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What are booster seats?

Booster seats are a type of child safety seat designed to provide extra protection from the risk of falling off a chair or other surface while sitting up. They’re often used with car seats, but they work just as well for children as they do for infants and toddlers.

Booster seats have two main parts: A base part that sits on top of your furniture (or any flat surface) and a harness that attaches around your child’s waist. You attach it to the backrest of your chair so that when your child stands up, their legs don’t extend beyond the edge of the seat.

The harness is attached to a strap that runs through a buckle on each side of your child’s body. When you put them in the booster seat, these straps secure them securely into place.

You can buy booster seats online, at most big box stores like Target and Walmart, or even at toy stores. But if you want something custom made for your family, there are some companies that make them right here in the United States.

Booster seats come in different sizes and styles. Look for one with a backrest, arm rests, and a non-slip surface.

Some have trays with cup holders to hold drinks.

Booster seats are designed for use at home or in the car. They’re not intended to be used outside, like at a restaurant or other public place.

Booster chairs are a great way to get your toddler used to sitting at the dinner table. You can help them to stay balanced on their bottom, while keeping their feet from dragging on the floor.

Some children prefer to use a high chair but a booster chair can give you better control and more safety.

When your child is ready to use a regular chair at the dinner table, you can just secure them with a regular seat belt.

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Let’s talk safety for a minute. All booster seats should come with a five-point harness, but some are more difficult to correctly secure than others.

Look for one with plenty of straps (not just one) that have multiple attachment points around the chair. This will help keep your child from slipping out.

Other tips include: Don’t buy a used booster seat. Old ones might not have been stored properly and could be damaged in a crash, even if they look fine.

Choose a basic model without any bells or whistles; you don’t want extra parts that can break or fall off. Also avoid any that attach to just one chair because once your child outgrows that chair, the booster seat is useless.

Unfortunately, you can’t legally use a booster seat until your child is 1) tall enough to sit without slouching, 2) big enough to stay seated without slouching, and 3) strong enough to sit still in an accident. Until then, babies and toddlers in car seats need to remain rear-facing unless their car seat manufacturer or the law in your state says otherwise.

But once your child reaches that age and height, you’ll be ready for a booster seat.

There’s a host of choices when it comes to booster seats. Some have backrests, armrests, and cup holders.

Others work for younger children and even convert into a toddler seat that fastens into a regular chair without the need for a tray. Some boosters even come with built-in seatbelts! Here are some ideas to get you started:

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What Should I Look For In A Child’s Car Seat?

You should look for the same basic things in a car seat that you would in a regular seat for yourself.

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