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Best Drones Reviewed:

1. DJI Mavic Pro 2 (Review)

DJI Mavic Pro 2 is one of the most popular drones available today. It comes with a 4K video recording capability and it can fly up to 25 minutes without any battery power loss. The drone features a 3 axis gimbal, which allows you to tilt the camera up or down. The drone has a rechargeable lithium ion battery pack, which lasts for around 5 hours of flight time.

The Mavic Pro 2 is equipped with two propellers and it weighs just over 1 pound. You can control the drone using your smartphone app or you can use the remote controller that comes with the drone. The remote controller lets you control all functions of the Mavic Pro 2 such as throttle, altitude hold, forward/backward speed, left/right direction change etc..


4K Video Recording Capability

Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery Pack (5 Hours Flight Time)

3 Axis Gimbal Allows Tilt Up & Down Control Of Camera Angle.


4K Capability Can Be Slow And A Bit Overkill For Most Consumers.

No LCD Display Screen For Camera Settings On Drone Itself. You Must Use Your Phone.

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Small Enough To Get Stolen Because Of Popularity If Not Careful.

Overall, the DJI Mavic Pro 2 is one of the best drones available and you will not be disappointed by the quality and flight time. It has a solid build and looks cool. The only downside is that it can be slow at times and the 4K recording capability may be a bit overkill for the average person.

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2. Parrot Bebop 2 (Review)

The Parrot Bebop 2 is one of the best mid-level drones available on the market today. It provides similar quality as the DJI Phantom 3 but at a much lower price point. The Bebop 2 is equipped with 14MP camera that can record in full 1080p HD. It also has an fisheye lens, which is great for capturing landscapes and wide views.

The drone has a maximum flight time of around 25 minutes and it can fly up to speeds of 35mph. It has a removable battery, which can be easily swapped out. It comes with a remote control that has an LCD screen for view placement and controls. The Bebop 2 has several flight modes such as Easy, Stability, Motion and Asteroid.

There is also a Beginner mode, which restricts the drone to move slowly, ascend slowly and more. This limits the speed and capabilities of the drone but it makes it easier for new pilots to fly with less worry of crashing.


Good 1080p Camera

Great Price Point For Intermediate Users

Long Flight Time Of 25 Minutes (Removable Battery)

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Though Durable, It Is Still Made Of Plastic. This Means It Could Easily Crack On Hard Landings.

Low Resolution Screen On Controller (Only Monitors Basic Info)

Overall, the Parrot Bebop 2 is a great entry level drone that can be used for some time before you want to upgrade to something better. The flight time is great and the camera takes nice pictures.

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3. Hubsan X4 H107C (Review)

The Hubsan x4 is one of the best cheap drones available on the market today. It is lightweight and durable, which makes it great for beginners or anyone looking for a cheap second drone. The quadcopter has a camera but no gimbal, meaning the picture and video quality is not the best.

This drone does have some advanced features such as a headless security system, altitude hold and 360 flips. The real-time video feed can be displayed on your smartphone with the Hubsan application. The Hubsan H107C is the cheapest quadcopter I would recommend for anyone just getting into drones. It is simple to fly and has enough features to keep you entertained.


Very Inexpensive

Easy To Fly

Durable Quadcopter With Some Advanced Features

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Low-Quality Camera (No Gimbal), Low Resolution And Poor Video Quality.

Limited Flight Time Of Around 7 Minutes (Requires High-Powered Rechargeable Batteries)

Overall, the Hubsan H107C is a great drone to get started with quadcopters. It can survive a crash or two and is cheap enough to not cause you too much stress if you have minor accidents.

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4. Blade Chroma 4K (Review)

The Blade Chroma is a great drone for the more advanced user who wants professional quality footage and photographs. It is easy to fly, and it is also very durable. The Chroma has a GoPro mount built into its body, which allows you to record digital high definition video. The camera is controlled by the application that can be downloaded on your phone or tablet.

The only downside of the Blade Chroma is its price point. It is one of the more expensive drones on this list but it is well worth it for the images and videos it can capture.


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High-Quality Camera

Long Flight Time Of Around 18 Minutes

Small And Portable Design (Similar to the DJI Spark)


Very Pricey Drone

Overall, the Blade Chroma is a great drone for anyone who is serious about aerial photography and videography. It can handle some abuse and is easy to fly. Most professionals use the Blade Chroma 4k because of its quality.

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5. DJI Spark (Review)

The Spark from DJI is a small yet powerful drone that has some great features packed into a lightweight body. It has all of the tools a beginner would need with some options for the more advanced user. The Spark is capable of shooting high-definition video and capturing 12 megapixel photographs. It has gesture controls, allowing you to control the drone with hand signals. Alternatively, you can use the Spark with your smartphone or a remote controller.

The Spark has additional features such as obstacle avoidance, where the drone can sense obstacles and adjust its flight path to avoid them. There is also the option for active tracking, which means that the Spark can follow and keep a subject in frame. This feature works when using the drone without a smartphone.

The Spark comes with a controller that has a screen to see what the drone sees. This makes it much easier to control and fly. It also comes with a rechargeable battery that will give you around 16 minutes of flight time. The Spark can fly at speeds of up to 31 miles per hour (50 kph). In addition, the Spark has front and bottom cameras for increasing maneuverability while flying.


It is also small and light enough to make it easy to carry around with you. The Spark only weighs around 300 grams, which is less than a can of soda.

The Spark has a few downsides though. It is very small, so it could get lost easily if you are not careful. The camera resolution could be better and the flying time is quite short at around 16 minutes (but still plenty of time to have fun).


Gesture controls

Short Flight Time (16 minutes)

Intelligent Flight Modes


Small Drone

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Low resolution camera

Charging time increases with usage time (around 45 minutes from 0 to 100%)

The Spark is a great drone for anyone who wants to try their hand at flying a quadcopter without spending too much. It is very easy to fly and the intelligent flight modes will help you capture some stunning video and photographs.

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6. Parrot Bebop 2 (Best Parrot Drone)

The Parrot Bebop 2 is the latest in Parrots Drone series and it comes with a number of new and exciting features. The Bebop 2 has a 14-megapixel camera that can capture high-quality photos and video. It can record video footage at 1080p Full HD resolution at 30 frames per second. It can also snap photographs at 2048×1536 resolution.

The drones camera is capable of some neat tricks too. It can record slow motion video (at a very high frame rate). It also has the ability to take photographs that are focused in the foreground and blurred in the background, which is great for capturing landscapes.

The Parrot Bebop 2 also comes with a lot of intelligent flight modes. It can follow you as you adventure through various locations. The drone can also create a circular flight pattern so that it can capture footage of everything around it. There is also an ‘Asteroid’ mode, which allows the Bebop 2 to take a selfie.

The Parrot Bebop 2 has a number of other features that make this a great drone for both beginner and more experienced flyers. It only weighs around 300 grams, so it is very portable. It is also easy to fly. In addition, it has a battery that can last up to 25 minutes on a single charge. The charging time may vary depending on how much the drone is used.

The Parrot Bebop 2 does have a few downsides; it does not come with a controller so you will have to use your smartphone and the 14-megapixel camera does not have the greatest resolution.


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Long battery life

Intelligent Flight Modes

Lightweight and Portable


Does not come with a controller

Low resolution camera

The Parrot Bebop 2 is a great drone for anyone looking to capture some stunning video and photographs without breaking the bank. The lightweight and portable design makes it very easy to take with you on your travels.

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7. DJI Spark

The Spark is one of the most recent drones released by drone giant, DJI. The Spark is designed to be portable, you can easily carry it around with you and take amazing photographs from new locations.

The Spark can fly for around 16 minutes on a single charge and it takes around 50 minutes to fully charge. It also has some incredible intelligent flight modes. You can set boundaries so the Spark does not fly out of range, you can create ‘narrow corridors’ to fly through and the Spark can even perform 360-degree spins.

The Spark’s camera is incredibly easy to use. Just tap on what you want it to focus on and the drone will do the rest. It can take 12-megapixel photos and Full HD video. It can also record slow motion footage at 120 frames per second. You can also edit your pictures and videos directly from the drone.

The Spark is not just a great drone for photos, it is also great for fun. It can perform acrobatic moves like spinning on the spot, as well as ascending and descending rapidly. The Spark’s speed is limited to protect your property and your safety.

Unfortunately, the Spark can only fly in GPS mode when a mobile device is connected. If you fly it without a phone it will not be able to return to your location automatically if you lose connection and will fly around at random (It has an almost 2-mile range so this could be dangerous).

The Spark cannot stream video footage to the user’s device either, so you can’t record what it sees as you fly it. This means you will have to rely on the camera’s microphone to capture any sounds as you fly it.

The Spark does come with a controller, unlike the Parrot Bebop 2, but it has far fewer features. It does not have a clip so you can attach your phone and see what the drone sees. You have to rely on your smartphone for this.

The Spark’s controller does have a small screen, which shows you what the drone is seeing without having to use your phone, but this is not as good as having your phone’s display. The screen also has very low resolution, making it hard to see what you are filming or photographing at times.

The Spark’s low-quality controller is especially problematic when it comes to flying the drone. It doesn’t feel very nice in the hands and the joysticks don’t offer much grip.

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The Spark’s saving grace is its Autel Robotics EVO camera slider, which is an optional extra that you can buy for an additional $80USD/$100AUD. This clever device connects to the Spark and allows you to take professional-quality photographs from the sky in a variety of different ways. You can buy yours here.

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8. ZeroTech Dobby

The Dobby is one of the most fun and affordable drones around. It is incredibly easy to fly, which makes it ideal for beginners. Its camera is pretty good but not great and its battery lasts for around 9 minutes, which is fairly short considering most drones last between 10 and 20 minutes these days.

The Dobby is pretty small and lightweight. It measures 3.3 x 3.3 x 2.2 inches and weighs just a little over a pound.

This makes it extremely portable and able to fly in small spaces. It also comes with its own carrying case, which makes it easy to transport and store when not in use.

The Dobby is controlled using a smartphone app, which allows you to see what the drone sees as you fly it. It can be set to automatic or you can control the camera yourself using the app.

The Dobby can be set to send you notifications when it has finished charging and when it is time to return home. This is a great safety feature that all beginner pilots should use, as it helps you remember to bring your drone home before the battery dies/

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It also has height restrictions, which means you can’t fly it above a certain height. If you do try to fly too high, it will automatically return to your current height. This is another great safety feature and ensures no damage is done if the drone accidentally gets too close to a skyscraper or bridge.

The Dobby has a very low profile and six rotors. This makes it look a little like a bug and helps it avoid predators when it is in the wild. To top it all off, it is green and yellow, which are nature’s favorite colors (well, at least for drones).

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