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Best FPV Goggles Under $300: Skyzone VS Fat Shark

The main reason why most people buy cheap fpv goggles is because they are cheaper than other brands. However, there are some brands which provide better quality and performance at a lower price. There are two such brand which are skyzone and fat shark. Both of them have their own unique features and advantages over others.

So let’s see what makes these two products so good!

Skyzone VS Fat Shark Review: Features & Specifications


Fully adjustable lenses with anti-reflective coating. These lenses offer the best possible view without any visual distortion. They are made from high quality plastic and coated with anti-reflection coatings to reduce eye fatigue during long flights.

Anti-glare lens material; it reduces glare and light reflection from the screen while enhancing visibility.

Anti-scratch lens material; it helps prevent scratches and damage to the screen.

Anti-slip rubberized grip surface; it provides comfortable holding power when wearing the goggles.

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Superior materials and construction make these goggles highly durable. They will not break down even if dropped onto hard surfaces or exposed to extreme weather conditions.

These goggles come with an adjustable head strap for a comfortable fit. You can also mount them onto a helmet for extended use.

They have a wide 6:9 Aspect Ratio screen that offers a bright and distortion-free picture. The resolution is 800 x 480, which makes everything looks very crisp and detailed.

The goggles are powered by a 5V USB port (wire not included). This allows you to power it using the same charger you use for your cell phone.

These goggles come with a 3D button which allows you to switch between 2D and 3D video.


Brand Name: Skyzone

Skyzone Model: V2 5.8 FPV Goggles for RC Racing Drone

V2 5.8 FPV Goggles for RC Racing Drone Item Weight: 8 Ounces

8 Ounces Product Dimensions: 7.9 x 5.5 x 2.4 Inches

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7.9 x 5.5 x 2.4 Inches Video Format: NTSC

NTSC Resolution: 800×480

800×480 Screen size: 5.8 inches

5.8 inches Viewing Angle: 60 Degrees

60 Degrees Compatibility: 5.8 inch to 6.2 inch FPV Monitors

5.8 inch to 6.2 inch FPV Monitors Frequency: 5.8GHz

5.8GHz Control Channels: 40 Channels

40 Channels Batteries: 1 x 23A 12g Lithium (Not Included)

1 x 23A 12g Lithium (Not Included) Voltage: 3.7v

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3.7v Battery life: 60 Minutes

60 Minutes Charge time: 1.5 Hours

1.5 Hours Control Distance: up to 4000 feet

up to 4000 feet Screen Attributes: 16.7Million Colors

16.7Million Colors Material: ABS&PC

Best FPV Goggles Under $200: Buyer’s Guide

For the most part, the goggles used for fpv are very much alike. They all have two small screens inside them which give you a live video feed from the camera attached to your quad. The difference mainly comes in the form of their special features and this is where most manufacturers try to outdo each other.

One of the major differences between each pair of goggles is their compatibility with certain devices. For example, some are only compatible with iPhones while others have the capacity to work with Android phones or even WiFi enabled devices. If you already own a compatible device and you buy goggles that aren’t compatible, you’ll be forced to buy another one which is very inconvenient.

Another difference between these devices is the screen size. This may seem unimportant at a glance but it really does makes a difference when you’re flying. Some screens are smaller which means that it’ll be harder to see objects far away as they’ll be smaller and harder to spot.

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Finally, there is also the aspect of resolution to take into consideration. FPV goggles are sometimes criticized by people who use them for FPV racing because they claim that the poor resolution of the screens messes with their performance. While this may or may not be true, it is something to at least keep in mind.

5 Best FPV Goggles Comparison Chart

Product Name Screen Size Video Format Resolution Price Eachine VR D2 5 inch PAL/NTSC 800×480 $$ Fatshark Dominator V3 5 inch NTSC 640×480 $$$ Fat Shark Predator 5.8 GHz 5.8 Inch NTSC 800×480 $$$ Fat Shark Evo 5.8 GHz 5.8 Inch NTSC 800×480 $$$ Fat Shark Attitude V4 5.8 GHz 7 inch PAL/NTSC 1024×600 $$$

1. Eachine VR D2 5.8G 3D FPV Goggles

These goggles come from a relatively new company but they’ve already managed to produce a very good pair of goggles with some interesting features. While these might not be as powerful as the other devices on this list, they still get the job done and might be all you need.

These goggles come with a 5 inch screen which makes it easy to spot your target at long range. It even comes with a 3D adjustment button on the side in order to change the depth of each image. This isn’t something that is utilized in FPV flying all that much but it’s a cool feature all the same.

Another great feature is the unique design and streamlined shape. While wearing them, you really feel like an astronaut exploring a new planet or something. There are also some additional buttons which can be used to control the camera or your drone while you’re flying.

The goggles come with a built-in DVR which can be a great help in order to review your flights after you’re done. The only real downside we found was that it doesn’t come with an HDMI port so you’ll have to get one separately and connect it to the RCA cable that comes with the goggles.

PROS CONS Unique design with 3D adjustment button on side

Best FPV Goggles - Purch Marketplace Website

Long battery life

Built-in DVR Lack of HDMI port

Control buttons are hard to reach for some users

2. Fatshark Dominator V3 FPV Goggles

The next device on our list is the Dominator V3 from Fatshark. These are the updated version of the V1 and V2 goggles by Fatshark and come with a sleek design and a built-in DVR. The DVR is great because it allows for instant playback without any additional equipment or setup.

Just like the Eachine VR D2 goggles, these do not come with an HDMI port so you’ll have to get one separately in order to use it with your drone or other devices.

The one thing that sets these goggles apart from the rest of the competition is the built-in DVR. Most other goggles require additional purchases in order to achieve the same thing which can get expensive over time.

With these, you can easily record your flight and watch it back whenever you want to analyze your performance or see what happened if you crashed your drone (We’ve all been there).


Sleek design

Great image quality Lacks HDMI port

Best FPV Goggles - PurchMarketplace

Some have reported squeaking noises from the headstraps

3. Fat Shark Predator VR FPV Goggles

Up next on our list is the “Predator” from Fat Shark. These are one of the most expensive goggles on our list but they’re also the most high-tech and feature rich.

These goggles feature a built-in DVR which allows you to record and playback your flights instantly. There is also an easily accessible micro-SD card slot in case you want to record without using the DVR. The goggles come with a 8GB micro-SD so you can record about an hour or more of footage without getting a bigger card.

Another great thing is that it comes with a fully functioning HDMI port so you can directly connect your camera to the goggles. This makes it easier when trying to change settings on the camera or just in general when you’re flying.

The 80 degree Field of View along with the adjustable lenses allow you to have a great HD viewing experience. The image quality is one of the best out of any goggles we’ve tried.

These goggles are a bit more expensive than the competitors but we believe it’s worth it if you plan on using your FPV system a lot.

PROS CONS Long battery life

Great video and image quality

Best FPV Goggles - Image

HDMI port is very convenient

Built-in DVR Some have received defective units


4. Avant BV70 FPV Goggles With DVR

Next up on our list is the Avant BV70s. These are another pair of head mounted goggles with a built-in DVR. These are a rebranded version of the Fatshark Dominator V3s and have very similar features. The only difference is the design, which some may prefer over the Fatsharks.

The Avant BV70s are one of the highest rated FPV goggles on Amazon with over 1,000 positive reviews. This just goes to show that these are high quality FPV goggles that can withstand daily use without any issues.

The built-in DVR allows you to record and playback your flights instantly. It also has a working HDMI port so you can hook up your action cam or mobile device and watch whatever you want. It even comes with a controller to allow more convenient access to the menus.

You can expect to get about 6 hours of battery life on these goggles which is pretty good considering how powerful they are.

These goggles are a great all-rounder when it comes to FPV goggles. They’re fairly priced and have good features. Definitely worth checking out if you don’t want to spend over $300 on a pair of goggles.

PROS CONS Good price

Good build quality

Comes with controller

Best FPV Goggles - Purch Marketplace Website

Built-in DVR Lacks diversity (can’t change antennas)

Some OSD issues reported

5. Tecknet Headset Ultra HD FPV Goggles

The Tecknology FPV goggles come in 5th on our list, and they are one of the cheapest options on the market. They come with a head strap and an HDMI input that allows you to hook up your GoPro. You can even hook up an action cam and take pictures and record videos that you can watch in real time!

These goggles work fairly well and have a good build quality for the price. A lot of individuals have purchased these and are satisfied with them. You’re getting a good value if you purchase these goggles.

The only major issue with these goggles is that the resolution quality is poor and the goggles have a hard time adjusting to different lighting conditions (too dark or too bright). These problems get annoying when you’re using them and is the main reason they aren’t higher on the list.

These goggles are a great beginner pair if you don’t want to spend too much money. They’re cheap and they work.

PROS CONS Inexpensive

Best FPV Goggles - Purch Marketplace

Comes with HDMI cable

Good build quality Poor resolution quality

Have trouble adjusting to different lighting conditions


When it comes to ranking these goggles it was a tough choice placing them in order. Ultimately it came down to what features were better than the other.

1st Place – Fatshark Dominator V3 Goggles: The Fat Shark Dominator V3s take the number one spot for their amazing DVR ability. It’s so nice to be able to record your flights and then go back and watch them. The diversity is also a major pro as it allows you to change the direction of your antenna in order to get the best signal possible. The only downfall to these goggles is the relatively poor resolution.

2nd Place – Headplay GS205: These goggles take second place due to them being more of a “beginner” set. The price is fairly low, and they are easy to use for anyone who isn’t very technologically advanced. The only downfall is that they don’t have a DVR which can be a problem if you want to improve your flying skills.

3rd Place – Eachine VR D2: These goggles are great for the price you pay. It’s very cheap, and they do have a DVR which is great for recording your flights. The only major flaw is that the battery doesn’t last very long and you have to charge it often. This can get annoying to some users who just want to fly.

Best FPV Goggles - Purch Marketplace

4th Place – Tecknet Headset: These goggles take last place due to the fact that they have a lot of issues when it comes to the display quality. The resolution isn’t very good and it’s difficult to view in different lighting conditions.

The Competition

There were a few other choices we looked at that didn’t make the list. These either had quality issues, or just weren’t up to par compared to others.

Fat Shark/Skyzone Goggles: These goggles are the same as the Dominator V3s except without the diversity and DVR. These still would have made it onto our list if it weren’t for the DVR. The price difference isn’t really worth it when you can get the same experience without the hassle of having to record your flights.

DJI Goggles: These were on our list at first, but there were a few quality issues with them. There were complaints about the screen being green or pink. Also, there were a few bugs that needed to be worked out before we could place them onto our list. It’s a shame too because they look like they would be a lot of fun.

How We Reviewed

There are a few things we took into consideration when reviewing these FPV goggles. These are the main points that affect your video and how it is viewed on the screen.

FOV: Field Of View: This is one of the most important things when it comes to FPV goggles. The reason being is that if the FOV is too small, you will feel very closed in and it won’t be a pleasant experience at all. If the FOV is too large, then you will have a difficult time focusing on objects that are far away.

Screen Size: This one is pretty self-explanatory. If the screen is too small, you won’t be able to see things clearly. If the screen is too large, you won’t be able to use the goggles because your face will be pressed up against them.

Resolution: The last thing we took into consideration was the resolution. You want a good resolution in order to have a crisp and clear picture on the screen.

Other Factors

Best FPV Goggles - Image

There are a few other factors that you may want to consider that aren’t really important. These could include things such as the battery life, weight, design, and a few others. These factors will be different for everyone. Some people care more about design, while others may care more about price or resolution.

These factors aren’t really important when it comes down to it, since they all have similar qualities.

Price: As of this writing, the general price for a pair of goggles is around $300 to $800. We looked at the more affordable options available and you really can’t go wrong with any of them. The more expensive goggles are mainly just newer models with better tech.

Weight: Most goggles will have a pretty similar weight. They will all be under a pound.

Battery Life: This is a very important factor when it comes to goggles. Being able to fly for more than four or five minutes without having to change the battery is a huge thing. Most goggles can have their batteries changed rather quickly, but it’s always best not to have to do that in the first place.

Design: This is more or less personal preference. The design mainly pertains to the way they fit on your head and how comfortable they are while you are wearing them.

Things To Watch Out For

Now that you have an idea of what you should be looking for, here are a few things that you should watch out for when it comes to FPV goggles. You want to make sure that the goggles you are looking at aren’t broken before you buy them. Since these are technologically advanced, there is always the chance that they could have a manufacturing defect and this could lead to you receiving a broken pair.

The other thing is that you will definitely want to buy a protective storage case for your goggles when you aren’t using them. If you just throw them in your bag or wherever else you are keeping them, they could break since they are very delicate and valuable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s The Best Brand Of Goggles?

There isn’t really a “best brand” of FPV goggles. Each of the top brands are pretty comparable to one another. The main differences are going to be in their designs and features. Each brand tends to have its own loyal following, so it’s best that you read through our reviews for each pair so you can decide which one is going to work best for you.

Should I Buy Used Or New?

This is entirely up to you and your budget. If you buy used, you may be able to find a cheaper pair of goggles, but you will have no idea about their history or if they even work as they should. We don’t necessarily recommend used goggles since you can easily find a new pair for not that much more money.


We hope that our reviews and FAQ section have helped you learn everything you need to know about FPV goggles. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, a new purchase or a replacement for an old pair, we are confident that you can find the perfect goggles for your needs right here. Now that you have all the information you need, it’s up to you to take the next step and make a purchase.

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