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Bicycle folding bikes are a great way to get around town or even travel long distances without having to worry about carrying your own luggage. They’re easy to fold up and put away when not in use, which makes them ideal for short trips. You can pick one up at any bicycle shop and they’ll usually come with everything you need except the saddle. Most of these bicycles will cost less than $100, but some are more expensive. If you want something that’s a little more stylish, then you might consider buying a high-end folding bike like the Trek Madone.

The most popular type of bicycle for commuting is probably the two-wheeler. These bikes have front and rear wheels so they can both turn easily over rough terrain and uneven ground. There are many different types of bicycles available today, from those designed specifically for city riding to ones that are better suited to getting around town on foot or by bus.

Folding bikes are another popular choice among commuters because they’re small enough to carry into work and back home again. Many people prefer folding bikes because they don’t require much maintenance since they’re made out of plastic rather than metal. Some of these models can be quite heavy though, so it’s always good to check the weight before deciding if a particular model is right for you.

If you’re going to be making a lot of stops on your commute, then an electric bike might be the right choice. These bikes have small motors that give you extra power when you’re pedaling, which means you can ride faster and further with less effort. Of course these e-bikes can cost more than $1,000, which is enough to put many people off, but they do eliminate a lot of problems.

Nowadays most commuters will be riding bicycles rather than motorcycles, although there are still some people who prefer to ride the latter. Many people have experienced problems, however, especially when they don’t wear the right protective gear. In theory a motorcycle should be easier to ride than a bicycle, but that isn’t necessarily true.

If you’re looking for a fun way to commute that doesn’t require you to change in to cycling gear, then a folding bike might be the right choice. They’re small enough to carry on public transport and most of them are light enough for one person to carry when necessary. In terms of cost, they can be more or less expensive than standard bicycles, so it just depends what you’re looking for.



The Dahon Mariner D8 is a lightweight folding bike that’s designed to be as easy to carry as possible. It has 16-inch alloy wheels, which makes it a lot easier to ride and gives you more control than you would get from smaller wheels. It is also quite compact when it is folded, which makes it easy to carry around when you aren’t using it.

The Mariner D8 is made from high quality materials and it has been manufactured to a high standard. The bike features air-filled rubber rims, which gives a comfortable ride and also increases the life of the tires. Being air filled also means that you can precisely control the pressure to suit your weight so the ride feels as smooth as possible.

The Mariner D8 has a lightweight frame that is made from aluminum. This gives the bike a high strength to weight ratio, which means it is both strong and easy to carry when compared to other materials. Having a folding bike means you need to be able to fit it in to the boot of your car or public transport, which is why the Mariner D8 has been designed to be small when folded. It has a small profile when folded so it is easy to store and transport.

The Mariner D8 has been designed with convenience in mind. The bike can be easily unfolded and refolded in a few simple steps so anyone can do it within a few minutes without any tools. However, you do need to learn how to do it correctly to avoid damaging the bike or hurting yourself. It is also quick to adjust so you can fit it to your size. When riding you will find the Mariner D8 a pleasure as it is designed to be as comfortable as possible.

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It has a sprung saddle and Selle Royal seat post so your ride will be smooth and enjoyable even on longer journeys.

The Mariner D8 has a fairly upright riding position, which helps to reduce the strain on your back and other parts of your body. It also has a chainguard to prevent your clothes getting caught in the chain and adding to the risk of injury. Apart from these features it is a fairly standard bike that offers decent performance and handling. It is quite versatile and is suitable for many different types of riding, whether it is commuting, fun or fitness.

The Mariner D8 is one of the best folding bikes you can buy and one of the most popular models ever produced by Dahon. It is designed to be convenient and lightweight so it is ideal for taking on public transport or carrying up stairs. It is made from high quality materials and built to a high standard for years of reliable service.


The Montague Paratrooper is an old-school folding bike that has been around for many years. It has a very traditional appearance and doesn’t have the modern sleek look of some other models. It has been given a military-themed name to reinforce this classic look. It is designed to be as lightweight as possible without compromising strength and stability so it is heavier than modern lightweight bikes, but much lighter than a non-folding bike.

The Paratrooper features a high tensile strength steel frame withcro-moly forks for extra stiffness and strength. A high tensile strength steel fork would be too heavy and less rigid for a bike of this size and price, so the steel forks are ideal. They also have a much nicer feel than the stiffer carbon fiber forks common on more expensive bikes.

The wheels on the Paratrooper are also made from high tensile steel. They are double-walled for extra strength and feature an eyelet on the inner edge for a retro-look. This is a nice detail that not only looks good but also adds strength and security.

The Paratrooper features linear pull brakes. These use a stiff wire connected to the brake lever and a cam on the hub to evenly pull the brake pads against the wheel. They provide more reliable braking performance than conventional brakes and are relatively maintenance-free.

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The Paratrooper uses no suspension on the front forks or rear swingarm. This saves on costs and weight but does put more strain on your body when riding over rough surfaces.

Overall the Montague Paratrooper is a good, durable and reliable bike that could last you many years. It isn’t the lightest bike available, but it does have all steel parts where it matters and is built to last. It is suitable for short trips to the store or long excursions across the country.

Price: $615.00


All steel frame and forks for durability, strength and responsiveness

Sturdy wheels with double wall rims and eyelets

Lightweight at only 34lbs (15.4kgs)

Linear pull brakes for reliable stopping power

Lighter and more durable than a caliper brake

Low cost, affordable to most riders

Meets all international standards and regulations for bikes

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No rear shock absorbers

Can be a bit uncomfortable over long distances or on rough terrain

All steel frame is slightly heavier than comparative aluminum frames

Not as light and responsive as some other folding bikes

Chain can come off the track if not adjusted or maintained properly

Front wheel can come loose if not tightened properly


The Schwinn Loop is an old-school style folding bike that first came out in the late 90s. It has a very simple and classic design that is guaranteed to never go out of style. It combines the popular road bike style with a folding frame and fork that can be easily reduced in size for easy storage.

The Loop is made from high tensile steel throughout the frame and fork. This ensures that it is both durable and lightweight so it is easy to transport when folded.

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