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The first thing you need to do is to make sure that your alcohol supply is good enough. You will need to have at least one bottle of alcohol available for every person that you are going to drink from. If not, then it would be better if you had some extra bottles or cans of beer. Alcohol is the most popular way of getting drunk, but there are other ways too such as taking drugs like cocaine and ecstasy which may cause severe health problems and even death.

If you are planning to use any kind of illegal substances, then you must remember that they can potentially put your life in danger. Also, it is always advisable to get medical advice before doing anything so that you don’t end up with a drug overdose.

As far as what type of alcohol to buy, there are two main types: grain alcohol and spirits. Grain alcohol is distilled from grains such as corn or rice while spirit comes from fermented beverages such as wine or beer.

There are different kinds of alcohol available in the market. Some of them are stronger than others. For example, vodka is considered to be the strongest alcoholic beverage in the world and it contains only 0.5% alcohol content. On the other hand, bourbon whiskey is a milder drink containing around 1%.

It’s important to note that grain alcohol tends to be cheaper than spirit because it requires less processing and therefore costs less money per litre of product. That being said, it’s a good idea to stick with grain alcohol because in general, drinkable alcohol has higher alcoholic content than pure grain alcohol.

It’s also important to consider that drinking on an empty stomach is not a good idea. Your body needs food before you start drinking because the alcohol will enter your blood stream quicker and in larger quantities.

This means that your judgment will be severely impaired and you’ll be at a high risk of getting into trouble or even suffering an alcohol overdose. When choosing your drink, remember that red wine contains some antioxidants and has a mild effect on the human body. For those who want to keep their weight in check, vodka and soda is a good choice because it’s calorie free but don’t forget to limit yourself to one or two.

While there are many benefits to drinking alcohol, there are also some downsides such as drunken behavior and health issues. It’s important to make sure that you’re in a safe environment and with people you trust before you get started on drinking.

It’s also very common for people to become addicted to alcohol, so it’s important to remember to drink in moderation. Always remember that your health comes first and if you think that there’s a problem, then you must see a doctor as soon as possible.

Always keep these things in mind and enjoy the wonderful effects of alcohol!

Drinking alcohol is a popular recreational activity that many people engage in. Alcohol provides a temporary feeling of euphoria and happiness as well as lowers one’s anxiety.

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Drinking is also a social activity in which one participates with friends, significant others and even co-workers.

There are many different types of alcohol to choose from and they all have different effects on the human body as well as the mind. Keep in mind that while some people are unable to handle their alcohol, on the other hand there are some individuals who can hold their alcohol quite well.

In order to have a fun and safe drinking experience it’s important to know your limits as well as how to behave around alcohol. Always keep in mind that alcohol poisoning and alcoholism are serious problems that can have long-lasting consequences if not dealt with.

Of course if you don’t like alcohol, there are other options. Cannabis is one of the most popular recreational drugs in the world and it’s used by many for its intoxicating effects.

Keep in mind that legalization of cannabis doesn’t necessarily mean it’s easy to acquire as it is still regulated by local, state and federal laws.

Cannabis comes in several forms such as hashish, bhang, oil, cocaine and of course the most popular marijuana. Each type of cannabis tends to have a different effect on the mind and each has its own level of acceptance in today’s society.

For centuries people have used cannabis for its medicinal purposes. Hemp has been used widely because of its fibrous nature in many products.

However, its medicinal benefits have been known for quite some time and created a reputation that has transcended into modern day consumption.

Cannabis tends to cause the user to feel peaceful and relaxed. It also decreases one’s anxiety and reduces nausea.

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Medicinal cannabis is often used in the treatment of cancer, AIDS, epilepsy and many other serious medical ailments. Many people use cannabis for its relaxing effects on the body as well as lowering their stress levels.

It’s important that you keep in mind the laws and regulations regarding cannabis in your area as well as the consequences that may come along with violating such laws. Of course different methods of consumption tend to have different effects on the body.

For those who don’t like smoking, consuming cannabis tends to lead into eating it. There are several ways to do this such as making cakes, brownies and cookies or simply just mixing the cannabis with food and eating it.

This tends to take longer to take effect but the effects tend to last much longer as well.

If neither of these methods work for you, there is always a vaporizer. A vaporizer heats up the cannabis just enough to emit inhalable vapors but not enough to light it on fire.

This means that none of the chemicals normally released when something burns are released and instead only the active ingredients are released resulting in safer inhalation.

While alcohol and cannabis are the most widely used drugs around the world, there are others that are popular as well. One of these is a drug that has been abused for centuries and goes by the name of cocaine.

There are many different ways to consume cocaine including powder, crack and solid crystals. As far as powders go, it comes in three colors; white, snow and salt.

It is normally either snorted, which the powder is absorbed into the blood through the mucous membranes or ingested where it’s absorbed through the stomach.

Cocaine gives an intense high that causes increased energy and a general sense of wellbeing. It also creates serious mental side effects such as paranoia and hallucinations.

Regular users experience severe dental problems and skin lesions as well as an inability to experience pleasure from anything without using the drug.

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Crack is processed cocaine that has been converted to a base form. The base is mixed with an ingredient that allows it to be molded into chunks for smoking.

It also produces an instant but shorter-lasting high.

Snorting cocaine tends to have less of an effect on the body than the other methods of ingestion, but all methods have their dangers and risks.

There are many other drugs available on the market and even more being created every day. It’s important to remember that any drug can be addictive and harmful no matter what the drug is or how it’s consumed.

This is why it’s so very important to remember to stay clear of any drug use.

Drugs are not only dangerous, but can get you into a lot of trouble with the law as well. Even the most harmless looking drugs can have severe consequences down the road.

As a rule of thumb; if you can’t buy it over the counter at your local pharmacy then odds are it’s probably not a good idea for you to take it.

A wise man once said, “All things in moderation.” This is especially true when it comes to drugs and alcohol.

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The best way to live a long and happy life is to avoid these types of substances altogether.

If you find yourself tempted by a particular substance, just ask yourself, “Will this enhance my life in any way?”

If the answer is no, then you probably don’t need to be taking it.

So remember, just say NO to drugs.

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Click Bait (Pt. 2)

You’d think that after getting your entire high school destroyed by a bunch of rampaging satyrs that you’d learn your lesson about goats, but here we are again.

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You’re in a club called the “Bone-Yard” and it’s filled with nothing but goats. Not like regular goats, these are obnoxious, pot smoking, loudmouth idiots who think they’re cool.

As you look around at all the idiotic grinning faces you begin to wonder why you never hung out with goats like this when you were younger. This is just a better version of your high school years.

You laugh at the thought.

What’s so funny?”

Meliodas asks.

“Nothing…” you reply.

“It better be.”

The night carries on as you go from table to table, drinking drink and then moving on. A couple of hours later you stumble into a corridor where you find a couple rutting like animals against a wall.

You recognise them as the lead singer of “The Leeches” and a girl who was dancing near the stage.

“Is that…?” Elios begins to say before you shut him up quickly.

“Shh!” you say.


You look on in amazement as you see Fay fumbling with the man’s belt. He pushes her against the wall and thanks to his incredible drunken strength, he manages to keep balance and not crush her under his weight.

After a bit of struggling, he manages to free himself and enters her with one swift thrust.

“Ah…” Fay lets out a moan.

You watch, not really knowing what to do. Elios looks equally as confused.

You hear a rustling in the bushes to your right and you see a group of people watching. Apparently, this is a much better show than the one you paid to see. The man starts thrusting rapidly and you see Fay’s eyes beginning to shimmer as water forms along the edges. She desperately tries holding back her tears.

“Ah! Ah!

Ah!” Fay lets out louder moans.

The man continues his relentless assault and proceeds to put his hands around her throat.

“Choke on my man meat, Bitch!” the man orders.

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You’re pretty sure that’s not how any of this works, but she does as he says anyway. Her eyes begin to glass over and her tongue hangs out.

You look behind and see a few men eagerly watching. One of them is stroking his erect member through his pants, while the other simply watches with interest.

Elios looks on in horror as he sees a line of ants trailing from the bush the couple is in, over the man’s head and towards Fay’s mouth.


get…” Elios tries to say before you shut him up again.

Her body goes limp and her eyes close as she begins to lose consciousness. You notice one of the ants crawling on her cheek and her tongue moving towards it as she begins to breathe through her mouth.

You pull out your sword pommel and send it crashing into her skull.


whaaaa…?!” the man says in confusion as his thrusts begin to slow.

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“Fay!” you shout.

“Get off him!”

The sound seems to wake her up as she pushes the man aside and lets out a sob. She quickly pulls up her trousers and begins running back to the stage.

The man looks behind and sees you, holding your pommel.

“Come on, we’ve got monsters to kill!” you shout as you run past the dumbfounded man.

You quickly follow Fay as she runs back to the stage, passing by dozens of people having public orgies and couples having violent public romps.

“There they are!” you hear a voice shout.

“Kill the evil monsters!”

You quickly scan your surroundings for the source of the voice and see a group of six armed men heading your way. They must have been part of the crowd that surrounded you, but broke off to ambush you in the back.

You look behind and realize that you’ve wandered deep into the backstage area, with rows of stacked hay bales separating you from the rest of the festival goers. You turn back and see that the group of men are almost upon you, so you do the only thing you can.


“Elios, grab my hand!” you shout, stretching your arm out as you run past him.

He reaches out and you grab his wrist, yanking him beside you. You have a firm grasp on his wrist and decide to keep pulling, dragging him behind you as you run towards the hay bales.

Elios quickly figures out what you’re doing and begins running on his own, keeping up with you.

The men with the weapons draw closer and you both speed up. You’re almost to the hay bales when you feel a tug on your wrist.

Looking back, you see that Elios’ ankle is tangled in an old piece of rope. He falls and tumbles forward, causing you to trip and fall as well.

You hear laughter from the men as they approach.

“I told you we should’ve gotten them when we had the chance!” one of them laughs.

You roll over and see the men walking towards you, their weapons drawn. Elios begins to get up, but his foot is still caught in the rope.

You reach for your sword, but realize it’s still back in the hands of the man you stole it from. Looking around, you see a wooden broom nearby and resolve to grab it instead.

You swing it at the nearest man, striking him in the side of the knee and staggering him. The others quickly close in on you though, so you swing again.

This time you connect with a man’s arm and he drops his weapon. As he grabs his wounded arm, you swing again and knock another man’s foot out from under him. He falls to the ground and the others stop their approach.

“Alright, the little fool has some courage,” one of them says, dropping his weapon and pulling a dagger from his belt. “Let’s see if he’s got some smarts.”

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The man with the dagger approaches slowly as the others move back to give you some space.

“Come on, let’s see that fancy footwork,” he says.

You wait patiently for him to make his move. He feints high and punches low, you lift the broom to deflect the blow and jab him hard in the ribs.

You jab again, but he deflects the blow and grabs the broom, wrenching it from your grasp. Using the momentum, he swings and knocks you to the ground.

He drops the broom and raises his dagger.

He straddles you and looms over you, brandishing his dagger in your face. You stare up at him as he grins sadistically.

“I’ve enjoyed watching you dance, but the party’s over,” he says, and stabs you in the throat.

You die instantly.

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