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Philips Norelco is one of the most popular brands among men’s grooming products. They are known for their quality and reliability.

They have been around since 1885 and they are still producing high-quality shaving products today. Their product range includes razors, aftershaves, creams, gels and other beauty items.

The company was founded by Wilhelm Paulus (1852–1916) in Leipzig Germany. His father Friedrich Paulus had started the business before him with the same name.

In 1886 the company moved its headquarters from Leipzig to Cologne, where it remained until 1918 when it changed its name to Philips.

Philips’ first brush was introduced in 1892 and sold at a price of 25 cents. A year later the company began manufacturing brushes for women, which were priced at 15 cents.

By 1897 they had developed a line of disposable razors called “Schwarzkopf” or “Scissors”. By 1908 they were making a new product line of electric razors. It was the beginning of a successful future for the brand.

Between the two world wars, the company made private-label versions of electric shavers and clippers under the popular “Elcasco” brand name for retailers in North America. In 1939 they acquired Remington Rand and began making their line of electric shavers and other personal care devices.

After the war, they acquired Westinghouse’s electric razor division and incorporated it into the Remington Rand division. In 1954 they re-launched the “Elcasco” brand as the “Lectric Shave” line. In 1955, they acquired Wostenholme Ltd and its “Wosty” brand of electric razors. In 1963 they released the first triple head blade. In 1964 they introduced a fully waterproof cordless model. In 1971 they released the first electric razor with a protective screen. In 1974 they introduced the first battery-operated model. In 1975 they acquired the British company Stiefel & Co and its “Pencil” brand of pencil-shaped electric shavers. In 1990 they introduced the first re-chargeable battery-operated model with a cordless rechargeable model following in 1991. In 1998 they released the “Atra”, their first flexible shaving system. In 2000 they acquired Remington Products Inc and its US market leading brand, Remington.

Today the company is still owned by the Philips corporation and still headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands. They are one of the biggest personal care companies in the world and manufacture and distribute a huge array of men’s shaving products including razors, gels, creams, brushes, trimmers, razor blades, electric shavers and more.

The Norelco range of personal grooming products is specifically designed for men and is one of their biggest product lines. They offer a wide range of quality grooming tools suitable for the whole family.

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Norelco Spectra Razor

The Norelco Spectra Razor is a cordless rechargeable razor with a unique design that has been built for comfortable shaving. The blade and screen cartridge have been designed to offer a durable, long lasting life for easy maintenance without the need for replacement.

The razor’s flexible head glides smoothly along your face and neck to significantly reduce irritation and cuts. It is suitable for use with shaving gels, foams or even without shaving creams and is comfortable to hold. A great feature is that the razor can be cleaned simply by rinsing under the tap.

Norelco Star Wars Razor

The Norelco Star Wars Razor range is a fun way to add a little excitement to your daily grooming routine. The range has been inspired by the popular Star Wars movies and characters.

The collection includes razors, trimmers and combs suitable for both men and women and even offers gift sets for the dedicated fan. The razors feature different colored handles and different characters on the body to make them fun as well as functional. The combs and trimmers are decorated with faux carbonite detailing to add that extra special touch. A great gift idea for any Star Wars fan.

Norelco G370 Razor

The Norelco G370 Shaver is a cordless electric rotary shaver with a rounded profile designed for maximum comfort. The three minute charging time provides up to 50 minutes of shaving time and the unique design eliminates the “fuzz” from growing back by gently clipping it instead of ripping it out at a 90 degree angle.

The razor features a flexible head to easily shave hard to reach areas such as the neck and chin. It is fully washable for easy maintenance and cleaning and can be used with or without shaving cream.

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Norelco SQ700 Shaver

The Norelco SQ700 is a cordless rechargeable shaver that is designed for comfortable dry and wet use. The unique SkinGlide shaving system uses a four-direction pivoting head to smoothly glide along the surface of your face for a quick, easy shave that reduces skin irritation and cuts.

A built in precision trimmer is included to easily maintain your mustache and sideburns. The razor’s flexible head and rounded design allow you to easily shave hard to reach areas such as under the nose, around the lips and even the neck area. It is fully washable for easy maintenance and cleaning and can be used with shaving cream or gel for extra skin protection and a closer shave. The razor can also be used cordless or while plugged in for continuous use when fully charged.

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