Best Custom Towing Mirrors

Universal Towing Mirror:

The Universal Tow Mirror is the most popular type of towing mirror because it fits all vehicles. However, they are not cheap. They cost around $300-$400 each and there are only a few manufacturers making them. The manufacturer will have different models available so you need to research which one is right for your vehicle before buying. You can get a good deal if you buy several at once from online retailers like Amazon or eBay .

If you plan to use the Universal Tow Mirror with your trailer hitch, make sure it’s compatible with your hitch. Some models are designed specifically for trailers and some aren’t. Also, make sure the Universal Tow Mirror is rated to handle high winds since they don’t come with any kind of wind protection. If you’re going to use the Universal Tow Mirror on your own vehicle, make sure it has a sturdy frame so it won’t break when hit by a car while backing up.

Best Universal Tow Mirror:

There are two types of best towing mirrors: universal and extended. Universal towing mirrors work with all vehicles, but they do require extra parts to install. Extended towing mirrors are designed for vehicles that have large bumpers or other heavy items attached to them. These reflectors can weigh up to 50 pounds each and may even include a spare tire.

That’s why the best universal towing mirrors are made of a lightweight material such as anodized aluminum instead of steel. This type of material is both strong and corrosion-resistant so it will hold up for many years. The surface also helps to improve visibility during inclement weather. With this kind of towing mirror, you’ll have to drill holes in your vehicle to make everything fit correctly. This is the reason you’ll need to do some measuring before buying.

Clip-On Towing Mirrors:

These types of towing mirrors are designed for vehicles that don’t have a place to mount a regular towing mirror. The clips hook over your door windows and should stay in place even on the highway. A few models even come with an elastic band that helps keep them in place.

You can find a clip-on towing mirror for just about any budget. Some are as cheap as $20, while others cost over $100. The difference mainly comes down to materials and quality. Clip-on towing mirrors that cost less than $40 are made of plastic instead of glass. This type of towing mirror works fine for casual use, but it may not stand up to the test of time.

Most people prefer buying a towing mirror with at least some glass since it provides a clearer reflection. Clip-on towing mirrors are very easy to use, but they can be a bit more difficult to position correctly. Each vehicle is different so you may need to play around with the clips to get the right fit.

Extended Towing Mirrors:

These types of towing mirrors will extend your vision by several feet on each side. They are specifically designed for vehicles with longer side mirrors or vehicles that have large cargo boxes or spare tires on the back. An extended towing mirror will cost more than the other types of towing mirrors since they are bigger and heavier.

Best Custom Towing Mirrors - from our website

You can find an extended towing mirror at any auto parts store, but it’s best to buy one online. This is because you will most likely get a much better price from an online retailer. Since these types of towing mirrors are so long and heavy, they can be very difficult to ship. As a result, online retailers must charge much more to cover their shipping costs.

If you buy an extended towing mirror from an auto parts store, make sure it’s made by the same company that made your vehicle. Many vehicles come with towing mirrors from the factory, but there are also many different manufacturers. As a result, your vehicle’s towing mirrors could be completely different than the ones that came with your vehicle.

How to Install a Towing Mirror

If you’re planning on using your towing mirror on a regular basis, it’s best to install it permanently. You will obviously need to buy an extended towing mirror before doing this. As we mentioned earlier, extended towing mirrors can be very difficult to ship due to their size and weight. As a result, it’s best to find a local retailer and buy it from them if possible.

Before the towing mirror even arrives, you’ll need to remove your vehicle’s side mirrors. Most side mirrors simply pop off, but you may need to unscrew a few screws. Next, remove the door panel to gain access to the door wiring. Unhook the wires from the connector and put the panel aside.

Now you can install your new towing mirror. Attach the wiring connector, then re-attach the wiring and side mirror. If you’re installing a towing mirror with a glass backing, you may want to take extra care when reinstalling your door panel so you don’t risk breaking the glass.

Once everything is in place, you can now use your towing mirror whenever you need to. While an extended towing mirror is a great accessory to have on hand, be sure to take it with you whenever you’re leaving your vehicle. Otherwise, someone may steal it! You can put it in the trunk while you’re driving, of course.

Curt Manufacturing Towing Mirrors

Curt Manufacturing is a leading manufacturer of towing accessories, including towing mirrors. They offer two different styles of towing mirrors that can be used on larger trucks and SUVs. Both are available in both regular and wide mirrors.

These towing mirrors are custom-fit for your specific vehicle, so they’ll attach securely without any wiggle room. They’re very easy to install without any drilling or complicated wiring.

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