Best Executive Office Chairs

The Best Executive Office Chair: A Brief History of the Concept

In the beginning there was a chair. The first chairs were simple wooden stools with no arms or legs, but they did have two wheels at their center which made them easy to move around.

These early chairs had only one seat, so it was very uncomfortable if you wanted to sit down on your own while sitting on another person’s lap.

It took some time before someone came up with the idea of having a second seat, which would allow you to sit on your own without worrying about bumping into anyone else. However, this solution still didn’t solve the problem of discomfort because you still couldn’t fully relax when sitting on other people’s laps.

Eventually someone figured out how to make a chair that could fold flat like a suitcase and fit inside your desk drawer. This folding chair became known as the “office chair.”

As offices got bigger and desks got larger, the need for more seating space increased. So people started making chairs that could accommodate multiple people comfortably.

They called these chairs “executive” chairs since they were designed to meet the needs of executives, lawyers, doctors, accountants…you name it! Some executive chairs are designed specifically for business meetings; others are better suited for leisure activities such as watching TV or playing video games.

Of course, just because a chair can accommodate multiple people doesn’t mean that everyone has to sit in it at the same time. In fact, the capacity of some office chairs is so great that entire classes can fill them up, yet hardly anyone is actually sitting in them at any given time.

This inspired some manufacturers to start making less traditional office furniture such as couches, bean bags, and massage chairs.

Some people say that we spend more time sitting in our chairs than we do sleeping in our beds. It only makes sense that we take the time to find the chair that’s right for us!

What Makes A Chair Executive?

Do you have a big title but little authority, and find yourself managing a group of subordinates who manage their own subordinates, etc? Are your annual performance reviews mostly congratulatory with no real incentive to improve? Do you mostly interact with people above you rather than at your level?

If so, congratulations: you qualify for an executive chair!

Of course, just because you qualify doesn’t mean that you have to buy one. Regular office chairs are perfectly fine if your budget is tight or you don’t spend much time sitting in your office.

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But there’s a certain appeal to sitting behind a big leather chair with a smooth rolling desk chair at your beck and call. It says “I’m important.” It says “People respect me.” It even says “I make more money than you.”

Although the term “executive chair” has become something of a misnomer in recent years due to a general loss of respect for corporate fat cats (or possibly because they started making these chairs for the lower ranks as well), there’s no denying that at one time they were designed specifically for people in charge.

Do you have a leather headrest?

Then you’re already set.

Do you have a leather headrest and an adjustable back?

That’s even better.

Perhaps you really want to soak up that executive luxury: why not get both?

You could be the boss of your own personal recliner and desk chair duo. With the invention of the “Lazy-Boy,” many bosses started ousting their old standard office chairs in favor of these luxurious leather recliners.

It really says you’ve “arrived” when you replace a group of chairs that could seat six people with one chair that only fits one, but hey, why sit with the common folk when you can’t?

Of course there’s always the question of who’s going to move all your stuff for you and whether or not you’re actually going to be able to haul your 250 pound leather throne up multiple flights of stairs. Some of these chairs even weigh as much as an adult human. In fact, the word “chair” doesn’t do these behemoths justice. Some manufacturers have taken to calling them “executive loungers” or even just “living room furniture”.

Fortunately, oversized rolling office chairs have improved by leaps and bounds since their invention, so you probably won’t get winded trying to push yourself around your own office. If you really want to cut down on the effort, you might want to get a model with electric wheels, or even better: built-in leg rests that pop out at the touch of a button (though these can be temperamental).

But before you go spending all your money, remember that this is just for show. Nobody actually expects you to sit in this thing for more than a few minutes at a time.

Are You A ‘Big’ Person?

Have you ever thought about the term “Big Man on Campus”?

It’s a term used to refer to high school and college students who are really popular and well liked by the general student population. You could probably think of a few big people in your own life that fit the bill: popular teachers, well-respected athletes, maybe even a student council representative.

Do you have any idea why these people are respected or even idolized by their peers?

Tall people.

Research has shown that taller people tend to be more successful in life in general. Granted, this is just in reference to your physical stature and doesn’t account for the complete and total moron who just so happens to be seven feet tall.

However, the taller you are, the more likely you are to be considered in a positive light by others. Granted, this isn’t going to guarantee you anything in life, but it certainly can’t hurt.

But what if you’re not a “Big” person?

Don’t worry, you have options! There are a few ways you can go about faking it. The easiest is to wear shoes with small elevators in the heel. Most people won’t notice the difference unless you’re standing directly next to them (and not on a basketball court). The only problem with this approach is people may start thinking you’re “funny” or “odd” if they notice you wearing elevator shoes. It’s probably best to keep this trick to yourself.

If you don’t want to wear shoes, there are more drastic ways to grow a few extra inches. The first is easy: Just stop sitting all the time.

Studies have shown that people who spend less time seated and more time standing are, on average, taller than those who do the opposite. Obviously, this isn’t something you can really control, but it’s a start.

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If you’re really serious about this endeavor, you can always have a doctor prescribe some sort of growth hormone. This is a pretty expensive and risky approach, so think long and hard before going down this path.

If you do, make sure to warn your doctor that you don’t just want to be taller, you want to be REALLY tall!

Whichever approach you choose, there’s no going back. Once you start lying about your height, you’re going to have to continue the ruse for the rest of your life.

The best of luck to you!


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You forgot to turn the darn thing off last night and now your eyes are practically glued shut. You manage to get it turned off and proceed to lay there in silence for a few moments.

You think back to the night before and how you had such a great time hanging out with Allison.

Why didn’t you ask her to be your girlfriend? Or maybe she was just waiting for you to ask?

Either way, you’ll never know now.

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Crawling out of bed, you go through your normal morning routine and get ready for school. Once you’re dressed, you head downstairs to find something edible for breakfast.

You find nothing but stale chips and warm soda, so you’re going to have to make a quick stop at the convenience store down the street before school.

On your way out the door you get a call from someone. It’s Allison!

“Hey, Tucker. I was just thinking about you,” she gleefully exclaims.


Same here, I…” You begin to say, but she cuts you off.

“I know what you’re thinking and the answer is ‘yes’!” she says with enthusiasm.

“Hold on, you’re losing me,” you reply.

“I’m talking about prom, silly! I just wanted to make sure you were going with me.”

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You’re surprised by this question. You weren’t expecting her to ever ask you.

Do you even want to go with her?

You haven’t thought much about prom, let alone who you might go with. Now that the opportunity is before you, it’s almost as if you have to decide right now.

“Well, I…” You begin to stammer.

“Great! See you at lunch then,” she says, and hangs up.

You shake your head in disbelief and make your way to school. This is going to be a long day…

At lunchtime, you head to the cafeteria and Allison is nowhere to be found. She isn’t at the table with your other friends and she isn’t in the lunch line.

You head outside to the courtyard and still no sign of her. You send her a text asking where she is, but she doesn’t reply.

You eat lunch by yourself and then go look for her in Drama Club, but she isn’t there either. In fact, you don’t see her for the rest of the day.

You go home and wonder if she is mad at you or just busy.

You try to text her again: “Hey where did you go?

-T”. This time she replies almost immediately: “Busy. I’ll explain 2nite.

Where R U?”

This is a bit concerning. You didn’t think you were important enough to usually camp out in front of your phone.

You text her back saying you were at home, then turn on the TV for some background noise while you do your homework. After about an hour, you hear a knock on the door.

You hop up to answer it and find Allison standing outside.

Hey, what’s up?”

you say with a smile.

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She looks past you and into your house as she stops short of entering. “We need to talk…

Can I come it?

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