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The best flat benches are those which have no arms or legs attached to them. They are called ‘flat’ because they do not extend out from their base like most other types of benches.

The only thing that makes these benches different from others is the fact that they don’t protrude at all when fully extended.

These benches are very popular among gym goers due to their low price tag. These benches are usually made of metal and come in various sizes ranging from small (under $50) up to large (over $200).

There are two main types of flat benches:

1. The Titan Flat Bench – This type of bench is built with a solid piece of steel that extends from its base to just above the top edge of the bench.

The height at which it reaches its maximum extension depends upon how much weight you want to lift off your chest. If you’re looking for something simple and cheap, then this is probably what you need!

2. The Roman Chair – If you’re looking for something simplistic, then the Roman chair might be for you.


Similar to the titan flat bench, it has no arms or legs, but it comes with a back and two vertical handles that allow you to do different types of exercises.

Check out the example pictures below to get a better idea of what the roman chairs look like.

There are a couple different types of roman chairs that you can buy. The main difference between the different types is the width of the back support as well as the height of the vertical handles.

These small differences can make all the difference for some individuals.

The first type is the basic roman chair. It features a metal back support that comes down from the top of the seat to just above your shoulder blades at the middle of your back.

From there, two vertical metal bars extend upward to around chin level. One thing to keep in mind is that the back support comes up high enough to offer back support but short enough to still allow you to do pullovers without your head hitting the top of the seat.

The second type is the adjustable roman chair. It is exactly like the basic roman chair except that it has a knob and bolt system on both vertical handles that allows you to adjust their height.

This type is great for people who are of smaller stature because they can place the handles closer to their body than taller people. Also, even tall people can benefit from this seat because it allows them to place the handles at their optimal height for performing exercises.

The third type is the half-roman chair. It resembles a flat bench with vertical metal bars that extend upward from the seat only halfway up your chest.

It doesn’t offer the back support that the first two types offer. Instead, you can rest your arms and elbows on the seat surface when performing pullovers or any other movement that causes your arms to dangle in the air. The half-roman chair is preferred by some people because it allows for a greater range of motion on certain exercises.

Some people don’t realize this, but some commercial gyms have taken away their roman chairs and replaced them with flat benches. While this makes the benches more useful for bench presses, it removes all back support.

If you’re a person with a weak back, you may want to take this into consideration before joining a gym. Many people who have chronic back problems find that roman chairs allow them to continue working out despite their condition. Some might say that this is because roman chairs were designed for professional strongmen and not regular citizens. Others might say that this equipment was designed mainly for people who lift very heavy weights.

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You can easily make your own roman chair by placing a flat bench in the corner of a room and then anchoring the far end of it to a wall or into the floor. This allows you to extend the bench away from the wall if you need to.

This type of setup doesn’t offer the lumbar support that a regular roman chair does, but it does provide back support for most exercises.

If you get a roman chair, you’ll need to know how to position your body on it properly for the exercise you’re doing. The instructions that come with the chair will provide diagrams for each exercise and suggestions on proper form.

As with the bench and squat stands, you can also perform many of the same exercises that you would with free weights.

You might find it useful to get a small exercise sheet or notebook to keep track of the different exercises you perform on your new equipment. Most importantly, you’ll want to record the weight amounts that you use for each exercise so that you’ll be able to increase the amount properly from one workout to the next.

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