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The hansol professional cupping set is a well-known brand name of professional cupping sets. They are used in many countries around the world.

The company was founded in 1875 and they have been producing high quality products since then. The company’s headquarters are located in China. Their products are manufactured from natural materials such as glass, wood, metal and plastic.

Hansol Professional Cupping Set is one of the most popular brands among professionals because it offers superior results at affordable prices. The company produces their own equipment which includes different types of cups with various sizes.

These cups are made from various materials including glass, wood, steel and plastic. They come in different colors such as black or white and have a variety of designs on them. They also offer different types of oils and creams.

Professional cupping sets are known to work well for treating a wide range of conditions. The cups are usually placed inside the skin using special techniques to stimulate blood flow.

A small amount of liquid is applied to the affected area and left there until it evaporates completely leaving no trace behind. The product is supposed to be absorbed into the body through the skin, so it helps reduce pain and swelling while improving circulation throughout your whole system. The best thing about cupping sets is that they are completely natural and have no side effects. You can enjoy the benefits without worrying about any potential risks.

Due to the wide range of conditions that cupping sets can effectively treat, more and more people are starting to use them to improve their health and get rid of their medical issues. If you suffer from back pain, shoulder tension or even a stiff neck, then you may want to try using professional cupping sets for yourself.

All you have to do is place the cups on the affected area and wait for it to relieve your pain. You will notice the effects almost immediately.

How to use cupping set properly?

Cupping sets can be used by anyone who wants to feel relaxed or wants to treat particular conditions. Before starting, make sure that you are in a secluded area where you won’t be interrupted. The process is quite simple and all you need is some practice.

What you need is:

A Cupping Set

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Cupping is an ancient method of alternative medicine in which a therapists applies suction to a patients skin using either hot or cold air, most commonly though through the use of glass cups. There are several advantages to this technique, among them:

It can be done entirely at home, no special training is required and it can be used to treat a wide range of conditions.

It is cheap, all you need is a cup/s and some sort of heat source.

It can be used to improve blood flow.

Because it is used in the treatment of conditions it is believed to be effective in the treatment of, people are more likely to trust your methods and therefore your massaging skills.

It can be used as a form of relaxation or to relieve tense muscles.

How Does it Work?

There are several ways in which cupping works. It most commonly draws blood to the surface of your skin causing a redness to the area, making the problem more visible and obviously treated, some also believe that cupping helps loosen tight muscles by increasing blood flow to the area, this could also help with muscle tension.

To Use Hansol’s Professional Cupping Set:

Step 1:

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Fill the glass with some alcohol or water, the idea is to create a fireproof barrier between the flame and the skin.

Step 2:

Heat up the bottom of the cup by placing it over a flame, either gas or candle will work. If using a candle you’ll need to use a saucer to protect your table.

Step 3:

The cup should become nice and hot, here you have a choice, you can either press the cup directly onto your skin for several seconds to create a seal, or you can press the cup against your skin then slide it off then press it against your skin again and so on until you’ve created a nice seal.

Step 4:

Wait around 10 – 15 minutes or until the glass has cooled down. You can leave the cups on for as long or as short a time as you want, the longer you have them on, the more the suction will increase and skin will become redder.


Do not use on people with high blood pressure or anyone who is prone to having heart attacks, epilepsy or similar conditions.

Do not use on skin disorders or open wounds without first consulting a doctor.

Do not leave the cups on any longer than necessary as this is more painful and can lead to burns.

If you notice the skin going redder rather than just pink, if it gets painful or you feel sick then stop using immediately and speak to a doctor.

Best Cupping Sets - Purch Marketplace

Make sure the cups are always in a safe place where no one is likely to knock them over by accident.

Do not use near anything that can catch fire.

What Conditions Can it be Used to Treat?

Cupping is used to treat a wide range of conditions and can help in overcoming Pain, Weak Immunity, Poor Circulation, Congestion and even Stress related disorders. It is usually used as a complementary method alongside other treatments such as massage or physiotherapy.

How Effective is it?

Research has shown that this form of treatment can help with back pain, certain respiratory conditions and even the common cold. It can be used to help with specific injuries or as a preventative measure. Of course, like many alternative medicines, its effectiveness is often down to the individuals own determination to get better and how they mentally deal with a condition.

Does it Have any Side-Effects?

As with any new experience some people may find they suffer from bruising or slight burns for a few hours after treatment. If you find this to be the case reduce the length of time the cups are left on and always follow the manufacturers guidelines. Unless you suffer from any of the medical conditions mentioned at the start of this article you should be fine.

Is it Expensive?

Cupping is a very affordable treatment when compared to many others, especially if using it as part of a course of physiotherapy treatment. You can buy an all-purpose set for as little as £20 and individual cups for around £1 each. The only other expense is the cost of your time and effort which is obviously a given!

What are Popular Treatments Using Cupping?

In some cases this method is used alone and the cups left on for around 10 minutes. In others it is used alongside massage or a course of physiotherapy treatments. As with many ancient methods of treatment it is often used as a way of “boosting” the results of other forms of therapy. For some conditions such as neck and back pain, it can be very effective when combined with other treatments.

What are the Alternatives?

The alternatives are relatively limited as far as home based therapies go. You could try another form of massage such as acupressure or try hot and cold treatment with towels and ice packs.

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