Best Eye Gel Pads

Best Eye Gels Pad

The Best Eye Gels Pad is one of the most popular products among Korean women. It is used to prevent the eyes from getting irritated by bright light or even just by wearing contacts.

Some brands like Mizon and Etude House are known for their excellent eye gels pads. However, there are many other companies making these products including some small businesses that produce them at home. These types of products are not cheap but they do provide good protection against irritation.

What Are Eye Gels?

Eye gels are a type of moisturizer that contains ingredients such as glycerin, propylene glycol, and alcohol. They have been available since the 1950’s and were originally developed for use in medical devices. There are two main kinds: water based and oil based. Oil based gels are typically used for dry skin while water based gels are suitable for normal and oily skin.

Water Based Eye Gels

These are the most common type of eye gels. They contain only water and no other ingredients.

Water-based eye gels tend to be thicker than the others because they must be thick enough to keep moisture in the eyes without causing a film over them. These types of eye gels are especially good for people with very dry skin.

Oil Based Eye Gels

Oil based eye gels are usually a lot thicker than water based gels because they contain no water. They are heavier and oilier than water based eye gels.

People with very oily skin types should avoid using these eye gels. They are not recommended for use by people with large pores or those who have acne prone skin types.

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Eye patches have a lot of benefits over regular eye creams. First and foremost they can be worn while you sleep so that the active ingredients have plenty of time to be absorbed into your skin.

Eye creams are applied for a few minutes before you go to bed but the ingredients cannot be absorbed as quickly or as effectively. Eye patches can also help to soothe skin that is irritated because they provide a protective barrier between the skin and the air.

What Are Eye Patches Made Of?

There are two types of eye patches: fabric patches and hydrogel patches. Fabric patches feel smooth on the skin but they do not always adhere well to the under eye area. Hydrogel patches adhere much better but can feel sticky on the skin. When choosing an eye patch you should decide which is most important to you, comfort or adhesion.

Fabric Eye Patches

Fabric eye patches are made from materials such as nylon or cotton. They are very smooth and soft on the skin but they do not always stick very well so it is difficult to get the maximum results.

These types of patches can be used several times if you stick them to themselves instead of your skin.

Hydrogel Eye Patches

Hydrogel eye patches are made from a jelly-like material and contain about 90% water. They adhere very well to the skin and some even have a cooling effect when applied to the eyes.

The downside to hydrogel patches is that they can feel sticky on your skin so many people prefer fabric patches.

How To Use Eye Patches Correctly

Best Eye Gel Pads - Purch Marketplace

Eye patches should be applied to clean skin and can be worn to bed. If you have very dry skin you should not wear the same patch for more than a day because your skin may become acclimated to the ingredients and the results will not be as effective.

Use a fresh patch every 24 hours. After applying the patch, wait about 30 minutes before going to bed so that the skin can fully absorb the active ingredients.

Eye patches can be worn several times if you keep them clean. Simply rinse with water to remove all of the old ingredients and then let them dry thoroughly before applying a fresh application of the ingredients.

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