Best Donut Makers

Best Commercial Donut Maker: Sunbeam Full Size Donuts

Sunbeam full size donuts are made from wheat flour and sugar. They have a light texture and taste good with or without frosting. These are one of the most popular commercial donut makers because they come in various flavors such as chocolate chip, strawberry shortcake, vanilla bean, peanut butter cup…you get the idea!

The dough is mixed by hand and then it’s rolled out into a circle. Then the donuts are placed inside the donut pan and baked until golden brown. You can buy these donuts at many stores including Walmart, Target, Kmart, Meijer, Food Lion and others.


They’re cheap! You can purchase them at any store. They come in different flavors like chocolate chip, strawberry shortcake, vanilla bean, peanut butter cup…you get the idea! They’re easy to make! You just need a bowl and some ingredients.

Easy to clean up too since they don’t require baking powder or anything else besides your hands. Cons: None really.

Best Commercial Mini Donut Maker: Babycakes Mini Donut Maker

The Babycakes mini donut maker creates three delicious mini-donuts at a time. It’s made in the USA with a non-stick cooking plate for easy cleaning. Simply add the ingredients, press down and your mini-donuts are ready. The Babycakes mini donut maker is fun for all ages and makes a perfect gift. It is available at specialty kitchen stores as well as online.

Pros: The main pro is that it makes mini donuts! So if you love donuts but don’t want a huge amount, then these are perfect since they’re smaller than the normal size. You can make them as healthy or unhealthy as you want since all you need is add your own ingredients. For example, you can make some that are gluten-free. You can also make some that donuts without all the extra sugars or fats.

Another pro is that they’re quick and easy to make. Since they cook so fast you can get a quick snack very easily.

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Cons: The only “real” con is that they’re small, which could be a pro too for some people!

Best Donut Maker: Sunbeam Donut Maker

The Sunbeam donut maker is a great addition for anyone who loves to cook and would love to try something new. It’s easy to use and the donuts come out tasting delicious. Since the Sunbeam donut maker can be used to make other foods, it takes up less space and is more versatile than a mini-donut machine. The Sunbeam donut maker is a great gift for anyone since it’s so versatile and delicious!

Pros: The Sunbeam donut maker can make other foods such as turkey burgers, chicken nuggets, pancakes, hashbrowns, and more. It has a built in timer that lets you know when the food is done so you don’t have to stand next to it the whole time. The non-stick cooking surface makes clean up easy.

Cons: The only downside is that it can be a little bit pricier than the other donut makers. However, it’s still less than buying them from a donut shop. Also, it takes up more space than a mini-donut maker would.

More Great Finds

Everyone loves donuts, and these are the best donut makers to purchase for your home or someone else’s! Hopefully, this list has helped you make your decision easier!

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