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Best Disc Golf Sets – Innova Champion Set

Innova’s Champion Discs are the most technologically advanced sets ever made. They have been designed from the ground up to provide the ultimate in performance and durability.

These discs are not only very high quality, but they also feature innovative features that will improve your game dramatically.

The Innova Champion Series is a line of premium plastic discs specifically developed for professional level play. The Champion series was created to give disc golfers the ultimate in performance and durability.

These discs are available in three weights: Super Speed (SS), Midrange (MM) and Lightweight (LW). Each weight comes with its own unique flight characteristics, which make them ideal for different types of players.

Super Speed Plastic – The SS version of the Champion Discs are the lightest discs offered by Innova. These discs are perfect for those looking to get into competitive play without having to spend a fortune.

Midrange Plastic – The MM version of the Champion Discs are the medium weight discs, perfect for experienced players who want to take their game to the next level.

Lightweight Plastic – The LW version of the Champion Discs are great for beginners or anyone wanting a disc that flies straight and true. The unique weight of these discs is between the SS and the MM versions.

The Champion line also features three different flexibilities: Super Flexible (SF), Medium Flexibility (MF) and Stiff Flexibility (SF). The combination of weight and flexibility makes each disc suitable for different types of throws.

Super Flexible – The SF discs are the perfect choice for beginning players. The discs can be manipulated very easily, making them ideal for both beginning and veteran disc golfers.

Medium Flexibility – The MF discs are great for players with a little bit of experience. These discs can be thrown in a variety of ways, making them well-rounded.

Stiff Flexibility – The SF discs are the most difficult to manipulate, and are designed for pro level players. These discs are designed to achieve maximum distance and are especially useful for driving.

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Best Disc Golf Sets – Innova Starter Set

The innova disc golf starter set is simply the best quality discs you can get for the price. The set comes with a driver, a midrange disc, a putter, and a mini marker disc that is easy to see even if it is tossed into the woods.

This set is perfect for the beginner who wants to learn the basics of disc golf and still have quality equipment while doing it.

Best Disc Golf Drivers – Innova Champion Firebird

The innova champion firebird is the perfect driver for those with more experience. This driver is extremely predictable and can be thrown according to your distance needs.

The firebird has a shallow grip that is perfect for players who need extra help with accuracy.

Best Disc Golf Midrange – Innova DX Valkyrie

The innova dx valkyrie is the best seller in innovas DX line. The valkyrie is a stable to over-stable midrange.

This disc has a solid reputation for reliable performance and a comfortable feel in the hand.

Best Disc Golf Putters – Innova DX Shark

The innova dx shark is the most popular disc in the innova DX line. The shark is a predictable putter with a consistent finish.

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It can also be used for short drives and approach shots. The disc is very affordable, which makes it even more appealing for potential buyers.

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