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The most popular doll house for kids is the one made by Mattel. However, there are many other manufacturers making similar products. There are different types of doll houses: wooden, plastic, foam and so on. They all have their advantages and disadvantages. Some of them are cheaper than others. You will need to decide which type of dollhouse suits your needs best.

There are several types of wooden dollhouses available today:

1) Wooden dollhouses with or without windows (or even none at all).

These kinds of dolls houses are very cheap and easy to build. However, they do not offer much privacy since they don’t provide any kind of door opening or window openings.

2) Wooden dollhouses with or without doors.

These kinds of dollhouses are usually expensive and require some extra work. However, they provide better privacy since they allow you to see inside and out from every angle.

3) Plastic dollhouses.

These kinds of dollhouses are quite expensive but they provide good privacy because they have a glass fronted door opening which allows you to look in any direction while still being able to hear what’s going on outside.

4) Foam dollhouses.

These kinds of dollhouses are usually cheap and easy to construct. You can also buy them ready-made. They are quite light and it’s easy to carry them around.

However, they don’t look very realistic because they don’t have proper interiors (they just have a sheet of foam as their walls).

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As you can see there are several types of dollhouses which provide different advantages and disadvantages. If you want your child to have a realistic looking dollhouse then you need to buy a wooden dollhouse with a proper door opening and windows. However, these types of dollhouses are usually expensive and require some extra effort to be put in while building them.

You can also buy a plastic dollhouse although it might be quite expensive.

There are several places where you can buy a dollhouse in reasonable price and good quality. You can try online stores like Amazon or Ebay or local toy stores. You can even try garage sales in your area.

Make sure that you inspect the dollhouse before buying it to see if there are any cracks, missing parts or worn out paint. It’s better to buy from a reliable store so you can return it in case it is broken or doesn’t work properly. Look for dollhouses which are pre-painted and have interiors so your child does not have to waste time or get frustrated because she has to do it herself.

There are several types of accessories available for dollhouses. You can buy furniture, carpets, curtains and a lot more for your dollhouse depending on your child’s preferences. If you buy furniture for your dollhouse then make sure it is compatible with the dollhouse.

Also, keep in mind the size of the furniture otherwise your child will end up frustrated because she won’t be able to play with it properly. You can also buy figurines which can be placed inside the dollhouse. However, keep in mind that these figurines can be quite expensive depending on the number of pieces you are buying. You can also buy themed dollhouses if your child likes something specific like Disney or Thomas the tank engine.

Most dollhouses are designed and manufactured in china nowadays.

Ultimately, the most important thing is to pick a dollhouse which your child will enjoy for several years to come. Make sure that your daughter likes the dollhouse before buying it because no point in buying a dollhouse which gets neglected after a few days. If you are not sure about a particular dollhouse, try asking the opinion of other parents whose children have experience with that particular dollhouse.

Here are some questions to ask yourself before buying a dollhouse:

Best Dollhouses - Purch Marketplace


What is my budget?


What kind of dollhouse will my daughter like?


Does she like Disney princesses, Barbie, Thomas the tank engine or something else?


Do I prefer a wooden, plastic or cardboard dollhouse?


Where can I find the best deals on good quality dollhouses?


What accessories will make the dollhouse more fun to play with?


How much time and effort am I willing to put in to assemble the dollhouse?

8)What is the maximum amount of money I am willing to spend on a dollhouse?

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