Best Dog Leashes

Best Dog Leash: What Is It?

A dog leash is a device designed to hold a dog’s collar or harness while allowing the animal freedom of movement. A good quality leash will not only keep your pet safe but it will also allow him to move around freely without getting tangled up in anything. There are many types of leashes available today; however, there are two main categories that most people associate with best dog leashes: collars and harnesses.


The term “leash” refers to any type of attachment that holds a dog’s collar or harness. Collar leashes are generally made from leather, nylon, plastic, rubber or metal. They come in different sizes and styles and they all have their advantages and disadvantages. Some collars are adjustable so that they can fit various sized dogs.

Others have quick release buckles which make them easy to attach and remove when needed.

Leash Types: Collar Leashes

Dog Leash Straps – These straps are usually made of elastic material, such as webbing or velcro. They are often used for small breeds like pugs, bulldogs, terriers and chihuahuas. These types of leashes give the owner more control over their pets and are very convenient for keeping close control over a rowdy pet. They also prevent dogs from slipping out of their collars.

Retractable Leashes – Also known as the reel leash these are popular among dog owners who like to give their pets a little more freedom and room to explore. The leash can either be stored in the owner’s pocket or in a hand-held device. When needed, the cord is simply pulled out to a desired length and locked into place. This type of leash is very convenient for walking dogs on open fields, parks and golf courses.

They also allow owners to control their pets at all times by keeping a tight rein on them.

Extendable Leashes – These are long fabric leashes with handles at either end. The advantage of this type of leash is that they can be extended up to twenty feet in length. While these types of leashes provide the owner with more freedom, most dogs do not like the extra length and try to remain closer to their owners.

Retractable Car Leash – The retractable car leashes are a combination of a collar and a retractable leash. They have a built-in safety feature that prevents the leash from stretching too far out.

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Harnesses are worn around the dog’s torso and are a very safe way of securing your pets. They provide more control over dogs that like to pull and are especially useful for dogs that are strong or determined to get what they want regardless of what you want. Harnesses can be made of leather, nylon or metal and each material has their advantages and disadvantages. These harnesses come in various designs and colors.

They are also sold with or without a leash.

Other types of dog leashes include:

Leather couplings – also known as the “dead man” or “ghost” leash, these devices are designed to be an alternative to keeping your dog on a retractable leash. They allow dogs a fair amount of freedom while still preventing them from running off too far and getting lost.

Retractable Car Leashes – These are simply retractable leashes with a loop on one end that attaches to the dog’s collar. They are perfect for walking dogs in the car. The long cord allows you to secure your pet to the seat-belt buckle so they don’t jump around too much.

Tug Lines – Also known as pulley systems, these devices consist of a short rope or strap with a handle on one end and a loop on the other. They are perfect for training dogs to behave. They can also be used in place of a leash and harness.

Headcollars – Also known as choker chains, these devices go around the dog’s head just behind the ears. Unlike regular collars that go around the neck these devices do not constrict the throat. They provide owners with more control over their pets and are perfect for strong willed or determined dogs.

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