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What Is A Good Quality Electric Shaving Brush?

A good quality brush will give you a smooth shave every time. You need to choose one with high grade bristles which have been made from natural materials such as hair or synthetic fibers. If it’s not made from natural materials, then it won’t provide you with a smooth shave.


How To Choose The Right Electric Shaving Brush?

There are many types of electric shaving brushes available in the market today. Some of them are made out of natural materials while others are manufactured using synthetic fibers. So, you need to select one that suits your needs best. A good quality brush always provides a comfortable and close shave. It should be easy to use, and it should provide a thorough cleansing of your beard and mustache.


What Makes A Quality Electric Shaving Brush Different From The Rest?

There are several factors which make one brush different from the rest. For example, the bristles are made up of either natural materials or synthetic fibers. The handle is another factor which determines the overall comfort level of the brush. Some brushes are equipped with an added feature of a stand where you can store your brush after every use.

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How To Clean An Electric Shaving Brush?

Most of these shaving brushes are self-cleaning, all you have to do is run it under tap water and switch it on. The bristles will automatically clean themselves after every use. However, some brushes are not self-cleaning. In that case, you will have to clean it manually after every use. All you have to do is apply some brush cleaner on the bristles and gently massage it. Let it dry and then store it in a cup or a stand.

Most of these men’s shaving sets are manufactured using either stainless steel or pure leather. These materials are easy to clean and last for a really long time.


What Can You Tell Me About The Different Types Of Men’s Shaving Brushes?

There are several types of shaving brushes available in the market these days. Some of these are described below:

a. Pure Badger Hair: These are perhaps the most inexpensive varieties of shaving brushes. They are inexpensive because the hairs come from the chin of a badger! They might be inexpensive but they still provide a very good quality shave.

b. Best Badger Hair: These varieties of shaving brushes are slightly more expensive than the pure badger hairs, but they are more popular among wet shavers because of their soft bristles.

c. Best Premium Badger Hair: These are considered to be the Rolls Royce of shaving brushes. They provide a very comfortable shave since their bristles are extremely soft and flexible. However, they are very expensive and are priced at over a hundred dollars.

d. Boar Bristle: These are the most popular varieties of shaving brushes available in the market these days. They provide a very luxurious lather and their price ranges between $30 to $50 depending on the quality of the brush.

e. Synthetic: These are another popular choice among new wet shavers because of their affordability. They are very cheap as compared to the other varieties and are priced below $20.

In addition to these varieties, there are some other factors which you should keep in mind before making a purchase. Some of these are:

a. The diameter of the handle: Handles may be circular, oblong or flat. Circular handles are easy to grip but may not be suited for people with large hands, while oblong and flat handles are better if you have larger hands.

b. The length of the bristles: Long bristles reach the hard-to-reach areas of the face like under the nose or the chin, however, they may not be ideal for people with large hands.

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c. The flexibility and softness of the bristles: Soft and flexible bristles are more comfortable on the face, especially for new wet shavers. However, soft bristles may not be good for people with coarse hair.

d. The quality of the resin: Resin is the material from which the handle is made of. It can either be plastic, wood or pure metal. Plastic and wood are inexpensive, while pure metals are expensive and last longer.

e. The color of the bristles: Some shaving brushes have colored bristles, which is purely for aesthetics and does not affect the quality of the brush in any way.


How To Choose The Best Shaving Brush?

The choice of a good shaving brush should be based on four broad factors, namely, quality, budget, type and aesthetic value.

a. Quality: While most of the inexpensive shaving brushes that you see in the market are made in China, some high-end brands like Mason Pearson or Simpson offer premium quality brushes that are handmade in England. If you are looking to purchase a good quality shaving brush, you can choose from an assorted collection by visiting an authorized dealer of these brands.

b. Budget: Depending on your budget, you can choose from a wide range of options. If you are looking to purchase a shaving brush within a limited budget, you can visit online stores like Amazon or eBay and can make your choice from an assorted variety of brushes available at different price points.

c. Type: Shaving brushes are generally divided into three broad types such as pure badger, best badger and pure hog bristle. If you haven’t used a shaving brush before and would like to have an affordable introduction to this grooming essential, you can choose a best badger brush. These brushes are more affordable as compared to pure badger or pure hog bristle brushes and are absolutely perfect for wet shaving beginners.

d. Aesthetics: Last but not the least, the choice of a shaving brush should be based on your personal preferences in terms of color, shape and size. If you are looking to purchase a shaving brush as a gift for your friend, you should keep his tastes and preferences in mind.

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This shaving brush is made in China and is the best value for money option available in the market. It is made of pure badger hair and has glossy handle made of durable resin. The bristles of this brush are evenly spread and soft to touch. The diameter of the bottom gets slightly bigger as it nears the handle for better grip. It can be easily cleaned with a quick swipe of a wet towel.


i. This is an extremely affordable shaving brush that delivers good performance.

ii. The handle is easy to hold and offers a good grip.

iii. This brush lathers soap or cream really well.

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