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Best Desk Hammocks: Best Under Desk Foot Rest?

If you are looking for best under desk foot rest then you have come to right place. There are many types of foot rests available nowadays, but what matters most is how comfortable they are. If it’s too uncomfortable or doesn’t provide enough support, then it won’t give the desired results.

There are several factors which determine if a foot rest will work well for your needs. These include the type of surface, size, weight, material and even the angle at which you sit on it. Some foot rests may not be suitable for all people due to their specific requirements.

So before buying any foot rest make sure that you check out its features thoroughly first!

Below you will find some interesting facts about Best Desk Hammocks. You might like to read them if you’re interested in foot rest for feet.

Foot Rest Features & Benefits:

1) Material : All foot rests are made from various materials such as wood, plastic, metal and other natural materials.

They are usually covered with different kinds of fabrics such as cotton or silk. Most companies use a combination of different materials to make their foot rests which can provide better benefits.

2) Size : Foot rests come in a variety of different sizes from small to large.

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The bigger the size, the more support it can provide. However big foot rests usually take up more space and are not suitable for smaller desks.

3) Portability : Some foot rests are fully portable which means that they can be moved around easily from one place to another as and when required.

This is especially beneficial if you work in multiple locations or move around a lot during your day.

4) Surface : Some foot rests can only be used on a flat surface, others on the other hand can be used on any flat surface no matter what it is made off such as carpet or tiles.

If you need to use your foot rest on a specific type of surface then make sure that it is compatible.

5) Size : The size of your foot rest should match the size of your desk.

It should not be too big or too small otherwise it will look strange and cause discomfort.

6) Weight : Foot rests usually weigh anywhere between 2lbs to 20lbs.

Lighter weight foot rests are easier to carry around and are usually fully portable, however they may not be as durable and reliable compared to heavier weight foot rests.

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7) Angle : Foot rests do not usually have adjustable angles.

They are set at one angle only which is usually between 75 and 90 degrees.

8) Shape : Most foot rests are circular or semicircular in shape.

Others have a more unique oval or rectangular shape.

9) Surface : Most foot rests have a flat surface, however some are curved to provide extra comfort.

10) Materials : Foot rests can be made from a variety of different materials such as wood, plastic, metal and other natural materials.

11) Covering : The covering or fabric that is used to cover the foot rest can be made from cotton, silk, denim or a combination of different materials.

I hope that you have found the Best Foot Rest for your needs. Just remember that the foot rest that you choose will depend entirely on your personal preferences and requirements.

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Best Foot Rest Brands

When choosing a foot rest there are lots of different brands to choose from. Some of the best foot rest brands include:




Big Joe

Foot Rest Sizes

When choosing a foot rest size does matter. You will need to choose the size that is right for you. When lying down on your sofa or chair with your feet fully extended you should have a minimum of 3 inches between the floor and the bottom of your feet.

If this is not possible, then you will need to choose a foot rest that has a larger size.

Common Foot Rest Sizes Include:

Small: 12″ x 5″

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Medium: 15″ x 7″

Large: 18″ x 10″

X-Large: 21″ x 13″

These are just a common size guide that you can use as a reference. If you are still unsure about the correct size, then it might be best to visit a Physiotherapist or Doctor for further advice and guidance.

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