Best Distortion Pedals

Best Distortion Pedal: The M75 Super Badassed Distortion Pedal

The M75 is one of the most popular distortion pedals among heavy music heads. It’s not just because it sounds good, but also because it looks like a cool guitar amp.

But what does it do?

Let’s take a look at its features…

What Is A Fuzz Face And Why Does It Matter For Metal Music?

A fuzz face is a type of overdrive circuit which uses a capacitor (or other component) to produce a wide range of harmonics when turned up. These are usually quite unpleasant sounding, so they’re typically used in effects pedals where you don’t want the sound to be too clean or too distorted. They tend to have less gain than true overdrives, and their output level tends to drop off quickly with increasing levels of volume.

Why Should I Care About A Fuzz Face?

Fuzz faces are useful in metal because they add some character without being overpowering. If your guitar sounds muddy, then adding a fuzz face will make it sound fuller and cleaner. Some folks use them as a way to get rid of harshness in their tone. Other folks love them for their ability to give a vintage vibe to their tones!

What Does The M75 Do Well?

The MXR M75 is a great fuzz face pedal. It sounds good and feels great as well. Its great for those who need a vintage feel to their music as well as those who listen to heavy metal. The pedal has the standard features that you find in most high-quality pedals, such as true bypass, an LED indicator, and a sturdy construction. Its comfortable to use and its battery can last for a long time too!


The pedals biggest problem is that it suffers from what many other fuzz face pedals suffer from, namely a lack of bass response. This means that when turned up, the pedal can begin to sound very muddled and unclear.

However, this isn’t really much of an issue for those who play metal music!

Who’s It For And Why You Should Use It

This pedal is for you if you play metal and have a strong desire to get that vintage sound. Its especially for you if you want a fuzz face pedal but are tired of pedals which sound too artificial.

This is the real deal, and it sounds oh so sweet!

The Top 3 Best Distortion Pedals (Reviews)

Best Distortion Pedals - PURCH MARKETPLACE

The pedals below are listed in no particular order.

1. The Ibanez Tube Screamer

This pedal has been around since the late 70’s and continues to be a favorite among metal players for its unique ability to give a clear sound while still having a heavy tone. If you’re looking to add some more character to your sound without completely changing it then this is definitely the pedal for you.

In addition it also has an EQ knob that allows you to adjust the tone to your liking.


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