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1. Best Dog Ear Cleaners:

Zymox® Gel – (Zymez)

The first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word “dog” is fleas. There are many different types of flea infestations on dogs, but one type that’s most common is the roundworm or whipworm.

These worms cause a painful condition called hookworm. Hookworms are not just annoying, they’re dangerous too! They can spread diseases like toxoplasmosis and even cancer. If left untreated, these parasites can cause death. Fortunately there is a way to get rid of them without having to resort to using toxic chemicals or surgery.

There are several products available for treating fleas including sprays, creams and ointments which all work pretty well at killing fleas. However, recent studies have shown that one of the best products available for killing fleas is Zymox.

Zymox is a natural product which uses enzymes and antibiotics to get rid of fleas and their eggs. It doesn’t just kill adult fleas either, it also kills all of their stages of development including eggs and larva. This means that you can be sure that your dog won’t get re-infested with fleas after using this product. Zymox is a great way to get rid of fleas on your dog, but it also works for treating other types of skin conditions as well.

There are many different skin irritations that can occur on dogs including hot spots, rashes and even yeast infections. One of the most common skin irritations in dogs is caused by yeast.

If your dog has been itching a lot lately and has red patches of skin you should probably have them checked for a yeast infection. One of the best products for treating yeast infections is Zymox. Zymox works by cleansing the skin of yeast and other harmful microorganisms that can lead to infection. It works great on dogs, but also on people too.

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2. Best Dog Ear Cleaners For Yeast:

Zymox – (Zymez)

yeast is a type of fungus, and just like other types of fungi, it can be very harmful to the human body. One of the most common places for yeast to grow is on your skin.

Most commonly it will manifest itself in the form of a rash, but in some rare cases it can also affect your ears. If you feel like your dog might be suffering from an ear infection caused by yeast, then you should take them to the vet right away.

Most dogs will build up a tolerance to yeast after repeated exposure, but in some rare cases it can become so powerful that it leads to an infection. Anal sacs are another common place for yeast to grow on dogs.

If your dog has an ear infection caused by yeast, there’s a good chance they may also have a yeast infection in their sacs too. If left untreated the infection could spread to their blood, which could be potentially fatal. If you believe that your dog has a yeast infection you should take them to the vet as soon as possible.

The ear canal is very complex and deep. This makes it very easy for objects like dirt and wax to get trapped inside.

Most dogs don’t like when someone sticks things in their ears, which is why you should only use dog ear cleaners under the guidance of a veterinarian. Before you begin make sure that you trim your dogs ear hair with scissors. The hair in your dogs ears should not be allowed to grow too long as it can trap debris making it easier for bacteria to fester.

Over the counter drops are only effective half the time and they don’t always kill the yeast, they only temporarily stop it from growing back. In order to permanently get rid of a yeast infection you will need to take your dog to the vet to receive prescription drugs.

Before giving your dog any drugs be sure to read the side effects and warnings on the label. It is also a good idea to ask your vet what the drug is being given for as well as how it will be administered.

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Best Dog Ear Cleaners For Yeast

Zymox Otic is perfect for dogs who are suffering from ear infections caused by yeast. Zymox Otic contains three unique enzymes, which when put in the infected ear destroy the cell walls of yeast and its cousin bacteria.

Unlike other dog ear cleaners, Zymox Otic also helps to remove debris that has accumulated in your dogs ear.

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These enzymes are not only effective on yeast; they also destroy the cell walls of many bacteria. Bacteria can cause a whole host of other problems like inflammation and infection.

Zymox Otic can help to clear up these problems by removing the bacteria from your dogs ear.

Up until now most over the counter ear cleaners for dogs only cleaned and dried out the external ear. This has been sufficient for most dog owners.

Zymox Otic cleans, dries and also treats the infection in your dog’s ear. It contains two powerful antifungal medicines: Ketoconazole and Amphotericin B. Both of these medicines attack yeast and other fungal infections, which are commonly found in a dogs ear canal.

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It is easy to use Zymox Otic, just place a few drops in your dog’s ear twice a day for two weeks. You will notice an improvement in your dog’s ear after the first use.

After two weeks the infection should be gone and your dog’s ear will be cleaner and less smelly. If you do not notice any major improvements when using Zymox Otic after a week you should take your dog to the veterinarian.

Zymox Otic is available in an easy-to-use bottle with a dropper for applying the medicine. The small size makes it convenient to take with you to the vet’s office.

Zymox Otic is highly effective in preventing future ear infections from occurring, especially if you also keep the inside of your dog’s ear clean and dry. It is very important that you clean the inside of your dog’s ear once a week.

Cleaning your dog’s ears on a weekly basis will help to prevent most ear problems from occurring in the first place.

If you have any further questions on how to treat a yeast infection in dogs please feel free to contact us.

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