Best Flushable Cat Litters

Flushable Cat Litter Brands: Which Is Better?

The question which is most important to ask yourself is which brand do I prefer?

There are two main types of cat litter. One type is made from natural materials like clay or sawdust while another type of cat litter comes from animal products such as feathers, hair, bones, etc. When it comes to choosing the right kind of cat litter, there are many factors to consider. Some of these include cost, odor, durability, and other features.

Cat Litter Types

There are two major categories of cat litter available today. They are either naturally produced or man-made.

Natural cat litter is made from plants or animals and it contains no chemicals. Man-made cat litter includes all kinds of synthetic ingredients such as silica gel, urea (a chemical used in making fertilizer), activated carbon (used to make concrete), and more.

Natural Cat Litter vs. Synthetic Cat Litter

Some cats don’t like the smell of cat litter. Others may not want to eat certain foods because they contain ingredients derived from animal parts.

Cats will also react differently to different types of cat litter. For example, some cats won’t even tolerate the taste of wood shavings or paper products made with tree bark. Owners often have strong feelings for or against using natural cat litter over synthetic cat litter. If you talk to ten different people, you may get ten different answers about which one is better.

Natural Cat Litter

Naturally produced cat litter has been around since cat owners started scooping their pet’s waste out of the ground. Since the beginning, people found that the cheapest and most readily available materials were the most popular ones to use.

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This meant that all kinds of plants and grains were used to create cat litter. For example, wheat, rice, and even sand were commonly used in homes and public toilets for decades. Clay has also been popular since ancient times. Owners would crush it up into smaller clumps and spread it around the house for easy clean up.

More modern approaches to natural cat litter include using materials such as sawdust, wood pulp, and even paper products. The cheapest and most popular kinds of natural cat litter are made with wood pulp or similar materials.

Owners with larger cats often prefer to use these since they can be a little safer than using sand, for example.

Synthetic Cat Litter

Man-made cat litter is a relatively new invention which has only recently become popular. Most of these types of litter were pioneered within the last few decades.

The first types of man-made cat litter were made from silica gels. These were popular for their moisture-absorbing capabilities and resistance to odor. The problem was that many cats wouldn’t use these litters because they didn’t like how they felt on their feet. In addition, these litters would often clump when they absorbed too much liquid. When this happened, the litter could not be used anymore and had to be thrown away altogether.

The modern man-made litters are made from unique types of clay that have been chemically altered. Unlike other types of litter, these do not usually clump.

These litters also often contain deodorizing powders to keep the smell down. Many of these types of litter also have an additive that makes them stick to the bottom of the litter box. This ensures that the litter remains in the box and does not get stuck to the bottom of your cat’s paws.

Most of these kinds of litter are made from plants, which makes it easier on the environment. Instead of cutting down trees for paper, manufacturers can instead use wood pulp to make these litters.

These days, most cat litters are a combination of natural and man-made materials. Owners often buy these types of litter since they combine the best qualities of both types.

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