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Best Dot Matrix Printer for Windows 10?

The first thing that comes to mind when one thinks about the best dot matrix printer for windows 10 is the HP EliteBook 8560wz or Dell Precision M6500. These two printers are very popular among professionals and students due to their high performance and low price tag. They have been around since 2012 and 2013 respectively. The HP Elitebook 8560wz is priced at $1,299 while the Dell Precision M6500 is priced at $999.

These two printers are not only powerful but they also offer great features such as:

Full color printing with support for CMYK and RGB ink colors.

Support for multiple document sizes including A4, letter, business card, poster and much more!

Printing from any internet connected device (PC/Mac) using Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

High resolution print up to 11″ x 17″.

Support for various types of paper including matte, glossy, archival and many more.

Support for various media types including transparencies, cards and photo paper.

The only downside to these two printers is that they are not the most portable of machines but that is understandable considering how powerful they are. If you need a high quality printer which can also replace your scanner and photocopier these are the printers for you.

Best Dot Matrix Printer Under 500?

The Brother HL-2035 is the best dot matrix printer under $500. It can print up to 31 pages-per-minute in black and white and up to 16.5 pages per minute in color! The Brother HL-2035 also comes with a 2.7 inch full color touchscreen for ease of use.

The Brother HL-2035’s low price puts it in competition with equivalent printers such as the Igenix IDP24 which is also very popular due to its low cost of $200 and high quality printing. The Igenix IDP24 is slightly slower at 19 PPM in black and white and 10 PPM in color but it is still a very good printer.

Best Dot Matrix Printer Under 200?

The best dot matrix printers under $200 are the PhotoSmart 7515 and the Brother HL-2135. These two printers are very similar when it comes to speed with the Brother HL-2135 coming out slightly ahead at 18 PPM in black and white and 13.5 PPM in color. The Brother HL-2135 is only $20 cheaper than the HP P1000 PhotoSmart 7515 but the Brother HL-2135 is much faster, more efficient and better quality when printing photographs. If you are looking for a cheap printer for printing photographs and other types of media then we would recommend the Brother HL-2135.

These are all the dot matrix printers which we would recommend. We hope you have found this article useful and if you are looking for a new dot matrix printer for your business then you now know which ones to pick. If you liked this article then let us know in the comment section below!

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