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Babyproofing Your Table Top

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What Are Baby Proofing The Tabletop?

The best way to prevent your baby from getting hurt when playing with other children or adults is to make sure that there are no sharp objects near them. A baby’s delicate skin may get injured if it bumps into something sharp. You need to make sure that there are no sharp objects near your child. If you don’t do anything, then your baby will definitely get hurt because of some accident.

There are many things which could cause a baby to get hurt or even killed. Some of these include:

Babies have small heads and necks and their bodies are still developing. They might not be able to avoid getting hit by sharp objects.

Some toys can be dangerous for babies like knives, scissors, broken glass etc.

You might have used baby products before and they were made out of materials which could cause harm to a baby. (Glass, plastic)

If you use any kind of crib mattress or sleep surface which contains foam material, then it would pose a danger to your baby if she gets her head stuck in the foam material.

Baby could get hurt if she puts small items like coins, small toys or even marbles into her mouth.

What Are Soft Edge & Corner Bumpers?

How To Cover Sharp Edges Of Furniture Diy?

You can use furniture edge guards and corner guards to make sure that your furniture has no sharp edges. For instance, you can put furniture edge guards on the legs of the table to prevent your kid from getting cut by sharp legs. For furniture which has a sharp corners, you can use corner guards to prevent your kids from hurting themselves if they run into the furniture. Most furniture edge and corner guards are very easy to apply and are usually made out of rubber or soft plastic. The guards are applied directly onto the sharp edges or corners of the furniture which makes them much softer and safer for your children.

What Is The Best Edge Protectors?

The best edge protectors are made out of soft and flexible materials which will not cause any kind of injury to your child. The edge protectors should be strong and durable so you can reuse them for a very long time. It is also best if the edge guards do not cause a tripping or slipping hazard when your baby is near them. You need to make sure that the material which you use is lead free and safe for your baby to touch and chew on. Look for edge guards which are the right size for the sharp corners and edges of furniture, this way you can be sure that your child will not be able to swallow them.

Best Corner Protectors For Babies

There are many different kinds of corner guards such as angle cushions, table corner protectors, door edge protectors etc. Each of these products will prevent your baby from getting hurt if they bump into doors, table corners or sharp edges on other furniture.

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The best corner guards are the ones which completely cover the sharp corners or edges so your baby will not be able to get hurt. You should also look for corner guards which are flexible and durable so you can reuse them for a long time.

How To Choose The Best Edge & Corner Guards?

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