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Crab potting is an activity which is enjoyed by many crab enthusiast. They go crabbing, and the goal is to catch crabs. A crabber uses a crab pot or crab trap to catch crabs. The most popular method of crabbing involves putting the crab traps in the water then waiting and hoping that they get crabs.

Each crabber has special crab potting gear that they use. As the price of crab pots have increased, some people have decided to make their own crab traps. There are many different types of crab traps, so each individual can choose the type that is best for them. In this section we will describe some of the most popular traps on the market. The following are popular crab trap reviews.

Over the years, the original hoop net has been improved. It is now made with durable plastic, and each hoop is bound together with a thin steel cable. The cable makes it very strong so that sharp edges cannot cut through the plastic.

Durable plastic construction

Lightweight for easy storage

Steel cables at the bottom of the hoop to hold shape and prevent cuts

This trap has been around for years. It is sometimes called the “classic” crab trap because it has been popular for so long. This is a wire cage that slips over the opening of a funnel. To use it, the crabber baits the funnel with a chunk of fish or other bait.

When the crab enters the cage to eat the bait, it also slips down the funnel and into the cage.

Constructed from durable lightweight plastic

Long lasting design

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Perfect for catching Dungeness crabs

This is another very popular crab trap. It is a cage of durable nylon mesh. This trap is very popular with people who crab in shallow waters or in bays where the water is not very deep. It uses a drawstring closing system which allows the user to easily pull the trap from the water.

Lightweight and durable construction

Easy to use

Can be used in shallow or deep water

This is an interesting crab trap design. It consists of a cage that surrounds the bait. There are no hinges or doors. Instead, the crab gets inside by pushing aside small plastic fins that act as doors.

The bait is held in place by wires passing through the cage. It is not very intuitive so it can take some time for the crabs to learn how to get inside to eat the bait.

Durable plastic construction

Simple design

No hinges or doors to rust or fail

This small crab trap is made of durable plastic. It is intended for use in shallow water. It uses a drawstring closing system which allows the user to easily pull it from the water.

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Durable plastic construction

Long lasting

Lightweight and easy to carry

This crab trap is made with durable, rustproof welded wire. It is a simple design that allows crabs to enter, but not leave. It is very strong and can be reused many times. It can also be fished in shallow or deep water.

Durable welded wire mesh

Easy to use

Can be used in shallow or deep water

This crab trap is made of durable, rustproof welded wire. It can be baited from the outside, so there is no need to put your hand inside the trap. It can be fished in shallow or deep water.

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Durable welded wire mesh

Long lasting

Easy to use

Buying Crab Gear Online

After you have familiarized yourself with the different types of crab traps and nets, you are ready to buy. Before you do that, there are a few things to keep in mind. You should always buy your crab gear from a reputable seller. This ensures that you are getting good quality equipment.

There are many online sellers that sell crabbing gear. Here are some of the top sites.

West Marine: This is one of the more popular sellers of crabbing gear. They have a large selection and their prices are very reasonable.

Zoro: This site also has a good selection of crabbing gear at good prices.

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Amazon: Of course you can buy crabbing gear on Amazon. They have good prices and a good selection.

Crab Traps Buying Tips

Here are some more tips to keep in mind when buying crab traps.

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