Best Engine Starting Fluids

Best Engine Starting Fluids (BEST)

The BEST Engine Starting Fluid is one of the most popular diesel engine fluids used in diesel engines worldwide. It is made from petroleum distillates, which are derived from crude oil and other hydrocarbons. These oils have been refined into a high quality product that meets or exceeds the performance specifications of many major automotive manufacturers.

It is produced by several companies under various brand names. There are two main brands: ECS and DIESEL OIL COMPANY. Both of these companies produce their own unique blend of petroleum distillates. They differ only in the amount of ethyl alcohol they use in their products. Ethyl alcohol is a solvent that makes it possible to make gasoline from lighter fuels such as kerosene, butane, propane, etc.

It is also used in making acetone, benzene, formaldehyde, methyl chloride and many other chemicals.

In addition to its high quality and low cost characteristics, ECS and DIESEL OIL COMPANY’s BEST Engine Starting Fluid has the advantage of being available in a wide variety of viscosities. For example, the latest version contains 0W-20 (50% ethanol). This means that 50% of the weight comes from pure ethanol. This makes for a very low viscosity fluid that can be used under extreme friction conditions. Other products are available in 5W-50 or 20W-50 for engines with higher friction factors.

In addition to the standard ECS and DIESEL OIL COMPANY brand names, these oils can also be purchased under house labels of several major oil companies. For example, ESSO in the US buys large quantities of this product for resale under their house brand.

All of these oils are of a very high quality and offer excellent protection in automotive, marine and industrial applications.

What is the difference between ESSO Super 3000 (ethanol) and DIESEL OIL COMPANY 500 (petroleum oil)?

Both of these oils are suitable for all types of engines. They will not cause any problems if accidentally used in the incorrect type of engine.

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