Best Firefighter Exam Prep Books

Best Firefighter Exam Prep Books: Which Book Should You Buy?

There are many firefighting books available online. There are so many firefighting books available online that it’s hard to choose one.

So, which book should you buy? How much money do you need to spend on buying best fireman exam prep book?

The answer is very expensive! If you want to learn how to pass the firefighter exam then there is no better choice than the best fireman exam prep book.

The best fireman exam prep book is not cheap. However, if you have enough money, then the cost will be worth it. The best fireman exam prep book costs around $200-$300 dollars.

That’s why most people think that the best fireman exam prep book is only for rich people or those with lots of money. But, that’s just not true! You don’t need to spend a fortune to get good at your job!

You can get good at your job without spending a fortune. All you need is some time and effort. The best fireman exam prep book will teach you everything you need to know about passing the firefighter exam.

Firefighter Exam Preparation Books – What Are They Good For?

There are several types of firemen’s exams that they take place all over the world. The exams are designed to test the skills and knowledge of possible Firefighter. There are basically two types of exams, one is written and the other is physical.

The first one requires writing skills while the second one tests stamina, strength and ability to follow orders. The candidate is tested on various areas such as mathematics, reading comprehension and logic.

Usually, the candidate is required to be in top physical condition in order to take the physical test. There is no defined pattern for the exam, it differs from place to place. However, most of the firefighting exams consist of these parts:

A written test that usually lasts for an hour. This portion consists of questions related to mathematics, reading comprehension and logic problems.

An obstacle course that tests the physical abilities of a candidate. The candidate has to drag a hose line across the course, climb up stairs while carrying an air tank and more.

Fitness Test: The candidate has to do a series of exercises like running, sit-ups, push-ups and sprinting. The entire process usually lasts for around two hours.

Firefighting exams differ from place to place and it is changed by the administration of the fire department as well. Some firefighting exams might not include an obstacle course. It all depends on the preference of the hiring manager of the department.

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