Best DynaTrap Insect Traps

DynaTrap Insect Trap Reviews: Best Mosquito Trap For Your Needs?

Best Mosquito Trap For You To Use?

1) Best Mosquito Trap For A Small Area (Smaller Than 1 Acre)

Mosquitoes are small insects with wingspans of less than half an inch. They have a body length of about one quarter inch and they weigh between two and three grams. When they land on your skin, their bite causes a painful rash that lasts up to ten days.

If bitten by a mosquito, it is advisable to apply permethrin ointment or other insect repellent before applying any medicine such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen.

The best mosquito traps are those which are easy to use and do not require too much maintenance. These traps are usually made from wood and can be easily set up. Some of these mosquito traps come with a plastic cover so that they can be used indoors.

You may want to consider buying a mosquito trap if you live in an area where there are large numbers of mosquitoes. If you live in an area where there are few mosquitoes, then it will probably not make sense to buy a mosquito trap because the mosquitoes won’t bother you as much. If you have a very large home, then you may need more than one mosquito trap.

2) Best Mosquito Trap For Moderate-Sized Areas (1 to 5 Acres)

If you are looking for the best mosquito trap that can be used over a moderate-sized area, then the answer is the Dynatrap DT2000. This is a mechanical mosquito killer that uses no electricity and does not produce any chemicals or poisons. The trap is made from wood and uses a propane flame to lure mosquitoes.

The mosquito trap is very easy to use and does not require any maintenance. All you have to do is light it up and turn it on. The Dynatrap mosquito trap won a 2001 prize for best new product from “This Old House Magazine.” This trap covers an area of 1/2 acres, making it perfect for most residential areas. The amount of mosquitoes that a trap catches is measured in “captures,” with 65 catches being considered high, 30 catches being a medium amount, and less than 15 being low. The Dynatrap mosquito trap has been known to get up to 607 captures in just one week.

3) Best Mosquito Trap For Large Residential Areas (5 Acres or More; Including Townships)

The best mosquito trap for larger areas is the SkeeterVac. The SkeeterVac uses both propane and a UV light to lure mosquitoes. It has an octagonal design makes it look like a UFO, and can cover an area of up to 10 acres.

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The SkeeterVac comes with a weatherproof dock where you can place citronella candles or a plug-in ozone generator. This trap doesn’t rely on electricity so you never have to worry about yellow police tape going up if you get an outage. The SkeeterVac also covers more area than any other trap, making it perfect for larger residential areas. The Dynatrap only covers 1/2 of an acre while the SkeeterVac can cover up to 10 acres making it about 16 times more effective.

4) Best Mosquito Trap For Huge Residential Areas (10 Acres or More; Including Most Townships)

The best commercial mosquito trap for huge residential areas is the SkeeterVac Extreme. The only difference between this trap and the SkeeterVac is that it comes with a cord that you can plug in. This makes the trap much more versatile and allows you to place it in areas where there are no power outlets or operate it during blackouts.

The SkeeterVac Extreme has an octagonal design, just like the SkeeterVac, and can cover areas of up to 25 acres. There are very few residential areas that are this big so you should have no problem finding a place to set it up. The SkeeterVac Extreme comes with a weatherproof dock where you can place citronella candles or a plug-in ozone generator. This trap doesn’t rely on electricity so you never have to worry about blackouts causing a power outage. The SkeeterVac Extreme is also the only trap on the market that offers this much protection.

How To Get RID of Mosquitoes:

The most important thing you can do when getting rid of mosquitoes is to make sure you are using an insect repellent. There are several different types of mosquito repellents such as candles, sprays, and plants.

1) Candles

The most common way to keep mosquitoes away is through the use of candles. The most commonly used candle is the citronella candle, which was made famous by Jimmy Buffet. Citronella candles are effective because the smell of citronella oil keeps mosquitoes away.

Most people light citronella candles when they are outside sitting and having a good time. The smoke that the candle creates is enough to keep mosquitoes away but be careful not to get too close because the citronella oil can actually burn you.

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2) Plants

There are several different types of plants that can keep mosquitoes away. One of the most popular ones is the catnip plant. Most cat owners know that mosquitoes will not go near a cat that has been snacking on catnip.

This is because the plant gives off a chemical reaction within a cat’s senses that acts as a repellent. Although this plant seems to be very effective the only downside is that a lot of mosquitoes will be around your house if you grow it because they will be able to sense it from far away. Another popular mosquito repelling plant is citrosa plant. The citrosa plant gives off the same smell as citronella oil, which is known to keep mosquitoes away. Although this plant is very effective it only grows about a foot tall and half a foot wide so it is not very suitable for larger areas. Other plants known to keep mosquitoes away are southern bush basil, peppermint, lavender, and roses.

3) Repellent Perfumes

Another way you can keep away mosquitoes is through the use of perfumes. There are several perfumes on the market that are known to keep mosquitoes away. Although these perfumes are effective they can be very expensive and need to be reapplied every few hours.

A cheaper alternative is essential oils. These oils can be applied directly to your skin and tend to last longer. It is very important that you do not use the oil directly, because it can cause burns and irritation. You can mix the oils with a base lotion to dilute it. A good base lotion that is known to have these oils in it is baby oil. Although this method of repelling mosquitoes is effective, you still need to reapply the oils every few hours.

4) Repellent Plants

There are certain plants that grow naturally that are known to keep mosquitoes away. One of the most popular ones is Marigolds. These flowers have a very distinct smell that most insects do not like.

Although this flower is very effective it only grows about 2-3 feet tall so it is not suitable for larger areas. Another popular plant that grows naturally is Pyrethrum. Pyrethrum is part of the chrysanthemum family and has the same effect on mosquitoes as marigold flowers.

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5) Repellent Coils

One of the most common ways to keep mosquitoes away used to be through the use of coils. There are several types of coils that can be used. The most common one is an incense coil.

Most incense coils are made out of natural materials such as sandalwood and have a very distinct smell. Although these coils are effective they do not work immediately and can take around 30 minutes to an hour to start working. Another type of coil is the electronic coil. The electronic coil releases CO2 which is known to keep mosquitoes away. Although this coil is more effective than the incense coil it still takes a while before it starts working properly. The last type of coil is the candle coil. This coil is very similar to the ordinary candle. It works by burning the wax which releases a smoke similar to incense and electronic coils. The only downside is that it can be a fire hazard if not looked after properly.

6) Repellent Lamp

One of the more recent ways to keep mosquitoes away is through the use of a lamp. There are two types of these lamps, one type mimics human skin and the other mimics human breath. Both of these lamps work by attracting mosquitoes and then killing them.

This lamp is typically used in tents while camping to keep the mosquitoes away from you while you sleep. In addition there are several oils that can also be added to these lamps to give off an extra fragrance that is known to keep mosquitoes away.

7) Repellent Food

It is also possible to keep mosquitoes away with the use of food. There are certain types of food that are known to keep mosquitoes away and one of the most common ones is garlic. The smell of garlic tends to keep mosquitoes away.

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There are also certain types of herbs and spices that can keep mosquitoes away such as cinnamon and sage.

8) Repellent Mosquito Nets

One of the simplest ways to keep mosquitoes away is through the use of mosquito nets. A mosquito net functions in a way that is similar to window screens. The only difference is that mosquito nets typically cover a larger surface area.

These are just a few of the many different ways you can use to keep mosquitoes away.

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