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Best Electric Deep Fryer?

Know Your Options For Fryers

Cuisinart vs T-fal vs Hamilton Beach: What Makes Them Unique?

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What Makes An Electric Deep Fryer The Best?

Best Electric Deep Fryer For Donuts: What Are They Good For?

What To Look For In An Electric Deep Fryer?

What Makes A Great Electric Deep Fryer?

What Makes A Good Electric Deep Fryer?

How To Choose An Electric Deep-Fryer?

What Makes An Electric Deep-Fryer A Good One?

Electric Deep Fryers Are Very Popular For Their Taste And Convenience. They Have Little In Common With The Old Days Of Using A Heavy, Smoke-Producing, Dangerously Hot Oil -Drenched Frying Pot And Pan To Prepare Food.

There Are Several Things You Should Consider When Deciding Which One To Buy. The First Thing To Consider Is How Much Space You Have For The Fryer. These Are Not Small Appliances So You Might Have To Make Room For One In Your Kitchen Cabinets.

How Many Individuals Will The Fryer Be Able To Serve?

This Can Vary From One Person All The Way Up To A Large Group Of People.

What Is The Wattage Of The Fryer?

While This Doesn’t Seem Like It Should Be Important, A High-Wattage Fryer Will Heat Up The Oil Much More Quickly.

How Easy Is It To Clean?

Some Are Simple While Others Have A Lot Of Crevices And Openings That Can Be Hard To Reach.

Are You Looking For One That Has A Lid?

Having A Lid Can Be Very Useful When Storing Leftovers As Well As Keeping Your Frying Oil From Spilling Out All Over The Countertops.

Do You Have Much Space In Your Kitchen For This Appliance?

Fryers Can Be Large And May Not Be Suitable For Small Kitchens.

How Loud Is The Fryer?

Some Noisier Than Others.

Is There A Nice Safety Feature?

Many Have An Overheat Feature That Turns Themself Off If They Overheat.

Is It Affordable?

While You Don’t Have To Go Cheap, There Are Plenty Of Great Affordable Fryers On The Market.

Is There A Warranty Available?

While Most Last For A Long Time The Odds Are Good That You Will Eventually Need A New One So Having Some Guidance From The Manufacturer’s Warranty Is Always A Good Thing.

What Type Of Oil Do You Want To Use?

While Most Fryers Can Use The Standard Vegetable Oil There Are Some Specialty Ones That Use Peanut, Canola, Or Lard Oil.

Do You Have A Sugar Quandary?

There Are Fryers That Are Primarily For Deep-Frying Candy And Desserts.

What Is The Capacity Of Cooked Food You Expect To Get From This?

While Most Come With A Standard 1-Liter Oil Capacity Some Are Larger With 2 Or 3 Liters.

Do You Want An Electric Fryer?

While These Are Great For The Home They Don’t Have The Flexibility Of A Propane Or Natural Gas Unit As They Must Be Wired To A Power Outlet.

Do You Want To Stand Out From The Crowd With A Unique Style?

There Are Some Colorful Units With Special Designs Like A Retro-Looking Silver And White Basketball Design.

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While You Can Get By With A Basic Fryer There Are Also Some That Include Some Nice Extra Features. These Are Just A Few Of The Options You Have:

Fryers With An Automatic Shut-Off Feature: These Are Great If You Tend To Overlook Things From Time To Time And Often Forget That You Have Food Cooking. While They Aren’t Free They Will Prevent Your House From Burning Down Which Is Priceless!

Fryers With A Timer: These Are Handy For Those Of Us That Tend To Forget To Check Our Food And Overcook It. They Typically Have A Settings For Different Types Of Food So You Can Set It And Forget It.

Anti-Flood Protection: There Are Some Fryers That Have This Feature Installed. It’s Basically A Device That Stops The Oil From Overflowing And Making A Huge Mess When It Overflows.

Do You Want An Oil Filtration System?

These Are Handy For Those Of Us That Like To Deep-Fry A Lot. They Help To Filter Out The Impurities In The Oil So It Will Last Longer Between Changes.

Do You Want A Cool Touch Exterior?

While This Feature Is Great For Adult Hands They Can Get Very Hot Depending On The Food That’s Being Cooked. Be Careful When Handling These.

How Much Space Do You Have?

Some Fryers Can Be Quite Large And Take Up A Good Portion Of Your Countertop So You Might Not Have Room For One.

Are There Any Special Features That You Want?

There Are Fryers That Have Different Types Of Lights For The Inside Of The Unit So You Can See What’s Going On In There Better. There Are Others That Have A Rotating Rack System So That You Can Cook More Food At One Time. Think About What You Want Out Of A Fryer And Then Look For One That Has Those Features.

Can You Hook It Up?

If You Have Natural Gas Or Propane Available To You Then You’re Set. If Not, You’ll Need To Hook It Up To Electricity Or Get A Welder And Connect It To Your Home’s Propane Supply Hiding The Lines Somewhere. (Don’t Do This Please)

Do You Need A Fryer That Does More Than Just Fry Food?

While Most Fryers Are Made To Do One Thing There Are Some Out There That Are Multi-Purpose. These Models Can Fry, Bake, Roast, And BBQ. While This Is A Great Feature They’re Typically Much More Expensive And Take Up More Counter Space.

Is Clean-Up A High Priority For You?

Some Fryers Come With A Self Clean Feature Where You Put Diced Onions In The Basket And Switch It To Clean Mode. This Filters Out The Grease From The Food So You Don’t Have To Do It Yourself.

As you’ve probably noticed, there are a lot of different types of fryers on the market. Most are pretty standard with just minor differences between them but a few offer some features that the others don’t. Here is a list of the most common type of fryers that you’ll find and what sets them apart from the rest.

Standard Fryers: These Units Are The Most Common Types Of Fryers And Usually Come In 3-4 Gallon Sizes With A Standard Basket. They’re Great For Most Home Needs But They Don’t Have A Lot Of Features.

Digital Fryers: These Units Are More High-Tech And Often Include A Few More Features Like An Electronic Display,Alarms,And Removable Baskets. They’re Also A Lot More Stylish Looking And Some Have Digital Timers So You Can Set The Fryer To Only Stay On For A Certain Amount Of Time.

Deep Fryers: These Units Are Exactly The Same As Standard Units With The Only Major Difference Being A Larger Basket And Exterior Body For Those That Are Serious About Their Frying.

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Immersion Deep Fryers: These Units Are Similar To A Double Boiler. They Have A Wire Cage On The Bottom Half That Immerses In The Hot Oil While The Food Is Cooked In The Upper Part.

What Size Fryer Do You Need?

What Size Fryer You Need Depends On How Much You Think You’ll Be Frying At One Time. If You Think You’ll Be Doing A Lot Of Frying Then Go With The Larger Models But If Not, Then Go With One That’s More Economical And Handy For Smaller Needs.

The Capacity Of These Units Is Measured In Three Different Sizes As Mentioned Before. Each One Holds A Different Amount Of Oil. Here Is A Breakdown Of Each One.

3-4 Gallon: These Units Are The Smallest And Typically Hold Up To 4 Gallons Of Oil At One Time. Most Models Have A 3.5 Gallon Capcity But There Are A Few That Have A 4 Gallon Capacity, It Just Depends On The Brand And Model.

6 Gallon: These Units Are Slightly Larger And Store Up To 6 Gallons Of Oil At One Time. They’re Slightly More Economical Because You Don’t Have To Fill Them Up As Much But They’re Also Larger And Take Up More Counter Space.

9 Gallon: these Units Are The Largest And Store Up To 9 Gallons Of Oil At One Time. While They Hold A Lot Of Oil They Also Take Up A Lot Of Room And Have A Higher Electricity Consumption Rate Because Of It.

Do You Want A Standard Basket Or A Spider/Skimmer Basket?

A Standard Basket: These Are The Most Common And Typically Come With Standard Models. They Have Wire Rack Like Screens At The Bottom And Sides To Keep The Food From Falling Through While Still Allowing The Oil To Flow Through.

A Spider Or Skimmer Basket: These Are Less Common And Only Come With Some Models. They Have A Sieve Like Device At The Bottom Of The Basket That Is Used For Dredging Food Before It’s Frying Time.

How Much Should You Pay For A Fryer?

These Units Can Vary Quite A Bit In Price. You Can Get A Simple One For $40 While One Of Decent Quality Will Set You Back Around $100. If You’re Only Going To Be Doing A Little Frying Then There’s No Need To Break The Bank But If You Plan On Doing A Lot Of It At Least Get One With A Good Reputation And A Brand That’s Well Known.

If You Want A Fancy Digital One That Has All The Bells And Whistles Expect To Pay Even More Because They Have High Electricity Consumption And Parts Can Be Harder To Find So The Manufacturer Can Get Away With Charging More.

Overall, These Units Are Not Very Complicated And Typically Last A Long Time. Just Be Sure To Take Care Of Them By Following All The Maintenance Requirements Of Your Owner’s Manual And They Should Give You Years Of Quality Service.

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