Best French Presses

Kona French Presses are the most popular french presses among home baristas. They have been around since the early 90’s when they were first introduced in Japan. Since then they have become very popular worldwide. There are many different models of Kona french press available, but all share some common features:

They use a special type of filter that allows coffee grounds to pass through without clogging them up completely.

The grounds are heated to create steam which helps extract the flavor from the beans.

The water used is filtered so there is no sediment or other impurities in it.

There are two types of filters: one that works with hot water and another that works with cold water. Some models work both ways, but not all do. Most models only work with hot water, while others can handle either kind of brewing method (hot or cold).

The French Press is known for its ability to make your coffee taste better than any other way. It makes the extraction of flavor and aroma much easier. The main benefit of using a french press over pouring coffee into a cup is that you don’t need to worry about how much ground coffee you put in the pot because the grounds will get crushed down during brewing, making it even less messy.

The Best French Presses

There are several different types of presses from the brand KONA. Depending on what you are looking for, each one may be more or less appealing to you.

The Original KONA French Press

The original KONA French press is one of the most common models that you are going to find. It has a design that is simple but elegant and it comes in two different colors, silver and black. It has a capacity of 34 ounces so it can brew around 4 cups of coffee at a time.

It also includes a handy measuring stick so you can measure out how many cups you want to make before brewing. It also comes with a non-slip base so you can place it on the table or counter without any worries about it sliding all over the place. It also features a 3-part stainless steel filter which makes brewing easy and should last a long time.

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The KONA French Press

This model is a little different than the one listed above. It is made with slightly cheaper materials so it is a little less durable, but it is also much less expensive so you can buy several for the price of one of the original models. It has a capacity of 34 ounces and comes in the same colors as the original model, silver and black.

The great thing about this model is it still includes a non-slip base and the measuring stick so you can measure out how many cups of coffee you want to make before beginning to brew. The main downside to this model is the filter is only 2-parts so the grounds may get through if you don’t push down on them hard enough. This model is also not Made in France, it is made in Taiwan.

The Mini KONA French Press

This model is perfect for people that just want to try out using a french press and don’t want to spend too much money. It brews up to 8oz. of coffee so it is great if you don’t want to make a whole pot, just a single serving.

This model has a capacity of 8oz and comes in the same colors as the other models, silver and black. It also includes the non-slip base and measuring stick. The main problem with this model is it only has a 2-part filter so the coffee grounds may get into your final cup if you are not careful. It is also not Made in France, it is made in Taiwan.

The KONA French Press Travel Set

This is a great travel kit if you love to take your coffee on the go. It includes a mini 8oz. french press, a carrying case for the press and a bag to store the coffee that fits inside the case.

It even includes a little book that shows you how to make the best tasting coffee while you are on the go. This is perfect for campers, hikers, and anyone that just likes to travel light. Of course you can also use this at home if you would prefer.

The GSI Outdoors Glacier French Press

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If you are looking for a more traditional model, the GSI Outdoors Glacier is a great option that has been recommended by Backpacker Magazine and countless other sources. It is made out of durable glass so it is very sturdy and is not going to break easily, although it may be a little more susceptible to breaking than the stainless steel models.

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