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Best Heavy Duty Paper Shredder

The Best Heavy Duty Paper Shredder is one of the most powerful paper shredders available. It is capable of shredding up to 1000 sheets per minute with ease. You will not have any problems using it. If you are looking for a good paper shredder, then look no further than the Best Heavy Duty Paper Shredder.


Powerful – Up to 1000 sheets/min.

Easy to Use – No special tools required. Just turn the handle and start shredding!

Compact Size – Can fit into tight spaces such as closets or under desks.

Sturdy Construction – Made from high quality materials.

Safe – Shreds paper into tiny pieces (5/32″ x 5/16″) that are difficult to reassemble.

Made in America – Designed and Manufactured in California.

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Warranty – One year limited warranty.

The Best Heavy Duty Paper Shredder is one of the best paper shredders on the market. It is ideal for home and office use. It is powerful enough to shred any document you need.

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The Best Heavy Duty Paper Shredder is one of the most popular and powerful paper shredders available. It has a powerful motor that easily shreds through all of your documents. It can shred up to 16-sheets of paper at once, so you won’t have to worry about slowing down while you shred large amounts of paperwork. It is also very easy to use.

All you have to do is turn the handle, and it will start shredding instantly. It’s compact size makes it perfect for any home or office.

Do not settle for a low quality paper shredder. The Best Heavy Duty Paper Shredder offers the best quality you can get in a paper shredder. It’s powerful motor and sharp cutting blades will easily cut through any type of paper. It is ideal for personal or office use.

Stop wasting time with cheap paper shredders and browse our website for the Best Heavy Duty Paper Shredder today!

Other Types of Paper Shredders

Before you buy a paper shredder, you should familiarize yourself with the different types that are available on the market. Once you know what each type has to offer, it will be much easier to find the perfect paper shredder for your needs.

There are two main types of paper shredders. They are strip cut and cross cut. Each one has their own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s compare these two different types so you can see which one will work best for you.

Strip Cut Paper Shredders

Strip cut paper shredders are the first type of shredders that were ever invented. They were the original shredders. In fact, if you ever see a movie where someone is putting paper documents in a garbage can and putting it through a shredder, it is most likely a strip cut shredder.

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With these types of shredders, the blades are under stress, so it will cut thin strips across the width of the paper. The strips range in size from a few millimeters up to a centimeter. These are not the most secure, but they can be good enough for certain documents. It all depends on the level of security that you need.

Cross Cut Paper Shredders

The more popular type of shredder is the cross cut shredder. In fact, cross cut shredders are sometimes called security shredders or data shredders. These are high quality shredders that help to get rid of your documents for good.

These use sharp blades that rotate in a way that will cut the paper vertically and horizontally. The cuts will be all over the paper, so putting it back together is not possible with this type of shredder. In fact, these are the type that you will see in movies where someone is shredding papers and pieces are flying all around them.

Strip Cut Paper Shredders

Strip Cut Paper Shredder are simple to use and very affordable, making them a great choice for any home or small office. They are also very easy to maintain without the need for special tools. Since there are two blades instead of one, you will find that these types of shredders can also do credit cards and disks.

However, they do not provide as much security as cross cut paper shredders. If you are looking to protect sensitive documents and information, a strip cut paper shredder is not going to be good enough.

Cross Cut Paper Shredders

If you are looking for better security, then you will need to get a cross cut paper shredder. These are also known as security shredders and will do a much better job of getting rid of your personal or sensitive documents.

These are more expensive and can be difficult to find. However, your local office supply store should have some available for sale. Before you buy one, make sure that it is easy to use and will fit in the space you have available.

You can also rent these from local office supply stores. This can be a great idea if you only need to shred a few documents every once in awhile.

Make sure that the model you get comes with a container to collect the shredded paper. Some models will require you to manually collect the pieces, which can be a pain to do. With a container, all you have to do is tip it up and the pieces will fall out when you are done.

Battery or Electric?

Some shredders will come with a rechargeable battery. These can be a great idea if you want to take the shredder with you when you are travelling. You can just bring the battery and leave the charging unit at home. If your travels only consist of around the house, then there is no need to get a battery operated model.

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Electric models are more common and easier to find. They are also more powerful and will usually come with a heavy duty motor for better paper shredding.

Paper Clutch

Just like with your home printers, you may need to change the paper in your shredder from time to time. Most of the cheaper models will require you to manually do this. More expensive models will have a paper clutch that does this for you.

With this model, all you have to do is lift the lever and the paper will be pulled in. When you are done, just lower the lever and it will tightly hold the paper in place for easy shredding. This can be a great feature if you have to shred a lot of paper.

Safety Features

Most paper shredders come with a variety of safety features. Most of these are not necessary, but they can make the shredding process safer for you. Some models will shut themselves off after a certain amount of time. Others will stop working if they get too hot.

The most important safety feature is the one that keeps your little guys from putting their hands on the paper shredder. Paper shredders can cause some very nasty cuts and injuries to those who don’t know any better. Keep your paper shredder high up and out of the reach of children at all times.

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