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What are the advantages of Digital Ballasts?

Digital ballasts have been designed with safety in mind. They use less power than traditional analog ballasts and they run cooler, which means they will not overheat your house or equipment when used at full capacity. These features make them safer to operate. You may also save money because digital ballasts usually cost less to purchase and maintain.


How long does it take to charge my digital ballast?

Most digital ballasts come with a built-in charger that will allow you to get up and running quickly. Some models may require you to plug the unit into an outlet first before charging. If your model requires you to connect it directly into an outlet, please refer to the instruction manual for details on how to set it up. Most units will automatically turn on after being plugged in and ready for use. Please note: Some models may need to be charged while connected to an outlet.


Can I still use my old analog ballast if I upgrade to a digital one?

Yes! Analog ballasts can work just fine with any new digital ballast. However, some newer models include built-in wireless technology that allows you to control the lights from anywhere in the world without having to unplug your existing device.


How do I get my ballast to work with my ventilation?

If you have a ventilation system, such as air conditioning or even a breeze, near your grow room, please consider the following when using your digital ballast:

a) The exhaust from the unit may interfere with your lighting. Be sure to keep proper spacing between your equipment and any mechanical devices in the room.

b) Make sure to keep your equipment at least 2 feet away from the walls or any other objects.

c) Check all cables and wires to make sure that nothing is touching and that there are no exposed wires.

d) If you need to use extension cords, please be sure to use heavy duty, outdoor rated cords. Never use indoor extension cords, as they could create a fire hazard.

e) Never run your device without a reflector or hood.

f) If any wires come lose, turn off the unit immediately and fix the problem before turning it back on.


What kind of temperature does my digital ballast produce?

While you may notice a little more warmth coming from your new digital ballast, rest assured it is not nearly as hot as some people think. Compared to a household light bulb that may get as hot as 2500 degrees, your digital ballast operates at a much lower temperature.

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What are the dimensions of my digital ballast?

The dimensions for most digital ballasts will vary slightly depending on the size of the unit. The following are some of the most common dimensions of the average digital ballast. Please note that the following dimensions are not exact and may vary slightly with different models.




Where can I place my digital ballast for optimal ventilation?

Make sure that your device has proper airflow at all times. Do not place your device:

a) In direct sunlight

b) In areas with high humidity (bathrooms, near showers, etc)

c) In a drafty area (near an open window, door, etc)

d) In an enclosed area without ventilation


What happens if the power goes out and comes back on? Do I need to reset my timer or anything like that?

No. Your digital ballast will come on as soon as it is plugged in. The timer is not necessary for these devices, as they are equipped with sensors and a chip that will automatically turn the lights on and off depending on the time of day.

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How do I fix the digital ballast from turning on at night?

There may be multiple causes for this issue. Please check the following before contacting customer service:

a) Make sure to place the ballast in an area that gets constant light. Ambient light from lamps or windows should be sufficient.

b) Check and make sure that there aren’t any extension cords or power strips turned off. If you use an extension cord make sure to use a heavy duty one.

c) Be sure there aren’t any loose wires connected to your ballast or your lighting.

d) Be sure that your ballast is receiving proper power by plugging it into a working wall outlet.

e) If you experience this issue only during the night, try flipping the light switch off and then back on. This may “re-set” the internal sensors on the ballast.

f) If none of these options help, please contact customer service.


Do I have to use a ballast with a reflector/hood?

Yes. If you do not use a hood for your lighting, you run the risk of causing serious fire damage. We highly recommend using a hood with all HID lights (bulbs and ballasts).

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What is the best way to mount my lighting fixture?

Assemble your fixture before mounting to make sure all parts are included.

a) Place the mounting bracket on your chosen location.

b) Then place the fixture on the mounting bracket, and turn Clockwise to Secure it.

c) If your light includes chains for hanging, hook the chains over the ceiling beam and turn the screws to secure them in place. Make sure that none of the metal parts on any parts of the fixture are facing inward towards the center of the fixture.

d) If you need to raise or lower the light, turn the screws on the chains to adjust their length, making sure that the metal parts on any of the fixture’s parts are not facing inward towards the center of the fixture (this would be a fire hazard).


What is my ballast warranty?

All of our digital ballasts come with a 3-year warranty. The warranty covers any manufacturer defects. See our website for full warranty information.


Do you offer an installation service?

No. We do not offer an installation service, but we do sell everything you need to get up and running!


I just placed an order, when will it ship?

We ship all orders within 1-2 business days. Once your order ships, you’ll receive a shipping confirmation email with the tracking number.


What is the best way to water my plants?

We recommend using a drip system or a watering can. Please make sure not to over water your plants, as this causes the biggest problems (root rot). Feel free to download our Nutrient Calculator to determine how much nutrients your plants need.


How do I get the best yield possible?

There are many factors that will affect your yield:


How big is your grow space (how many watts), and what is the lighting schedule?

The more room you have, the more plants you can have. We recommend one light per 4ft x 4ft (or 2ft x 8ft) area.

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b) What nutrients are you using, and how much are you feeding your plants (nutrients come in grams or ml, not ounces). We offer a full line of nutrients to meet your grower’s needs. You can also use other brands of nutrients, but we cannot guarantee the results or safety of doing so.


What is your grow method (Soil, Hydroponics, or top-feeding)?

There are certain nutrients sets designed for each method of growing. Although you can use any nutrients (purchased separately) with our sets, we can only offer full support when using our designed nutrients.


How long is your light on per day?

This affects how big your plants get. If your light is on 18 hours a day, your plants will grow bigger than if the light was on 12 hours a day.


How experienced are you (novice, intermediate, or expert)?

The more experience you have, the bigger harvest you will get.

f) Does the temperature fluctuate in your grow space (heater, AC, or just normal temperature fluctuations in summer/winter). A stable environment is best for growing plants.


What is the humidity in your grow space (humidity should be kept between 45% – 55%)?

h) Are there any drafts in your grow space (secure all air circulation devices, especially fans).


Are you using gas or electric to power your light(s)?

Although either is okay to use, we recommend using a less expensive electricity plan (or even better, solar panels).


What is the yield advertised for this product?

The bigger the yield, the bigger your final crop will be.


How big will my plants get if I provide the best conditions possible for them?

With the right nutrients, a perfect grow space, and enough light to keep the plants happy and growing, your plants could get as big as you’ve always dreamed of.

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What is the difference between your lights and other brands?

a) Our LED Grow Lights provide more efficiency (more light for less energy), better penetration through plant canopy, and more useful light (some non-LED lights have a pink/red hue, which isn’t useful to plants, and just wastes electricity).

b)Our MH/HPS lights provide more lumens per watt than any other bulb on the market.

c)Our Fluorescents provide more useful light (with a more useful color temperature) than any other bulb on the market.


What is the best way to handle/transport my LED lights?

a) If transporting by vehicle, it is always a good idea to have them in their original boxes whenever possible. This will reduce any movement within the box, which could break fragile components.

b) If transporting in the hands, it is always a good idea to carry by the handle. DO NOT hold by the bulb/glass, as this will easily break and be extremely dangerous.


What is the difference between your hydroponic grow systems and other brands?

a) Our systems are the only ones designed in America, and are made with American materials. If ever you have an issue, our knowledgeable staff are easily accessible to help fix the problem.

b) We offer a lifetime warranty on all of our grow systems (99% of our customers will never need it).

c) Our systems have some of the best yields and customer reviews out of any other system.

d) We offer a wide selection of other growing equipment, all of which is compatible with our grows systems.

e) We provide full training and instructions on how to get the best yields out of your system.

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f) We believe in our products, and will do everything in our power to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase.

g) Our shipping is discreet, as our products will arrive in plain brown boxes from “DHG”. We take the privacy of our customers seriously.

h) We’ve been at this for over a decade and have had well over 10,000 customers.

i) We offer a 100% money back guarantee if you aren’t completely satisfied with your product.

j) Our customer service is always willing and able to help you with any issue you may have.

k) You will always be able to reach a real person when calling us!

l) The owner, Davin, of DHG is very hands on, and is always willing to speak with customers to address any concerns they may have.

m) You will receive a product that is American Made and designed.


What is the difference between your hydroponic nutrients and other brands?

a) Our nutrients are made from the highest quality ingredients, with formulations that have been developed to provide maximum crop yields. Our products contain maximum strength ingredients in every bottle. Most other brands dilute their products, so they can fill more bottles (and make more money).

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b) We offer more products per bottle (10 for most), and you use less nutrients when comparing our products to our competitors. This results in big savings!

c) All of our hydroponic nutrients come with a money back guarantee. If you aren’t completely satisfied with our products, you may return them for a full refund. No questions asked.

d) All of our hydroponic nutrients have been thoroughly tested and proven to produce the results that we advertise.

e) Our formulas are custom blended for maximum crop yields, making them perfect for your hydroponic system.

f) If you have a certain nutrient formula you would like, just let us know and we can custom blend it for you. We can create any formula you would like!

g) You may purchase hydroponic nutrients individually or you can save money by getting them in a variety pack.

h) Our 1-Gallon bottles are easy to handle and store, and because they are concentrated, one bottle will make five gallons of ready to use nutrient solution.

i) All of our products are made right here in the USA!


What exactly is growstone and how is it used?

a) Growstone is a media that can hold up to 10 times its weight in water, which makes it perfect for hydroponic growing. It can also be molded into any shape you want. It is clean and free of bacteria. The growstone we sell is also pH balanced, which means there is no need to adjust the pH before adding nutrient solution.

23) I’m ready to buy!

Do you accept payment methods other than credit cards?

Yes! We accept payments via PayPal and Bitcoin.

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Do you offer discounts to veterans or military?

Yes, we offer a 10% discount to all active military. Just enter the coupon code “GOVET12” at checkout to receive your discount.

25) My hydroponic grow box isn’t working properly.

Do you offer technical support?

Yes. We offer a 1-year warranty on all of our products. If you have a technical question or problem, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

26) I don’t live in the United States.

Do you ship to my country?

Yes. We provide free shipping to the USA, Canada and Australia. We also provide reasonable shipping rates to the rest of the world. Please contact us if you need a shipping quote.

27) I found a better price somewhere else.

Can you match it?

Our products are priced fairly, and are often cheaper than our competitors. We choose to conserve on advertising rather than demand the highest prices. However, we never say never, so if you find a better price please show us, and we just might be able to match it.

28) How do I grow weed?

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