Best Cranium Games

Best Cranium Games is a company that specializes in creating high quality board games. They have been producing their own games since 2010. Their first product was called “Cranium”. The game consists of a grid with spaces where players place cubes representing different types of creatures (cubies). Players then use these cubes to build up their army of creatures, which they can then attack other players’ cubes to win the game.

The game was well received by critics and fans alike. It won several awards including the following:

“Best Game Design Award”, Indiecade 2012, “Game of the Year” – Casual Connect Asia 2013, “Best Board Game” – Casual Connect Asia 2014, “Most Innovative Game” – Geek & Sundry 2015, “Greatest Innovation Award” – IndieCade 2016

In 2017 they released another game called “Nuclear War”. This game uses the same mechanic but adds nuclear weapons.

It’s a very interesting idea, but it wasn’t quite enough to keep them afloat.

They are currently working on their third game called “Meltdown”. There hasn’t been much info about this one yet, except that it will probably be out soon!

Their website has some cool stuff like videos of the development process, concept art and even a short film made by the talented Dan O’Brien. It’s definitely worth checking out.

One of the reasons why I believe Best Cranium games will succeed is that they are a very creative company, with consistently good games. All of their games use a pretty impressive mechanic which involves players making up rhymes about things related to the topic of the game.

For example, in “Cranium Cariboo”, you want to collect words that rhyme with “cactus” (like hat cactus, act cactus or pop cactus). This is a really cool idea and gives people a lot more freedom in how they want to play the game.

Best Cranium Games - Picture

There are several other reasons why I really like this company. Their games are very accessible and its easy to find cheap copies online or even just print them off yourself if you want.

Their artwork is fantastic. They make games that are interesting and new. They have great integration between their website and their physical games. I could go on for a while. These guys are really cool!

I’m confident that Best Cranium will continue to thrive and put out even more great content in the future.

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