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Best Electric Kettle Reviews: What Is It?

Electric kettle is one of the most popular appliances in your home. You use it everyday for cooking, drinking tea or coffee, washing dishes and other household chores. Most people have at least two electric kettles in their homes. One for hot water and another one for boiling water. They are very convenient but they do not provide any advantages over traditional methods of preparing food such as using a pot or pan.

There are many reasons why people prefer electric kettle over traditional methods of cooking. For example, electric kettle is much cheaper than a gas stove or even a wood burning fireplace.

Electric kettles also last longer and don’t require frequent cleaning like traditional stoves or fireplaces. There are some disadvantages too; however, these drawbacks aren’t major ones compared to the benefits of having an efficient appliance which saves money and keeps your house cleaner.

What Are The Benefits Of An Electric Kettle?

The main benefit of having an electric kettle is that it allows you to cook with less energy. A typical electric kettle uses about 1/3rd of the amount of electricity as a regular stove or fireplace. Also, if you want to save money, then buying an electric kettle will be a good idea since it will cost less than purchasing a stove or fireplace. Stoves and fireplaces also take a lot of time to preheat; whereas an electric kettle takes almost no time.

Unlike the traditional wood burning fireplaces, your electric kettle won’t produce any ash or embers which can damage furniture or carpet. Also, it doesn’t require any cleaning apart from occasional descaling.

Another major benefit of having an electric kettle is that it is very safe compared to using a stove or fireplace. There is less risk of burning your house down, especially if you have kids running around the house.

Another advantage of having an electric kettle over a stove or fireplace is that you can easily move it from one place to another. For example, if you have a particularly large gathering, then you can transfer the kettle to the garage or deck to provide hot water for everyone.

Again, this convenience does not come with any safety concerns.

Another benefit of having an electric kettle is that it is very easy to use. You just have to plug it into a socket and wait for the water to boil.

The latest electric kettles are also equipped with safety features such as automatic shut off if they begin to overheat.

What are the types of kettles available in the market?

There are several types of electric kettles available in the market right now. The most popular ones are:

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1. Glass Kettles: These kettles are very easy to use and look elegant.

They can also withstand high temperatures, which is why they are preferred over other types of kettles. However, they are quite fragile and can break if not handled with care.

2. Stainless Steel Kettles: These kettles are more durable than glass kettles.

Also, they don’t require regular cleaning to look good. However, some people find the plain look of these kettles to be boring.

3. Copper Kettles: These are more expensive than glass or stainless steel kettles but look more elegant.

The only disadvantage of these kettles is that they require regular cleaning to prevent any discoloration or corrosion.

8 Benefits Of Having A Quality Electric Kettle

1. Save Money On Utility Bills:

Using an electric kettle can significantly reduce your monthly energy bills. Most electric kettles use about 1000 watts of power, while a normal stove tops uses about 3500 watts to boil water.

It is easy to see that using an electric kettle can save you as much as 50% on your monthly energy bills.

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2. Quick Boiling Time:

Most electric kettles can be fully heated and boil water in about 5 minutes or less. This is much faster than traditional methods of boiling water and saves a lot of time.

3. Multiple Uses:

Electric kettles aren’t just for boiling water. You can use the hot water for many different purposes.

You can use it for humidifiers, making oatmeal, warm up canned food and much more.

4. Causes Less Clutter:

Using an electric kettle will help you avoid the mess created by boiling pans on the stove. This is particularly beneficial if you have a small kitchen with not a lot of counter space.

Electric kettles can easily be stored away when not in use.

5. Easy Storage:

Many electric kettles can be stored inside each other for easy storage. This is very beneficial if you have limited space in your kitchen or want to save room while relocating.

6. Easy To Use:

Electric kettles are very easy to use. You just have to fill it with water, plug it in and press a button.

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There is no guess work involved.

7. Easy To Clean:

Many electric kettles can be cleaned easily by just wiping with a cloth or in some cases, rinsing with water. This helps prevent the growth of mold and other harmful elements inside the kettle.

8. Safe To Use:

Electric kettles are safe to use because they have automatic turn off features in case the water starts to boil. They are also designed to be used with standard electrical outlets.

What are the types of electric kettles available in the market?

When it comes to electric kettles, there is a wide selection available in the market. Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages, such as material, style and price. Here is a list of the most popular types:

1. Glass Kettles

Glass kettles are made from heat-resistant borosilicate glass. These kettles are highly polished and look very stylish.

Glass kettles are preferred by people who prefer classy appliances in their kitchen.

2. Stainless Steel Kettles

Stainless steel kettles are made from high quality stainless steel and have a glossy finish. They look very elegant and modern.

3. Copper Kettles

Copper kettles are made from pure copper and are very durable. These kettles are preferred by people who want a high quality kettle that will last for many years to come.

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4. Infrared Electric Kettles

These kettles are very popular because of their fast boiling feature which can save up to 70% in energy costs when compared to traditional kettles.

5. Electric Kettles With Temperature Control

These kettles have a temperature control feature with an adjustable knob which allows you to manually adjust the temperature of the water from 50 to 96 degrees Celsius. They are very convenient for people who want to make tea, coffee and other drinks that need hot water but do not need it to be boiling hot.

What are the things you should look for in an electric kettle?

When it comes to buying an electric kettle, you will find that there is a wide selection available in the market. While all of them look similar externally, the inner workings are different and choosing the right one can become quite confusing. Here is a list of features that you should consider before making a purchase:

1. Capacity:

The capacity of an electric kettle determines how much water it can hold and as such, how many people you can make drinks for at a single time. A good rule of thumb to follow is that an electric kettle should be able to hold at least 1.5 liters of water.

2. UL Listed:

Look for the UL listed mark on the electric kettle that you want to buy. It is an indication that the product has been approved by the Underwriters’ Laboratory, a product safety certification company based in the United States.

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3. Wattage:

The higher the wattage, the faster the water will boil. However, look for an electric kettle that is in the 1500 to 2000 watt range.

Higher than this and you are just paying extra for more wattage than you need.

4. Safety Features:

Look for an electric kettle that has overheat protection and auto shut-off features. This helps prevent accidents such as burns and scalds from happening.

5. Materials of Construction:

Choose an electric kettle that is made from high quality materials such as stainless steel, copper or polished aluminum. These materials do not break down over time and keep the kettle looking as good as new for many years.

6. Cord Length:

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The cord length indicates how far away the kettle can be from an electric socket while in use. Look for an electric kettle whose cord length is around three feet long or more.

7. Swivel Base:

A swivel base helps you in moving the kettle from one place to another without much effort. It also helps prevent the kettle from toppling over when in use.

Before you make the final purchase, double check the specifications of the kettle you want to buy with the voltage of your country’s electrical system. If the voltage is not compatible, it can lead to some serious damage to the kettle’s internal parts and will make the kettle unusable.

Once you have bought the kettle of your choice, make sure to read the instruction manual and keep the kettle in a safe place. Also, remember that these are electrical appliances and need to be handled with care. Do not let children anywhere near the kettle and do not use an electric kettle if there is any damage to the cord or plug.

Don’t forget to unplug the kettle before you clean it or fill it up with water. Some kettles have a “push to test” button that turns off power instantly after detecting any water inside.

The best electric kettle will make your life a lot easier and can make you a cup of tea in no time. They are fast and reliable, so you can get on with your day.

I personally use the Caphalon essay kettle, which I have been using for a few years now and have had no complaints about it.

It’s fast, efficient and makes up to 2.5 liters of water, which is more than enough for me.

There are tons of electric kettles out in the market, but these are just a few of my personal recommendations. Happy shopping!

Best Electric Kettles - Best Purch Marketplace

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Counterfeit: A fake product manufactured by an unauthorized copy of the real product. The quality of the counterfeit is always sub-par and often dangerous to those who purchase without knowledge.


Powered By: Electric: a powered toothbrush that runs on electricity through a plug in the wall or a battery pack. – Note some plug in electric toothbrushes can be operated while not plugged in.

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Powered By: Batteries: A powered toothbrush that runs on batteries that are inserted into the toothbrush itself.

Powered By: Battery Indicator: A battery operated toothbrush that has a physical indicator to show the user when the battery needs to be changed.

Powered By: Replaceable Battery: A battery operated toothbrush that uses batteries that can be replaced by the user.


Clean: The clean feeling you have after brushing your teeth.

Plaque: A soft, sticky film known as dental plaque, which is made up of bacteria, flourides and minerals, that adheres to the surfaces of your teeth.

Plaque Attack: The process of removing the dental plaque from your teeth.

Plaque-Free: The state of having no dental plaque on your teeth or in your mouth.


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Fill: The hole created from a missing tooth, which is then restored with a replacement tooth.

Restore: To fix or replace missing teeth to prevent shifting of other teeth.

Replace: To fix or restore missing teeth so they look natural and function better than missing teeth.


Chin: The area under the lower lip, which contains upper teeth.

Mouth Guard: A guard, usually made of a custom fit plastic or thermoplastic material that fits over the teeth and sometimes the lips to protect the teeth, gums and soft tissues of the mouth from injury.

Bite: The way in which the upper jaw and lower jaw meet to chew food.

Jaw: The bone that forms the upper and lower jaw.

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Flossing: The act of cleaning between the teeth and below the gumline using dental floss or interdental cleaners.

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Toothbrush: An instrument used to remove dental plaque and food particles from the teeth and gums, usually by rubbing them.


Abrasive: A material or substance that can wear away at something else through friction.

Bonding: A tooth colored filling material that can be used to fill a cavity, without changing the brightness of the tooth.

Bonding Agent: A material that is used to fill a cavity and is then shaped and hardened into the desired restoration, using a light-sensitive liquid then a source of UV light.

Decay: A process of rotting or disintegrating; the destruction of tissue by bacteria or other microorganisms.


Bleaching: The whitening of teeth.

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Crown: A replacement tooth that is anchored into the jaw to replace a missing tooth.

Fillings: The material used to fill in the gaps from a cavity, which typically preserves the natural look of the tooth.

Gum Disease: Inflammation of the gums caused by plaque, which if left untreated can lead to further serious issues.


Impacted: When something has been forced or squeezed into a closed space.

Inlay: An item that is placed into a socket or tray that is then filled with a material to restore a tooth.

Root Canal: A procedure used to remove infected nerve tissue inside the pulp of a tooth.

Toothache: Pain you feel when something is wrong with one of your teeth.

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Denture Base: The portion of a denture that contains the pink gum replacement for the gums, and is held to the surrounding teeth with dental acrylic resin.

Denture Reliner: A material used to thicken a denture base, which adds comfort and stability to the denture.


Bridges: A device to replace missing teeth, which is supported by dental crowns or implants on either side.

Full Arch: A bridge that fills in the entire space where teeth are missing.

Tooth Replacement: A device to fill in the gap left by one or more missing teeth, which can be supported by dental crowns.

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Oral Cancer: A dangerous and sometimes life-threatening cancer that forms in the tissues of the mouth.

Oral Surgeon: A doctor who specializes in treating injuries and diseases of the mouth and teeth.

Ridge Expansion: An orthodontic treatment used to widen the smile by moving or removing bone from the jaw, which can be replaced once widened.


Bone Graft: The process of adding bone to the jaw via a donor site within your mouth or through a synthetic material.

Inflammation: To become red, swollen, and painful especially as a result of injury, infection or allergy.

Oral Infection: An infection that occurs within the mouth.

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Cancer: A disease in which normal body cells grow out of control.

Cyst: A closed sac, filled with fluid or semi-solid material, that is rounded or oval in shape.

Dentures: A device used to replace missing teeth, which is held in the mouth via dental implants or dental acrylic resin.


Bone Grafting: A surgical procedure to regenerate bone using bone from a non-weight bearing area of your body or from a donor.

Bone Loss: The depleted accumulation of bone matter, which can be the result of aging, genetics, diet, lack of vitamin intake, or disease.

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Wisdom Tooth: Third molar that typically erupts between the ages of 17 and 25.

Tooth Decay: A defect in the structure of a tooth, which renders it weak and prone to breaking or decay.


Bone Density Scan: A type of radiograph that determines the amount of bone mass in a particular area of the skeleton.

Dental Implant: An artificial tooth root that is implanted into your jawbone to support a dental crown, bridge, or denture.

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