Best Dimmable Light Bulbs

Best Dimmable Light Bulbs: What are they?

The term “dimmer” is used when referring to a light bulb which makes it easier for your eyes to adjust to darkness. A dimmer will make the lights brighter at night time, but they may not be bright enough for reading or other activities during the day.

Dimmable light bulbs are those that do not require constant adjustment. They don’t need to be turned up all the way every single time you turn them on. You can leave them on low, and then turn them off when you’re done using them. These types of light bulbs have a lower energy consumption than their non-dimming counterparts.

How Do They Work?

These types of light bulbs use a technology called Energy Star. This means that these lights are designed with energy efficiency in mind. They save power when they aren’t needed, and they conserve electricity when they are.

There are two main types of dimmers: wall-mounting and ceiling-mounted models. Wall-mounting dimmers work well if you want to keep your lights close to where you live or work, since most homes have walls around them now. These can be installed by drilling a hole in the wall and fastening it with screws.

Ceiling-mounted dimmers are best for larger rooms, since you can set them up anywhere and they will cover a wide enough area. These need to be mounted directly into the ceiling with strong bolts or else they won’t work very well.

Ceiling-mounted dimmers can also be used for suspended lights which are fixed into place. They should be installed by professionals, because they need to be wired into the current wiring of a house or office.


Dimmable light bulbs can save you a lot of money in the long run, since they aren’t used as much when they aren’t needed. They can also be adjusted to create the perfect atmosphere for your bedroom at night. Not all lights need to be bright, and those that you don’t need very bright can easily be dimmed.


Some light bulbs burn out faster when used as dimmers. This means that you may have to replace yours more often than usual, which can get expensive in the long run. Not every light bulb is designed to function as a dimmer, so when buying these types of lights, it is best to check the box first to make sure they are dimmable. Otherwise, your lights might stop working completely after a few weeks or months.

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