other kinds of presses (like those made out of plastic).


Do I need to buy new garlic presses every few years?

No, you don’t. If you’re going to buy a new one, make sure it comes with a warranty and that it’s been tested regularly. You’ll want to replace the press when it starts getting dull or gets clogged with dust. A good rule of thumb is if it doesn’t produce as much juice as before, throw it away and get another one! This is very important because using a dull or broken garlic press is incredibly dangerous and can cut up your hands.


What are the best brands of garlic presses?

There are several great brands, but we prefer the ones made by OXO because they have a strong reputation for quality. We recommend buying one directly from the manufacturer’s website or specialty kitchen stores (not department stores). These presses are more expensive than others like them, but they’re well worth the money. They last an incredibly long time and they make delicious garlic paste every time.


What are the best types of presses?

The different kinds of garlic presses are all good for different reasons. If you’re looking for a gift for someone who doesn’t cook, we suggest getting them a manual press. These are great because they don’t require much strength to use and they’re easy to store in a kitchen drawer. For avid cooks, we suggest buying them an electric press. These are a little more expensive, but they save a lot of time and are incredibly efficient.

Garlic presses make cooking so much easier. You can save a lot of money by making your own garlic paste and dishes taste so much better when you use fresh ingredients. We hope you have found this guide useful and that you’ll pick up one of our recommended garlic presses. Happy cooking!

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