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Best Dryers Reviewed: Electric Dryer Company

Electric dryers are very popular among people nowadays. They provide comfort and cleanliness at home. There are many reasons why people prefer these types of appliances over other types of appliances such as gas or coal fired ones. One reason is because they do not have any smell, and the other one is because they save energy by using less electricity to heat water instead of burning it. Another advantage of electric dryers is that they are much cheaper than their gas or coal fired counterparts.

Electric Dryer Reviews

The following list contains some of the top rated electric dryers available today. These reviews will give you an idea of how well these products perform in comparison with each other. You can read the full reviews for all of them here: Electric Dryer Reviews – Top Rated Products For Your Home Or Office.

1. Electrolux Dyson Airblade Dryer

Electrolux is a German manufacturer of various household appliances. Their line includes a wide variety of products including air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, washers and dryers, ranges and ovens. Some of their most popular brands include: A/C units; Washer & Dryers; Refrigerator Units; Range Hoods; Ovens & Roasters. For additional information about the company please refer to the following Wikipedia link: Electrolux.

Efficiency and ease of use are two very important factors when it comes to electric dryers. This is why people consider that the Dyson Airblade is one of the best options on the market. It has a unique design and features that will ensure that users get exactly what they want out of it. Some of these features are:

A sleek and modern design

Quick and easy to use


Highly energy efficient

Uses 10 times less energy than other dryers

Uses less electricity than a light bulb

The best part about this machine is that it dries hands in 12 seconds. This makes it very easy for people to use it after they wash their hands. The high level of efficiency also means that the machine will not strain your energy bills.

The dryer comes with a very sleek and modern design. It is available in three different color options: silver, white, and black. This will allow it to blend in perfectly with any bathroom decor. It can be mounted on a wall in order to save space. The machine is very easy to use.

It does not require much maintenance either. This makes it perfect for use in public restrooms as well.

This dryer contains a special HEPA filter. This will make sure that the air blown out is clean and free of any bacteria or other contaminants. This gives the machine multiple applications in various settings such as hospitals, medical offices and schools.

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2. Bulbhead Accelerate Dryer

Bulbhead is a company that sells electronics, smart home products, appliances and more. They are a relatively new company, but they have already established themselves as a prominent brand. Their Accelerate Dryer is in very high demand because of its efficiency and affordable price.

This machine is best suited for smaller spaces. It can hold up to 4 lbs of laundry at once. It works by quickly tumbling the clothes while blowing warm air throughout the drum. This prevents the machine from using excessive amounts of energy while still getting the job done.

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Like many other dryers of this type, this machine does not require any venting. This makes it very easy to set up and use as soon as it arrives. It does not come with a mounting bracket, but most people find that using the device without one is perfectly safe. The drum is easy to remove and load.

The dryer is also equipped with a child lock to prevent the settings from being changed by little ones. This is perfect for use in a school or daycare. It also helps prevent the dryer from being accidentally unplugged.

This dryer is available in three different colors: white, black and stainless steel (shown above). It comes with a one-year warranty and a customer service number in case you have any problems with your machine. The company will send out a technician to repair it for free during that time.

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1. The Original Healthy Hand Dryer

The name says it all. This hand dryer is as beneficial to the environment as it is to your wallet. It uses very little energy while providing an efficient service. This dryer is made in the USA and contains no PVC materials. It comes with a lifetime warranty on the mechanism and a three-year warranty on other parts.

This dryer can be used in both commercial and residential settings. It can even be used in food service areas such as restaurants or schools. It is an excellent choice for high-volume establishments, such as a restaurant. It can save them a lot of money on their energy bill every month.

This dryer comes with several different adapters to fit any type of wall outlet. This allows you to use it virtually anywhere in the world. It easily mounts to the wall. This prevents it from being knocked over by people coming in and out of the bathroom. It also makes it harder for children to tamper with.

Most public bathrooms have horrible sanitary conditions. A lot of the time, these bathrooms are not cleaned often enough. The Original Healthy Hand Dryer is a great way to make sure that your hands are not being subjected to harmful bacteria every time you go to the bathroom. It also dries your hands in a fifth of the time of traditional hand dryers. This saves you a lot of time every month.

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That wraps up our list of the best automatic hand dryers for 2017. If you want to save some money and help the environment at the same time, we highly recommend going with The Original Healthy Hand Dryer. It is by far the most affordable option on this list. It is also more efficient than most other dryers. It is fully automatic, so you do not have to constantly change the paper in it.

It can also dry your hands in a matter of seconds. Be sure to think about your needs and consider all of these factors before making a final decision.

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